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Irish Rose > 07.25.2008

I dream about tomorrow
A thousand times a day
You know I beg and borrow
Just to get my way, and I
I've been waiting for so long

Oh you little missy
The way you shake your thing
You got me spun around inside
I want you to wear my ring, my ring
I want you to wear my ring

Girl I'm gonna love you
Like you've never been loved before
I'm gonna love you
Like you've never been loved before, and I
And you can count me here

But I dont want to see you cry
Like you did that night

I don't know how it happened
How they got their hooks in you
Didn't know the darkness
Would keep the light from coming through, but it has
Now I'm a broken man

Hospitals and diagrams
It's a godless world you know
My little flowers wiltered
But she still bloom like a rose, oh my dear
You're my Irish Rose

Our bodies they were shaking
Like our souls were set aflame
The tears could not come fast enough
I'll never be the same, but sometimes
You just gotta let it out

And I don't ever wanna cry
Like we did that night

Lovers they have come before
And they will come again
No one's ever loved before
The way that I've loved them, and I am
Yeah, you're my Irish Rose

Take your medicine sweet rose
You'll never be alone
I'll be waiting on the rock of ages
Calling your name
My Rose
My Rose
My Rose
My Rose