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That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
>Any Time Now Explanation:
Well, this song has a long story. It has been through so many stages these past couple years, most of which were stumbled upon by mistake. The first portion of the tune was written in 1996 when we were over in Israel. Aside from the story The Wanderer and its references from the song, it basically described the fast pace of things at the time. Trying anything, doing everything, and little sleep. When we came back and brought the acoustic guitar to the basement, we felt like that fast pace had ceased and slower, more conscious days had come. That was reflected in the musical breakdown to half time in the middle of the song. As year have passed and the improve version we recorded on the first disc has been expanded upon, we have kept the lyrical improv's the way they were that day in the studio because it was one of the most realistic days I've ever had. The song just gets longer and longer, because we keep reminding ourselves that it is a direct description of the stage we run through as people. It changes as we do, but we can never change what we've already done.

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Albums: The Wanderer
Any Time Now
34th & 8th
Live From Madison Square Garden
Rain Or Shine
Live on Red Rocks
Live From Merriweather
The Wanderer
Any Time Now
34th & 8th
Live From Madison Square Garden
Rain Or Shine
Rain Or Shine
Live on Red Rocks
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>10.24.2003 - Bloomsburg University - Bloomsburg, PA (with Michael Franti and RadioActive) 36.4 MB
>10.19.2002 - New Daisy Theatre - Memphis, TN (including No Woman No Cry) 24.2 MB
>05.18.2002 - KEMBA Live! - Columbus, OH (So Lonely Outro) 36.9 MB

show details
Date first played:05.05.1999 - Ludlow's - Columbus, OH
Date last played:06.20.2024 - Meijer Gardens Amphitheater - Grand Rapids, MI
Times played:1929
Times opened with:10
Times closed with:746
Times played in encore:539

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