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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 44%
Souls Aflame: 17%
The Wanderer: 17%
In Between Now and Then: 11%
Cover Songs: 11%

Show Rarity: 34.09%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Tweeter Center 07.28.2006 - Mansfield, MA With: Jack's Mannequin
  1. Set 1:
    1. City on Down (Organ Intro)
    2. About Mr. Brown
    3. Dareh Meyod
    4. Wonderful Day
    5. Revisited
    6. One Shot
    7. Untitled
    8. Dakota
    9. Black Rock (Blood Outro)
    10. Watching the Detectives
    11. Lay Down
    12. Heard the World
    13. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (Devil's Intro / Highest Mountain Outro)
    14. Nasim Joon ->
    15. Hey Girl
  2. Encore:
    1. Fool in the Rain *
    2. 52-50
    3. Love and Memories
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with Jack's Mannequin.

Michael Reilly

Reviews show number 9 and it was amazing. Really really good vibe from the crowd, which im sad to say, doesnt always happen. Jacks Mannequin was awesome to. -ToySTORE July 30, 2006
show was absolutely amazing. Real solid setlist from start to finish. The crowd was real into it and OAR was feeding off of the crowds enthusiasm.. i hope someone recorded -McGint1019 July 30, 2006
The guys put on a hell of a show. I was front row center, amazing. Got some awesome pictures, The show WAS recorded. -AboutMRBurns July 30, 2006
my sixth, but favorite setlist so far, until they ended it with love and memories (least favorite off the new album). but one of my favorites shows, hopefully they get back to the smaller venues though. -memphis257 July 30, 2006
This show was amazing and the best concert i have ever been to. Great mix of new and old songs. How can i find a recording of this??? -Dhow57 July 30, 2006
does anyone know where you can get the recording of this show? amaazing one by the way. -kgturner827 July 30, 2006
This show was amazziinnggg. Second show and was the best too. Great setlist, awesome vibe, cant wait for the next. But where the hell is the recording?!?!?! -bissel52-50 July 30, 2006
This show was absolutely amazing!!! The setlist was crazy! There was such a good vibe at this show like everyone was totally chill. I sat at the lawn for jack’s mannequin and the opening song, and moved up to section 1 row AA for the rest of the show. The lights on black rock… CRAZY! When they played fool in the rain with jack’s mannequin the place went crazy. I really hope someone has a recording of this concert! -xanytimenowx July 30, 2006
It would take more than thunder and lightning to dampen anyone's spirit at the Tweeter Center. An OAR show is a perfect reminder how we can all come together as people to listen to the music play. -mattyo17 July 30, 2006
Second this show this year, and by far the best.
Great setlist...and definately a lot of energy.
Wish more people were into Detectives cuz that is a great song, and Fool In The Rain, what can I say?
Good to see some old ones that I never thought I would see, untitled, revisited...
Just a great show, definately hope a recording is made soon. Can't wait for the next one. -yankhater24 July 30, 2006
This concert was amazing, i would love to see someone post some recordings though -Steveta23 July 31, 2006
Show #7 for me and probably the best crowd and setlist yet. Fool In The Rain was awsome. -zamboner386 July 31, 2006
My first OAR show and it was unreal...couldnt ask for a better setlist. not a big fan of love and memories but the whole encore was still awesome -shanman45 July 31, 2006
Of the four O.A.R. shows i've been to, this was by the far the best one. I was up on the lawn for the whole time, and it was great energy all the way around. The crowd was wicked into it, and the band felt the vibes to be sure. The setlist was amazing, but I was dissapointed that they ended with Love and Memories. Great pick with the Zeppelin tune though! -Zohyil July 31, 2006
this show was awesome. you could tell that the band was having a great time too. great setlist. untitled was awesome to hear. cant wait for the recording. -mrmoon July 31, 2006
Amazing show...i am still in awe on how great the band sounded, how packed the Tweeter Center was...just awed by the whole thing. One of the best concerts I've ever seen ever. And I've seen some amzing bands...and some of the great acts ive seen can not even compare to this -BimJelizle05 July 31, 2006
I sat Front Row DEAD Center for this concert. It was by far the BEST concert I have EVER been too. Marc Roberge actually threw me his bottle of water, and my boyfriend got his pick to his guitar. Amazing night!!! I have really great pictures and video that I will be posting soon. Great setlist and amazing night...including the rain!!!! -Suganspice512 July 31, 2006
Unbelievable show. The setlist, the crowd. Everything was fantastic. By far the best show I've ever been too. There was so many people there it just made it awesome. Anyone have the recording??
-bmacd87 July 31, 2006
This was by far the best O.A.R concert that I've ever been to. It's about my 12th show and I have to admit that these guys never fail to amaze me. Hilights of the night include Untitled, Dakota, Crazy Game of Poker, Nasim Joon into Hey Girl, and Fool in the Rain. When Jack's Manequin came on stage for Fool in the Rain and I saw Marc chug a brick of jager I was floored. Love and Memories, although not my favorite, was a hit because Marc has been ridiculous with his freestyles. I was really impressed with Michael Paris and the rest of the band as well. Only he could pull off a solo on the triangle. On a side note, on the way home from the show I wound up right behind the tour bus and me and a few friends met up with the band at the Ritz in Boston. All in all it was a great night. Can't wait to see the guys in N.C on Wednesday night. PLAY SHORT A TRY MORE OFTEN!! -Jikkis August 1, 2006
Amazing show, the rain went away within the first couple songs. coincidence? think not.
amazing set, highlights were About Mr. Brown, Black Rock, Heard the World, Hey Girl, and the entire Encore.

