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Toy Store
>Marc's Explanation:
Refers to the pressure of our society for people to chose either one side of an issue or another. There seems to be no gray area, when in actuality, people are left confused about a lot of issues. If not confused, then they are simply growing towards a stance. The song uses the toy store as a symbol of the many choices in life and the mom is representative of a society that pushed decisions on us when we haven't even begun to realize all of the options.

music details
Albums: The Wanderer
34th & 8th
Lyrics:The Wanderer
34th & 8th
>05.10.2002 - Barrymore Theatre - Madison, WI (with Danny Chaimson) 10.8 MB

show details
Date first played:12.27.1999 - Phantasmagoria - Wheaton, MD
Date last played:11.18.2023 - Rams Head On Stage - Annapolis, MD
Times played:124
Times opened with:2
Times closed with:0
Times played in encore:0

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