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Album details
Album name: Live From Madison Square Garden
Release date: June 5, 2007

The double-DVD and double-CD sets, released on Atlantic Records, were recorded live at the legendary Madison Square Garden during a sold out show on January 27, 2007. The set captures the growth of the band and recreates the O.A.R. concert experience like never before.

The DVDs, directed by Sam Erickson, feature a 12 Camera HD shoot, stereo, and a 5.1 audio mix by Jeff Juliano that captures all of the energy of the band's amazing performance. Disc One contains a 90 minute feature film interweaving documentary footage and highlighted songs from the show and Disc Two houses the full concert in its entirety plus a photo gallery. The two CDs, which were mixed by Jeff Juliano, contain a total of 18 tracks making it a complete recording of the band's set that evening.

According to Marc's Twitter, the artwork is actually pieces of paper cut up, arranged, and photographed. It is supposed to represent a living garden.

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Track Listing
1.Love and Memories [lyrics]
2.Untitled [lyrics]
3.Hey Girl [lyrics]
4.Risen [lyrics]
5.Living in the End [lyrics]
6.About Mr. Brown [lyrics]
7.Heard the World [lyrics]
8.About an Hour Ago [lyrics]
9.One Shot [lyrics]
10.James [lyrics]
11.Anyway [lyrics]
12.Dareh Meyod [lyrics]
13.Something Coming Over [lyrics]
14.Black Rock [lyrics]
15.Lay Down [lyrics]
16.That Was a Crazy Game of Poker [lyrics]
17.52-50 [lyrics]
18.City on Down [lyrics]
Live From Madison Square Garden