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Heard the World
>Marc's explanation from 10.31.2003:
We were in the studio last year in New York recording this new record, in between now and then, while we were there there was a lot of shit going on in the united states about trying to be scared all the time and things, and we were in the studio and they were like duct tape the windows and get a gas mask and all this bull shit, and it just kind of reminded me of what's important and things, so we wrote a song about it that day, we haven't played it very many times, but its a new song relatively, and its called Heard the World.

Jerry plays guitar on this song now, but before 2005 he played sax.

music details
Albums: Stories Of A Stranger
Live From Madison Square Garden
Live on Red Rocks
Stories Of A Stranger
Live From Madison Square Garden
Tabs:[guitar] [guitar]
>07.16.2005 - Festival Pier At Penn's Landing - Philadelphia, PA (with Danny Chaimson) 6.8 MB
>03.15.2003 - Bogart's - Cincinnati, OH (First appearance) 10.3 MB

show details
Date first played:03.15.2003 - Bogart's - Cincinnati, OH
Date last played:03.02.2024 - Montage Mountian - Scranton, PA
Times played:476
Times opened with:14
Times closed with:9
Times played in encore:13

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