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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 21%
Souls Aflame: 21%
Cover Songs: 21%
In Between Now and Then: 14%
The Wanderer: 14%
Risen: 7%

Show Rarity: 40.28%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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University Of Illinois - Assembly Hall 02.12.2006 - Champaign, IL With: Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers
  1. Set 1:
    1. Hey Girl
    2. About an Hour Ago
    3. Dareh Meyod
    4. One Shot
    5. Whose Chariot?
    6. Delicate Few
    7. Lay Down
    8. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) ->
    9. City on Down
    10. Night Shift
    11. Love and Memories
    12. Like a Rolling Stone $
    13. Piano Man $
    14. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
$ with Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers.

Reid Eickhorst

Reviews Hope Marc feels better, he was offstage when Steven Kellogg came on to do Like A Rolling Stone, then hung out in the corner for Piano Man... they made a good effort to keep the show going despite Marc being sick. It was kind of a bummer that they didn't play an encore, but totally understandable. I feel bad for the first-timers who were at the show... it was good while it lasted. s2dpathetic, he seemed a little out of it when the band came onstage. It took him a couple of songs to smile up onstage. After they got done playing Like a Rolling Stone, he came back out and made a joke about Wendy's food not sitting well with him. I don't know if thats what actually happened, but that's what he said. After Crazy Game, they left and the crew immediately came on to start taking apart the equipment. That's all I know... -dothacrunge February 12, 2006
hey, i was gonna go to this show, but i couldnt. what happened to marc? -s2dpathetic February 12, 2006
I enjoyed the show while it lasted, but it seemed like they were only on stage for a relatively short period of time. The song selection was solid, I especially liked hearing Delicate Few, but overall too many songs were not played (Conquering Fools, Revisited, King of the Thing). Even though I do understand that they couldn't play everything, I would have definitely liked to have heard more. And yes Marc was not feeling well, but no encore??? -NOrevisited?13 February 13, 2006
i wounder what the original setlist was, the 11 of 12 songs that they played were awsome, i thought they sounded good, but u could tell marc wasnt right, a couple of times when jerry of someone had a solo, marc would sit down by the drums drinkin water and wiping his head, no hard feelings tho, it wasnt the best show, and its not gonna be my last. hope marc is better and does well for the rest of the tour -holdONtrue 525 February 13, 2006
did anyone happen to tape this show? FEEL BETTER MARC...ROCK ON OAR!!! -dmbgreystreet05 February 13, 2006
Even though Marc was sick, he still battled through it to put on a very decent show. He was sick all day and he still came out to perform. Stephen Kellog was great, Piano Man was a nice treat, and to hear Chris on vocals for Like a Rolling Stone was awesome. Thanks for coming out and playing. -bfriel99 February 13, 2006
planned on going - but did not

