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9:30 Club 12.29.2004 - Washington, DC With: none > 25 users have this source

1ofthedelicatefewMike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR-Have Shn/Flac's too
abacus33Mike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR8
aboutanhragoMike SarnovskyAUD -
ahwahoo2006Mike SarnovskyAUD2 MP39
alovettMike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR9Great Show, Recording Came Out Great!
bballlf7Mike SarnovskyAUD3 FLAC10
dancing_nanciesMike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR9Good show, very good recording, except for constantally being able to hear people trying to sing. Besides that, quite good.
delicatefewinndMike SarnovskyAUD -
DestinationSTLMike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR-
dmbgreystreet05Mike SarnovskyAUD MP38Great great as his tapes from when OAR opened for the DMB : )
flydaze23Mike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR8
gvp19Mike SarnovskyAUD2 FLAC8
iceman882Mike SarnovskyAUD -
Jeffair728Mike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR10Awesome Sound. Great setlist was an overall great show.
kevinsharkeyMike SarnovskyAUD -
kruschMike SarnovskyAUD3 FLAC-
mlillyMike SarnovskyAUD -
orange fan 6Mike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR10
parrotislaMike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR-
phikappsi250Mike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR10
shanerockeyMike SarnovskyAUD CDR-
StreetFrisbeeMike SarnovskyAUD3 FLAC8
tbennettMike SarnovskyAUD MP3-
thebigWUMike SarnovskyAUD3 FLAC-
WittichSTL02Mike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR10