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Woke Up an Uncle > 12.11.2001

well i woke up an uncle, but i went to bed a fool
oh my ruby red you lay down next to me and i fell for you
oh you came into my day on a morning just so bliss
oh my ruby red, you knocked me down
but i look up yours and your little baby kiss

but i spent my days just looking for happiness
oh i waited so long my ruby red to come in this world
and i thought that the telephone was never gonna ring
oh they brought you to my life, oh my little ruby red my bed

oh it seems life is such a blessing
well i was without it for so long
oh my brother, you promised me everything
when you told me that ruby red was coming along
so i waited, oh i waited, for nine months at a time
and that day the telephone rang i nearly lost my mind
oh my spring breeze, oh she told me that ruby was on the way
and i must say when i woke up today, heard you're in my world
i love my ruby red

and i woke up an uncle, i went a fool