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Conquering Fools
>Any Time Now Explanation:
When we first played this song, like so many others we still play, we were in the basement at Chris' house in Rockville (Mustang Janie's). It had a slow tempo and a sort of swing-type vibe. Clearly, it sounded horrible so we worked it into what it is now. But it was the first lyric that dealt with overcoming some of the things inside ourselves that we normally blame on others. It's about coming to the realization that no one makes you do anything you don't choose to do. Every time we play it out I remember that and sort of tell myself to make the right decisions.

music details
Albums: The Wanderer
Any Time Now
Rain Or Shine
The Wanderer
Any Time Now
Rain Or Shine
Tabs:[guitar] [lead]
>05.13.2002 - Madison Theater - Peoria, IL (with Danny Chaimson) 8.2 MB

show details
Date first played:05.05.1999 - Ludlow's - Columbus, OH
Date last played:11.08.2023 - Jane Pickens Theatre - Newport, RI
Times played:343
Times opened with:20
Times closed with:9
Times played in encore:6

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