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Album details
Album name: Rain Or Shine
Release date: January 12, 2010

Recorded over two nights of the summer 2009 tour at Chicago's Charter One Pavilion (June 18 & 19), Rain or Shine almost didn't come to pass. After an amazing first show on June 18th the band was facing ominous skies and a challenging weather forecast. The crowds had been kept outside of the venue for their own safety and it seemed likely that the show would need to be postponed or canceled. Yet when the time came to make the final call, two hours after the original door time, there was no doubt from the band that they were determined to make it happen - Rain or Shine. The four disc set that makes up Rain or Shine contains 37 tracks and over four hours of music with both electric and acoustic versions of "Shattered" and "That Was a Crazy Game of Poker." Also included are two previously unreleased tracks, "Tonight," the first song the band ever wrote, as well as "Rhythm of your Shoes." As a special bonus, the recording includes a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Fool in the Rain" with Robert Randolph.

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Track Listing
Disc 1:
1.About Mr. Brown [lyrics]
2.Living in the End [lyrics]
3.Right on Time [lyrics]
4.So Moved On [lyrics]
5.Risen [lyrics]
6.Dinner Last Night [lyrics]
7.Tonight [lyrics]
8.Conquering Fools [lyrics]
9.About an Hour Ago [lyrics]
Disc 2:
1.I Feel Home (Acoustic)[lyrics]
2.The Wanderer (Acoustic)[lyrics]
3.Shattered (Turn the Car Around) (Acoustic)[lyrics]
4.That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (Acoustic)[lyrics]
5.On My Way [lyrics]
6.Black Rock [lyrics]
7.Lay Down [lyrics]
8.War Song [lyrics]
9.This Town [lyrics]
10.Fool in the Rain [lyrics]
11.Love and Memories [lyrics]
Disc 3:
1.Revisited [lyrics]
2.Night Shift [lyrics]
3.Someone in the Road [lyrics]
4.Whose Chariot? [lyrics]
5.King of the Thing [lyrics]
6.On Top the Cage [lyrics]
7.Here's to You [lyrics]
8.Untitled [lyrics]
9.Hey Girl [lyrics]
Disc 4:
1.What Is Mine [lyrics]
2.Delicate Few [lyrics]
3.City on Down [lyrics]
4.Whatever Happened [lyrics]
5.Get Away [lyrics]
6.Rhythm of Your Shoes [lyrics]
7.Shattered (Turn the Car Around) [lyrics]
8.That Was a Crazy Game of Poker [lyrics]
Rain Or Shine