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Nasim Joon > 08.06.2004

she the one for me
she my only life
she my girl, she my friend
she the one

I wrote a long time alone
I was hurt, and she held me
and I live for her
her for me

Never thought I'd be alone
I'll never want to be alone

We started young
We growin up
Together, she filled my cup
This girl
On my mind
every night

And she lives
in a house
In my heart
She my mouse

And I'm looking
for my girl
all the time

I never want to be alone
Never, Never want to be alone

I am prepared to ride this day
to the end of my life
and beyond
and beyond
my grave

I will share all my time
I will share all my tears
With this girl
She live in my heart

Nasim Joon
I never want to be alone