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9:30 Club 12.30.2004 - Washington, DC With: none > 35 users have this show

1ofthedelicatefewMike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR-Have Shn/Flac too
abacus33Ian WhiteAUD2 CDR7
aboutanhragoMike SarnovskyAUD -
ahwahoo2006Mike SarnovskyAUD2 MP39
badonia1Mike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR10
bballlf7Mike SarnovskyAUD2 MP310
biff20Ian WhiteAUD2 CDR8Great show. TONIGHT! great song... definate must have for big Of A Revolution fans
bigtedOARMike SarnovskyAUD2 MP37
Chev Master FlexMike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR9An amazing show. Tonight was incredible as was Chariot and Night Shift. Great crowd great show!
Chris SwansonMike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR10
cityondown13Mike SarnovskyAUD -
delicatefewinndMike SarnovskyAUD -
DestinationSTLMike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR-
dmbgreystreet05Mike SarnovskyAUD MP39great previously noted as great as his OAR tapes from when OAR opend for the DMB
flydaze23Mike SarnovskyAUD2 MP38
Grimmace19Ian WhiteAUD2 MP38
gvp19Mike SarnovskyAUD2 FLAC7
holdontrueMike SarnovskyAUD2 FLAC9This was a great show!
iceman882Mike SarnovskyAUD -
Jeffair728Mike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR10Great show and sound. A must have for the end of 2004 a great year for OAR.
jennie3891Mike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR9
kevinsharkeyMike SarnovskyAUD -
kmccoy37Mike SarnovskyAUD2 MP37
kruschMike SarnovskyAUD2 FLAC-
mlillyMike SarnovskyAUD -
ObAmRIan WhiteAUD2 MP38
orange fan 6Mike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR10
rolltack14Mike SarnovskyAUD3 CDR-
shanerockeyMike SarnovskyAUD CDR-
tbennettMike SarnovskyAUD MP3-
thebigWUMike SarnovskyAUD2 FLAC-
timmy2bMike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR10sounds great, what a nice setlist too
truesyMike SarnovskyAUD MP3-
WittichSTL02Mike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR10
zy2397Mike SarnovskyAUD2 9