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Album Stats
In Between Now and Then: 25%
The Wanderer: 25%
Cover Songs: 19%
Risen: 13%
All Sides: 6%
Stories Of A Stranger: 6%
Souls Aflame: 6%

Show Rarity: 27.09%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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FleetBoston Pavilion 08.05.2004 - Boston, MA With: Howie Day / Matt Nathanson
  1. Set 1:
    1. About Mr. Brown
    2. Whose Chariot?
    3. Right on Time
    4. 52-50
    5. Revisited
    6. Black Rock (Long Day Intro)
    7. Mr. Moon
    8. Someone in the Road
    9. Something Coming Over
    10. Hey Girl (Hush Little Baby Outro)
    11. Release
    12. Missing Pieces
    13. The Weight *
  2. Encore:
    1. Delicate Few (Second Half Only / Simpsons Tag)
    2. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker ->
    3. No Woman No Cry (So Lonely Outro)
* with Jay Clifford of Jump on vocals.
* with Howie Day on percussion.
* with Les Hall on keys.

Derek Gilbert

Reviews Amazing venue. The city skyline in the background, beautiful night, nice concesion area where you could still see the acts. The crowd was really into the show. to paraphrase Marc, "this is the biggest and loudest crowd of the tour". Release and the weight were cool... but i'd rather have heard SBS (it was on the original setlist). Overall a great show. Can't wait for them to come back to New England! -themountin August 6, 2004
Great show. I've seen them many times in the area and never a let down. To correct the set list... they played revisited with a landalay outro. Then came a Marc and Richard duet of Long Days that went into Black rock. The venue was great and I can't wait 'till the next show. Thanks -cbren81 August 6, 2004
amazing show. they opened up with so much energy although i was surprised that marc didnt make any mention of the bands good friend mike, who they always dedicate about mr. brown too. only negative thing was that they played a few new songs that the crowd didnt know, so the energy died during those songs. and you know you are in boston when theres 3 yankees suck chants and a lets go redsox chant (which someone on stage helped out with by pluking his guitar). enocre had everyone going nuts. and jerry absolutely tore it up on the sax. -salky August 6, 2004
amazing show, the place was crazy, out of the 5 shows i've been too i have never seen a crowd so carzy over poker, but the no woman no cry put it over edge, cant wait to see them the 8th in CT. -firedwarftj August 6, 2004
INSANE marc started the night off with two wicked sick songs. RELEASE was played to perfection. the crowd was just going nuts when crazy game of poker came on and to end the night with No Woman No Cry and also So Lonely was just awesome. I've been to a lot of concerts this summer but this one by far tops them all plus the boston sky line in the background was just amazing! -Mrbrownschariot August 7, 2004
This was my first oar show, and it was amazing. My highlight of the night was when Howie and Les came out on the weight.. Great to hear some new stuff. Can't wait to see them next time around... did anyone tape this show? -smcmullen August 7, 2004
Show was absolutley amazing. Tons of energy from everyone.Black Rock was great, and I really enjoyed the new songs like Somthing Coming Over. No Woman no Cry was the icing on it all. Out of five times seeing them, this was way up there. Great show. -wandererx05 August 8, 2004
tied for my second fav. i saw the at the orpheum in boston playing even sets with RRATFB and they played better there but more here -hambone August 10, 2004
Absolutely amazing is all i can say. i was front row center and i will never go to another show that will top this one. -Jax130 September 7, 2004
This show was unreal. About Mr. Brown was perfect to open and whose chariot made the crowd go nuts. But, the encore was unbelievable and once i heard the guitar for no woman, i got the shivers. It was the most energetic crowd ive ever been in. -chris_t2395 April 7, 2005
first show i went to... amazing -mike1288 October 14, 2005