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Aragon Ballroom 03.25.2005 - Chicago, IL With: Ari Hest / Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers > 27 users have this source

aboutanhragoMichael FriesSBD2 MP38
badonia1Michael FriesSBD2 CDR9
biff20Michael FriesSBD2 CDR10absolutely fabulous! new any time now is excellent... windy city man is always a treat, and to top it off, TONIGHT!
BradDarbyMichael FriesSBD2 MP39
cityondown5Michael FriesSBD -
cwagisKingofThingMichael FriesSBD2 CDR-
dancing_nanciesMichael FriesSBD2 CDR9
delicatefewinndMichael FriesSBD -
DestinationSTLMichael FriesSBD2 CDR-
dispatch8165Michael FriesSBD2 FLAC8
distantunion317Michael FriesSBD MP39
fasteddie7Michael FriesSBD2 CDR10
Grimmace19Michael FriesSBD2 MP38
iceman882Michael FriesSBD -
jennie3891Michael FriesSBD -
lazboy00Michael FriesSBD -
leggman67Michael FriesSBD2 CDR10awesome recording of a kick ass show
lofer33Michael FriesSBD2 CDR10
Majew10Michael FriesSBD2 MP39
mlillyMichael FriesSBD -
oarevolution3Michael FriesSBD 9
onesweetworldMichael FriesSBD2 MP38good show.
revolution88Michael FriesSBD2 FLAC10amazing show
rolltack14Michael FriesSBD2 CDR10
rsb109Michael FriesSBD2 10
thetachibroMichael FriesSBD MP37
ZeddMichael FriesSBD2 MP310So amazing I'm letting my site's bandwith get killed to get it out to everyone.