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Bull Moose Music 05.23.2003 - Portsmouth, NH With: none > 11 users have this source

1ofthedelicatefewDerek GilbertAUD CDR-Have SHN's too
broncobubbaDerek GilbertAUD1 CDR8
jcristiaDerek GilbertAUD CDR-
kruschDerek GilbertAUD1 SHN-Acoustic
mattrosciaDerek GilbertAUD CDR-
mlillyDerek GilbertAUD -
pone83Derek GilbertAUD 8
rolltack14Derek GilbertAUD1 CDR8
StigsDerek GilbertAUD1 CDR-
thebigWUDerek GilbertAUD1 SHN-
wickedsteve1Derek GilbertAUD CDR-