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Album details
Album name: Stories Of A Stranger
Release date: October 4, 2005

Recorded during 2005 at Crystalphonic Recording Studio in Charlottesville, Virginia, Sausalito Sound in California, and at Chung King Studios in New York City. The set features such guests as Parliament keyboardist Bernie Worrell and singer/songwriter/Lava labelmate Toby Lightman.

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Track Listing
1.Heard the World [lyrics]
2.Love and Memories [lyrics]
3.Wonderful Day [lyrics]
4.The Stranger [lyrics]
5.Lay Down [lyrics]
6.Program Director [lyrics]
7.Nasim Joon [lyrics]
8.Tragedy in Waiting [lyrics]
9.Daylight the Dog [lyrics]
10.One Shot [lyrics]
11.Dakota [lyrics]
12.52-50 [lyrics]
Stories Of A Stranger