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>Any Time Now Explanation:
A while ago a friend asked if we could do a song called Destination Rockville. He thought it would be a good idea to have a tune about going home after tour. Well, the song turned out to be about coming home to music instead. Both of the destinations are a home we seem to be driving toward all the time.

music details
Albums: Any Time Now
Lyrics:Any Time Now
Tabs:[bass] [guitar]
>10.18.2002 - The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA (with Gabe Dixon) 11.6 MB

show details
Date first played:05.19.2001 - Wootton High School - Rockville, MD
Date last played:08.31.2023 - Sandy Amphitheater - Sandy, UT
Times played:365
Times opened with:19
Times closed with:2
Times played in encore:5

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