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>Marc's Explanation:
Patiently is about a friend of ours who passed away two years ago. The night he passed away we were playing and he was always in the front row, always around. He was a big supporter of the group. And then he wasn't there, and all our friends were there. We played the song at the time and it didn't sound like it did now, the words weren't the same. But I always said "Patiently you slipped away from me" at the beginning. I don't know why, it just came out. And from that day on, that song, man, I'm so lost when I play that, because I try to say a thing or two about him.

music details
Albums: 34th & 8th
34th & 8th
Tabs:[guitar] [lead] [lead]
>10.17.2002 - Five Points Music Hall - Birmingham, AL 9.8 MB

show details
Date first played:11.26.1999 - The Spot - Washington, DC
Date last played:09.23.2021 - Gateway City Arts - Holyoke, MA
Times played:82
Times opened with:0
Times closed with:1
Times played in encore:6

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