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Dinner Last Night > 02.25.2002

it's ok to be locked up at the end of the day
and it's alright, to leave me alone
and it's ok, my darling, you look just fine
it's alright
you ask me for breakfast but we had our dinner last night
last night

it's alright to let your mind slip away if only for a moment or two
now it's alright to give me back again
you ask me for breakfast, but my darling
we been eating dinner all night long

oh some evenings you look so right
and other day times leave me breathless
oh my darling the way you wear that dress just tears me up inside
i can't stand to look at your eyes no more
them thighs done tore me up again
i'm back up against that wall my baby doll
and you ask me would i like breakfast
but i had enough dinner for us all