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Wonderful Day > 10.25.2001

it was a cold cold day, middle of may
saw my lady just a walking my way
she was the prettiest thing i'd ever seen
with that dark, dark hair
dark eyes and a match to pair
i didn't know what to do
so i headed to the corner store for a brew
and we sat down there
i said my lady, could we have a talk
i felt so good waking up in your arms, i must talk
she said my boy, no way, you overstayed your stay
well i said today is the best damn day i've ever had
that day, that day
today is the best damn day, that day

i've lost my mind
i've done lost my mind a thousand times
but i'm not afraid to see it for what it is
if i lost it i must've found it long ago
and that's just fine because i realize
when i woke up today, wasn't feeling so good
i had this shit running through me system
coughing up stuff, not feeling good
and i laid down for a few hours
and i walked in here so glum
ah, looking like a blum and feeling kind of fucked up today
but then i saw this indiana crowd
they getting down all night, so loud
and i felt like this was the best damn day

but how could i take this feeling of sickness on the stage
you must know no matter the age
there's always things that you must do
you gotta smile, you gotta love, you got to understand from above
all this pain that rains on down, it keeps us living
i'm not afraid to admit that no matter how this shit
gets into my brain, today is a wonderful day
well that day, best damn day, that day
that day, that day
well today is the best damn day, that day