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About an Hour Ago > Live From Madison Square Garden

There was a man on the road about an hour ago
And he was looking for a ride to New Mexico
We was driving by way too fast to know

We got to the place on a high-speed chase
I see my girly in the corner with a plastic face
And then she disappeared without a trace
I said without a trace

Now we're sitting back, sipping some beers
There's a man telling stories about his inner fears
We was all choked up, too close to tears

So I moved on up to a couple margaritas
I made a couple faces at a couple senoritas
Playing drinking games, she too young to be with me

So now my car broke down about (an hour ago)
We were headed on down to New (Mexico)
Well we did not see that gas was low

Hey hey, the gas was low
The gas was low, the gas so low, so low
I lost my soul somewhere on the road
But I will get it back real soon

I've been chasing footsteps for years
I've been wandering around in circles for years chasing my tail
Looking for answers to questions I've never heard
It's a wide open world, I'm trying to find it
It's a wide open sky, but it's light and blinding
And it's raining down on me, slowing me down but I keep on going
I know I recognize this man walking in front of me
When he turned around and locked eyes with me
And it's scaring me to see myself in twenty years
Lost, ashamed, locked up, loaded down, and short a try
I didn't know it that I could change my ways and I took a different road
No more running around in circles, no more chasing my tail
I'm just going forward these days with my eyes closed
I know I can make it, fuck it, I know I can make it if I try
I must let love live inside me for awhile
And maybe later on I'll see you all after the show
I heard this story down here about an hour ago

I know, I know it
I am a different man
Different man than I was
I'm gonna find my way home
Gonna find my way home