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willson486's profile
real name: Will
location: Troy, Ohio ---> Oxford, Ohio
im: name: willson486
non-oarsa list:
trading status: Open For Trades
trading rules: same as Ed's -- simple rules

willson486 has 13 shows
2004-11-27Hammerstein Ballroom
New York, NY
Ed Paff and Joe DiDiaMix2 CDR10One of the Best Shows I've ever heard on tape
2004-11-26Hammerstein Ballroom
New York, NY
Joe DiDiaAUD2 CDR9
2004-10-31PromoWest Pavilion
Columbus, OH
Jeff ReifschneiderAUD2 CDR8fun time - good show
2004-08-10The Filene Center At Wolf Trap
Vienna, VA
Ian WhiteSBD2 CDR8
2004-08-05FleetBoston Pavilion
Boston, MA
Derek GilbertAUD2 CDR9Nice set
2004-07-20Cain's Ballroom
Tulsa, OK
Steve ChristySBD2 CDR8Great show! thanks steve christy
2004-07-10New City YMCA
Chicago, IL
Ross FeigheryAUD2 CDR9Fantastic Pull...great job Ross!!!
Must Have
2004-04-09The Pageant
St. Louis, MO
Joe ShambroMatrix2 CDR10Quite possibly the best quality non-OAR recording
2004-01-31PromoWest Pavilion
Columbus, OH
Jeff ReifschneiderAUD2 CDR9Great Pull
2003-12-31Best Of 2003Multiple TapersOther6 CDR10
2003-10-31Xavier University - Cintas Center
Cincinnati, OH
Mike SarnovskyAUD2 CDR7Great Show, decent quality
2002-12-31Best Of 2002Multiple TapersOther5 CDR10great stuff!!!
2001-09-15Illinois State University - Braden Auditorium
Normal, IL
Michael Fries & Mike SarnovskySBD2 CDR9

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