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Nasim Joon > 08.21.2004

I got a queen, I’m her king
In a kingdom we done reign
And I know she the one, just for me
I woke up in love
I went to sleep at night in raw
And she was the one for me
I never want to be alone
I should never want to be alone

Have you ever seen the sun take a break to cry
Well I have cause for me
She the center of my life
I will take my time and grow old with her
Cause she the one, Nasim Joon, she the one
And I’m never gonna be alone
She never gonna be alone

Someday we’ll have some time
I’ll come home and baby we can be alone
But baby we can be alone

My baby lay down
I traveled thousands of miles
Just to spend one night by your side
We can win, we can win, we can win this here race
Cause I know you’re my love, you’re the one
And we’re never gonna be alone
Never gonna be alone