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Album Stats
The Wanderer: 29%
In Between Now and Then: 18%
Souls Aflame: 18%
Stories Of A Stranger: 12%
Rain Or Shine: 6%
All Sides: 6%
Risen: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 28.67%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Hammerstein Ballroom 11.27.2004 - New York, NY With: Virginia Coalition
  1. Set 1:
    1. 52-50
    2. About Mr. Brown
    3. Ladanday
    4. Dareh Meyod
    5. The Wanderer
    6. Missing Pieces (Lively Up Yourself Tag)
    7. Something Coming Over
    8. Nasim Joon ->
    9. Hey Girl
    10. Conquering Fools
    11. Tonight
    12. Risen $
    13. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    14. Fool in the Rain *
  2. Encore:
    1. Whose Chariot? #
    2. Delicate Few (Waterdance) # %
    3. City on Down
* with Robert Randolph of Robert Randolph & The Family Band on guitar.
* with Jason Crosby of Robert Randolph & The Family Band on keys.
# with Andrew Poliakoff of Virginia Coalition on percussion.
# with Paul Ottinger of Virginia Coalition on percussion.
% with John Patrick of Virginia Coalition on percussion.
$ with Lili Haydn on violin.

Ed Paff and Joe DiDia
Jonathan Hudson

Downloads Tonight 7.3 MB

Reviews If you ever have a chance to see O.A.R. in N.Y.C. don't miss it. -ihaveabluevan November 29, 2004
Show as a whole was ok. Fool In The Rain was amazing. The violin player on Risen was pretty damn good, but her sound level was too low for the 1st 1/2 of the song. As sick as I am of Poker, I really wanted to see VaCo come on stage for it, but it didn't happen. I'm a big fan of Nasim Joon into Hey Girl.

Edit - lets not get out of control here and say she was better than Boyd Tinsley. She was good, but she was no Boyd. -BltByKrmn November 29, 2004
I went to this show and i've been to six and this show had one of the best setlists. Real surprise to hear fool in the rain. Not to mention they teased the who's baba o'reilly in the beginning. -risen45 November 29, 2004
Great show, guesting was incredible, viloin chick was hot and she kicked fuckin ass. Even better than Boyd Tinsley from DMB on risen. Whole show was amazing start to finish. Setlist, crowd (too young once again, but they impressed me), guests, jams, solos, GUESTS, all unreal. Vaco, as always, came through with great percussion on a few staple tunes, and Randolph was a great surprise. I think the band was having as much fun as the crowd was. Thanks to any and all involved.
-nchadwic November 29, 2004
it's pretty hard to say that this wasn't the best all around o.a.r. experience for me, yet. the venue is absolutely incredible, and the sound is just magnificent. the crowd was hard core o.a.r. fans, and very upbeat and friendly. virginia coalition is still a perfect opener...they are so enjoyable! the o.a.r. set was one of the best yet. highlights were definitely 'ladanday' (i was stunned) 'tonight' (which was great, and i had never heard before) 'fool in the rain' (which i missed back on the winter tour, so that was good redemption...and how amazing is robert randolph?!!!) 'risen' with the violin (that chick blew me away!), and then you throw in all the other staples of their, just a totally fun time! plus, i finally met Ed who was as cool as i thought he would be (very nice to meet you...keep up the great work!). my only regret is i didn't go both nights. next year for sure! -sweartoyoutrue November 29, 2004
The Show was Amazing, definatly one of the best setlists. The crowd was totally into it and everything was kept upbeat. I really enjoyed myself and I cant wait for the next tour. -OfaRevolution61 November 29, 2004
Very good show. Amazing setlist, Fool in the Rain was great and they played a few rarer songs. Virginia Coalition was also any good. Does anybody have a setlist of wat they played? If you do email me at Anyways, this was a very good ending to the tour. -titans092790 November 29, 2004
the concert was amazing, having robert randolph come out was the end when marc took out the acoustic with a little time to go I was hoping for a Night Shift or Here's to You, but a full City on Down was awesome! Great show. -Jpike005 November 29, 2004
this show was amazing...I'm glad they played "Tonight" since they have only played it twice this year and i was able to see them play it both times. The last 5 songs took an hour..which was awesome. The girl who played violin in Risen was very good, and I thought About Mr. Brown sounded tight.

The thing that blew me away was Fool In The Rain and Delicate Few. I never expected to see RRFB come out. Once Jason Crosby came out, I knew that somethin special was going to go on. Delicate Few had a ton of crowd participation.

The only negative in this whole show was the crowd surfing. I can stand a lot, but there was too much...and the crowdsurfing started and ended in my area. Everytime I looked up, there was a crowdsurfer...when the crowdsurfer fell, they just just got back up and started doing it again...but other than that, it was the best show I had ever seen, setlist and concert wise. -TuesdaysComin November 29, 2004
amazing show -farbew November 29, 2004
One of the best show that i have ever been to. The crowd was realy into the music and the band definatley surprised us with some awesome guesting. I was happy to meet up with a lot of the board members and hope to find you all again. -Jeffair728 November 29, 2004
all i gotta say is city on down closed the show, and i couldnt ask for anything else. -rourkeman4 November 29, 2004
Been to over 30 shows, don't mind saying I know more about O.A.R. then anyone I have ever met. This was the best put together show I have ever seen. All about giving a special gift to the fans. We all really appreciated it. -risen81 November 30, 2004
Unbelievable night...VACO was tight and the overall sound at the Hammerstein was flawless. Possibly one of the best setlist ive ever seen. Anyone agree? Can't wait for the new albumn. -conqueredfool November 30, 2004
by far the best OAR show I've ever been to. The setlist was SIC, the guesting was SIC, everything was just amazing. If you were here for this you truly got to see something special. 10 out of 10 in my eyes...definitely pick up a recording of this one. -Chris Swanson November 30, 2004
overall not a bad setlist. Last years shows that i went to i thought were overall better. "Fool in the rain" was definetly a treat as well as there new song "somethigns coming over" which is just a great song. Not to mention there encore of delicate few with the virginia coalition. -DMBchik225 November 30, 2004
The show was great. I really enjoyed all the guest, ecspecially on Fool in the Rain, that was the first time I have seen them play that. I also really enjoyed the violin on Risen and the the extended versions of Whose chariot and Delicate Few with Virginia Coalition. -patchknight December 1, 2004
great show, if they had closed with i feel home after city on down it would have been unbeatable...but it was still unreal -davematthews December 4, 2004
I didnt get to go to this one, I was pretty bummed out. from what my friends said this show was unreal. I would have loved ot see 52-50 and the ste list looks great and robert randolph is insane. -oarBRADoar December 26, 2004
Bring Back Hammerstein! -O.A.R.fan4Life November 20, 2005
Best Show Ive ever been too, that counts DMB and changed the entire way I look at OAR forever. The crowd the setting the city...everything. -Hyalump January 12, 2006
That was an encore!
Real real good show -tindawg31 January 19, 2006