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Album Stats
The Wanderer: 29%
In Between Now and Then: 14%
Risen: 14%
Souls Aflame: 14%
Cover Songs: 14%
Unreleased: 14%

Show Rarity: 40.7%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Germain Amphitheater 06.24.2004 - Columbus, OH With: Dave Matthews Band
  1. Set 1:
    1. Windy City Man
    2. Hey Girl
    3. Black Rock
    4. James
    5. Delicate Few (Second Half Only)
    6. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker ->
    7. No Woman No Cry

Mike Sarnovsky

Reviews BEST DAMN DAY!! OAR and dave in the same night...AMAZING. OAR busted out an amazing 45 minute setlist. DMB was the best i've ever seen them. Crowd was packed with oar fans rediculous with energy which carried on all night. The place was blazen straight through the rain. OAR, gets the energy flowing like no other. who knows, maybe dmb and oar will be co-headlining one day. Best night of my life... -shortstove January 5, 2005
amasing.. james made me cry since my grandmother passed on the day of this concert, o.a.r. had a friend in a motercycle accident the same day so thats why they played it.. all i can say is thank you.. chris was wondering through out the croud for the second night in a row, he stopped by and said hi again.. what a nice guy.. marc's bro was infront of us too.. shared some goodies with us.. thanks for the memory.. ohh dave did a improv to good good time.. sick.. -BiggestO.A.R.FANinND February 7, 2005
Probably the best concert I'll ever go to. I had never been to a DMB concert so when I found a show where the guys were opening, how could I NOT go? I had chills almost the entire time. And yeah, like the previous person said, I still remember them playing "James." That whole night was electric. The rain made it even better. -bradsonger April 3, 2005
DAVE AND OAR best combo there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -tedies February 15, 2006