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ProcMan's profile
real name: Shaun Newcomer
location: Taichung, Taiwan
email: email not public
im: MSN - name: ProcMan
non-oarsa list:
trading status: Currently Not Trading
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ProcMan has 13 shows
2004-06-24Germain Amphitheater
Columbus, OH
Mike SarnovskyAUD1 SHN9SHN- 1 Disc
Audio- 1 Disc
2004-06-23Germain Amphitheater
Columbus, OH
Mike SarnovskyAUD1 SHN9Audio- 1 disc
SHN- 1 disc
2003-11-10Case Western Reserve University - Thwing Center
Cleveland, OH
J. SteedMatrix2 FLAC8Audio-2
2003-11-09Eastern Michigan University - Convocation Center
Ypsilanti, MI
Joe DiDiaAUD2 FLAC92 data
2 audio
2003-11-02Eastern Illinois University - Lantz Arena
Charleston, IL
Tom PacykSBD2 FLAC10Audio-2

Awesome show with great guesting.
2003-11-01Carroll College - Shattuck Auditorium
Waukesha, WI
Tom PacykSBD2 FLAC10Data-1

Another great show with awesome guesting from members of Spearhead.
2003-10-31Xavier University - Cintas Center
Cincinnati, OH
Mike SarnovskyAUD2 SHN9Audio-2
Great Halloween Show!
2003-09-10Tower City Amphitheater
Cleveland, OH
J. SteedAUD1 FLAC8Audio-1
2003-09-05Germain Amphitheater
Columbus, OH
Mike SarnovskyAUD1 SHN9Audio-1
2002-01-18House Of Blues
Chicago, IL
Michael FriesSBD2 SHN2 data or 2 audio
2002-01-17House Of Blues
Chicago, IL
Michael FriesSBD2 SHN102 data
2 audio
2001-05-25The Big Free Concert
Columbus, OH
Bob KlabikMatrix1 SHN101 data
1 audio
2001-01-17Northberg Tavern
Columbus, OH
Wes Ganobcik & Michael FriesSBD3 SHN103 audio
2 data

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