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Album Stats
All Sides: 36%
Souls Aflame: 27%
Stories Of A Stranger: 18%
The Wanderer: 18%

Show Rarity: 46.64%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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River Rocks Music Festival 09.19.2008 - St. Paul, MN With: Festival Lineup
  1. Set 1:
    1. Love and Memories
    2. 52-50
    3. This Town
    4. Untitled
    5. What Is Mine
    6. Black Rock
    7. War Song
    8. City on Down
    9. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    10. I Feel Home &
    11. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
& Marc and Richard.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews Decent show, great venue, and good weather. Ozomatli and Jakob Dylan also performed. It was quite short do to time constraints. Jakob Dylan played right before o.a.r and it seemed he played longer than they did. Ozomatli was solid. I wish they would have played before o.a.r. since Dylan's music didn't have a lot of energy. Untitled and War Song were both great. Hope to see them back in Minnesota for a full show! -Giggitygoo September 20, 2008
I thought this a pretty good show. i was in the center and two rows from the front. great live crowd energy. Benj seemed to be out of it. idk, it just didnt seem like the usual rockin out Benj i saw from past shows. Jerry's Sax wasnt loud enough in the mix. I hope someone taped it. I got some good video of some songs but crappy audio. hopefully someone has decent audio so that i can re-sync with video. After the show, War song is my new favorite song. They did an awesome job. Met with Mikel Paris afterwards and asked him if the rest of the band would mind comin out, but he said they were pretty tired. kind of a let down cuz i really wanted to meet em, but oh well. great show nonetheless. -J120387 September 20, 2008
The music that they played was very good. I enjoyed War Song, Black Rock, Untitled, and of course Poker. The venue that they played at was very cool. There was some pushing here and there, and a few people that were body surfing, but overall it was not too bad. I was disappointed how short the concert was. I mean they were the 'Headliner' and the last concert of the night and they barely played for an hour. And someone threw a soccer ball at Marc after City on Down, what the he**, even he was suprised about that one. Ozomatli should have played before O.A.R because Jakob Dylan was too slow. I really wished they would have played Whatever Happened with Ozomatli. Oh well. Hope to see them back here soon with a full set. -NWA ARJ September 21, 2008
show was good. I'm glad they played I feel home. That was a first for me to hear that. I liked war song on the album and was jacked when they played that one. Any time you see OAR live its a good time whether its for an hour or three. -mother fers September 22, 2008
OAR rocked Harriet Island! Especially for the short time period they were given. They should have been allowed to play a full set. That being said, the show was awesome. They had so much energy and seemed to be enjoying the night and crowd other than the occasional crowd surfer and the jackass that threw a soccer ball at Marc. This Town was surprisingly good and so was Shattered. Its so much more fun when everyone knows the words to all the songs. War Song and 52-50 were the shit and Poker was an exciting closer as usual. Can't wait to see these guys again, I hear they're coming to Ames in November!

I don't know why, but for some odd reason OAR got barely any mention in the StarTribune review of this festival. They definitely deserved to be mentioned as the highlight of the whole weekend. -minnesota44 September 22, 2008
Good Show... Not the best I've been to but a good show none the less. War Song into City on Down was the highlight for me. My buddy and the biggest OAR fan I know just left for Iraq so War Song definitely hit home for me (not to mention City on Down is his favorite OAR song). The major downside of the show was when they played Untitled and almost everybody just looked around because they didn't know it... It's on 3 different albums (including Live From MSG). To the dipsh__ with the soccer ball: WTF? It's people like you who ruin concerts for bands AND their fans... -BigMike2k3 September 23, 2008
This was a very good show. They played alot of great songs from the new cd along with the older stuff. City on down was awesome along with Shattered, 52-50, and This Town. By far the song that stoled the show for me was War Song. Marc was so into it and the crowd really enjoyed it. The only downfall to the concert was the idiot that threw the soccer ball on stage and that they only played about an hour set. i hope next time they are around that they will play 18-20 songs with a great cover or two. Overall awesome show and i cant wait to see them again! -leino30 September 24, 2008