wabash and b-town next weekend tho cant wait

get well marc! - its gonna be a long weekend! -oldmatime February 13, 2006
i got the real setlist from the lighting guy, straight back it is (or what it was supossed to be):
hey girl
about an hour ago
dareh meyod
one shot
whose chariot
delicate few
lay down
daylight the dog (not played)
city on down
heard the world (not played)
sunday bloody sunday (not played)
night shift
love and memories
i feel home (not played)
like a rolling stone -vookid February 13, 2006
My 2nd show I've been to and thought it was great, however, not as good as 11/10/06 in my opinion. That's understandable though due to the fact Marc wasn't feeling the best. I thought the setlist was decent and when I saw the other setlist that was supposed to be played I'm sure it could have been pretty sweet. Piano Man was awesome along with Love and Memories. Delicate Few, City on Down, Hey Girl, and Crazy Game were great as I expected. Good show, hope Marc feels better soon. -crzygame February 13, 2006
So not to knock the guys but this show was the worst I've seen. The engery just wasn't there, and after Stephen Kellog said Marc was sick it made sense. I understand them being sick and having no energy, they are only human. The short setlist sucked but what can ya do. I think the crowd was part of the energy problem. Not very loud in between songs, not alot of singing going on. Usually when I see a show I can't hear my horrible voice, but last night I sure could. All in all if I see 1 bad show out of the 8 I've seen I can live with it. Musically they seemed normal they just looked really tired. It was very awsome to hear "nightshift" and "Whose Chariot" and the "older" stuff. Looking forward to the next show!! -stlang3l February 13, 2006
its a bummer that marc was sick...the setlist was pretty strong. it was awesome to hear hey girl as the opener. city on down and night shift back to back were awesome. i knew something crappy was up when marc ran off and the first aid crew showed up a couple minutes later. considering their long week and marc's sickness, i thought they played pretty strong. assembly hall was a nice venue. stephen kellogg was good, piano man was a surprise and they did a great job with it. -ofaREVOLUTION February 13, 2006
Good Show. Saw them at the Overture in Madison the night before, and that was obviously a better show. In the end I'm really more upset set that marc was sick then that the show wasn't spectacular and cut short. GET WELL SOON MARC. The definate upside is that i hadn't seen About An Hour Ago or Night Shift live until last night. And lastly, some shows and bands you crowd surf at. NOT OAR(imo)It distracts form the music way too much. -Mr_Patterson February 13, 2006
Ya I could tell from the beginning that something was wrong with Marc, I was in the front row which was awesome. Glad they played Night Shift 1st time seeing that song live. Also the part during poker where everyone started singin and marc joined in at the end, ya def started that hehe -chow February 13, 2006
This was my 2nd O.A.R. show, but not the best. Then again you can't blame the band. I agree, their only human. I think the 6r's did a kick-ass job of helping out. Piano Man and Rolling Stone were better then I thought they would be. Not sure if "Hey Girl" is a very good opener. Would of rather seen "Dareh Meyod" more. Concert was still awsome and wouldn't mind seeing Stephen and 6r's in their own concert! -Blackrock7 February 14, 2006
This show was an alright one compared to a typical O.A.R. show as others have also noted. Marc was sick and O.A.R. stopped playing around 9:40, when they started a little before 8:30. I have got to hand it to Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers though, they came back out and rocked the show until almost 10:30. Got the crowd really into the music despite the bad news that the O.A.R. was cutting early. They also put on a really good opening. During the O.A.R. show you could really tell Marc was not into it being sick and all ... the atmosphere didn't really pick up until Delicate Few came on, which is surprising since it started with such well known songs. It was too bad Marc was sick, because once 59th st. came on you know City on Down was coming ... and the crowd was really into Night Shift, and of course the hit of SofS Love & Memories was really getting the crowd worked up. I give respect to Marc for restin up and coming back out to close with Crazy Game because we all know it wouldnt be an O.A.R. concert without Poker. Overall, worth the drive from Chicago to see. One thing though, what is with the Assembly Hall being dry? Very dissapointing UofI ..... -zaslam14 February 14, 2006
This show was good, but could have been better, obviously, so I'm not going to repeat what everyone else siad. The people I were around were really into it, but looking around, everyone else really wasnt. Dareh Meyod was probably the best I had seen in a while. Much better than the last time I saw them, even though Marc was sick, I'm glad he stayed out there for Piano Man. Kellog and the Sixers were great, I'm glad they rocked Like a Rolling Stone, and their set was great as well. Was sad to see that Sunday Bloody Sunday was on the set-list but not played, but again it was understandable. I was surprised that it was dry all night, except for the guy who got busted for smokin right behind us and got thrown out by the cops during the opener. Overall the best song of the night was 59th street into City On Down, because the people around me were just all into it. The crowd surfing during Poker could be left out, because it takes away from the song, which isnt right. Got to meet Jeri before the show, and that was awesome of him to take time and talk to us, overall it was good even though Marc was sick. Get better Marc, and I'm lookin forward to seeing you guys Live again soon. -Kingofthething27 February 15, 2006
I could repeat everything everyone's already said because I basically agree with it all. It sucked that Marc was sick, i paid to see them not SK/6ers... however, I now LOVE SK/6ers, but I drove 6 hours to see O.A.R... On another note, I'd like to personally tell ALL THE BODY SURFERS ( I was FLOOR FRONTROW CENTER) that you can seriously SUCK it (saying that in the nicest way possible.) I didn't mind the first 2 or 3 but after the 10th surfer I couldn't handle it anymore, I was pushed otu of my front row spot (AFTER STANDING OUTSIDE FOR 45 MINUTES FOR THOSE SPOTS!!!), missed all of poker, and next thing I knew they were off the stage with no Encore. Hmmmph... overall one of the worst o.a.r. concert experiences Ive had to date... looking forward to their spring/summer tour though! BUT STOP BODY SURFING!!! It really isn't that funny.

On another note, I have a theory on why the crowd wasn't really into it. Not to bring up the "original" fan base stuff but I think a lot of new listeners are starting to come to the shows and only know their most recent CD(stories of a stranger) and don't know the older o.a.r. songs... just a theory though, I could be wrong. -ashleyms February 15, 2006
some one must have the Piano Man cover they did, and can you post it? thanx -fredericks.t February 28, 2006
I was at the show, and i would def. have to say it wasn't there best. Marc seemed a little out of it. Too much partying probably! However one thing is true, i would definitely like to agree with ashleyms review on the fact that all the new listners are just listening to there new CDs and not there old music. I felt like i was one of the group of people who actually knew the name to every song they sang and most of the lyrics. Where these new fans don't know anything about O.A.R.! -msgolfer45 March 18, 2006
O.A.R. was great, as usual!! Too bad Marc was sick. That sucks! I totally understand not doing an encore. Even if Marc wasn't sick, the crowd didn't deserve an encore. This is the 2nd show I have seen at Assembly Hall (Dave Matthews Band 2005) and it has to be the worst crowds I have ever seen at any concert. O.A.R., please don't ever go back to Assembly Hall!!!! -ryanolds April 29, 2006
It was a good show however marc claimed to be sick and they never played I feel Home. I guess they didn't feel home. haha It was my first concert ever and i was expecting more. Even i thought it was short. I hope to see them again soon tho. O.A.R. all i really listen to and i learned all there songs on guitar. Love there old and new stuff altho it took awhile to start liking the new. -Justin=OARFAN July 30, 2006
great set list. even though it was short, i heard all the favorites. still a little upset they couldnt play the original set cuz sunday bloody sunday and i feel home would be absolutely incredible. my buddy was on the side of the stage that marc walked off during like a rolling stone and he told me that he puked his brains out, so it def wasnt a lie that he was sick. IF SOMEONE HAS THIS PLEASE POST IT OR CONTACT ME SO WE CAN TRADE -tfcolucci January 13, 2007
shit happens people get sick what else can you say -The~CB~OAR~fan April 18, 2007