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Tragedy in Waiting
>Marc's Explanation:
It is basically a venting of frustration. At the time I was having a lot of trouble writing and I needed to address the problem head on. So the song is speaking about the confusion stress can bring to the daily thought process. In the chorus, it is speaking directly to my mind. The "you" is the mind. "It's a tragedy in waiting when there's something on my mind" basically saying that thinking too much can stall any productivity whatsoever. Some people call it a pleasure to think a lot, but I think that a busy mind can change you completely. "Have you ever left your suitcase open long after you land/ you're scared to file away all of your clothes?" This is basically saying that I feel I hold on to memories way too long, and they don't ever become true memories because I keep them in my present day thoughts. The bridge about love being the only way out is a brief break from the stressful, darker lyrics similar to the way during a day of frustration there are often moments of clarity when we realize how silly we are being.

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Albums: Stories Of A Stranger
Stories Of A Stranger
Tabs:[guitar] [guitar]
>12.29.2004 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC 5.4 MB
>11.27.2002 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC 8.3 MB

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Date first played:08.16.2002 - Tweeter Center At The Waterfront - Camden, NJ
Date last played:11.17.2023 - The Vogel at Count Basie Center for the Arts - Red Bank, NJ
Times played:42
Times opened with:0
Times closed with:0
Times played in encore:3

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