best song of the night was 52-50... longest version i've ever heard and it was AMAZING to say the least.

also props to andrew from jacks mannequin for singing fool in the rain while drinking from a bottle of jager August 1, 2006
Best live show I have ever seen. Young crowd but the fans were great lots of energy. -Alf74dog August 1, 2006
best show i have ever seen. crowd was really into it. great energy throughout the whole place. Untitled and Revisited were awsome. cant wait for the fall tour -emurns4 August 1, 2006
7th OAR concert in Boston - absolutley amazing. Nothing can stop any of the fans, not even a lil rain and lightening. Tail gating before and amazing music - nothing can beat an OAR concert! -cizzi2412 August 1, 2006
unreal concert. I NEED a recording of this concert, as im sure many other people do, so if anyone has, or knows anyone that recorded this concert, please post! Any idea the next time they'll be back? -wiseass1888 August 2, 2006
This is probably the 4th concert iv been to and it was by far the best concert yet. the crowd was actually into the concert and they just played every song full out. crazy game and lay down were probably my favorite with all the fans getting into it. the only thing i didnt think they played as well as usual, city on down. besides that, unbelievable and hopefully coming back agian. -Pinch6934 August 2, 2006
out of the 8 shows I've been to this was in the top 2. Very young crowd, but was pleased to see most people singing along and enjoying the show. Any news on the taping? -Giants4Life August 2, 2006
Awesome show, 19th time ive seen them!!!!! Can't wait till the Conn. show. Lots of energy, band seemed to be enjoying the crowd. Great time as usual!!!!!!!!!! -jmpga4 August 2, 2006
Echoing others here, but absolutely spectacular show. Definitely the best O.A.R show I have attended. LOVED the setlist. The crowd was definitely young, but extremely cool people into it -- and that's what matters... not someone's age! O.A.R. ROCKS! -aether7744 August 4, 2006
okay im not going to say I didn't love the show, the crowd and energy were both great....but c'mon...pretty much 8 out of the 12 songs from stories were played....then add hey girl, poker, city on down, and watching the detectives which your pretty much guaranteed to hear...and you have 12 outta the 18 songs they played....alls im saying is that with the crowd they had they should've played something like delicate few or about an hour ago that the crowd could've really really got into....and don't even get me started with closing with love and memories....thats all i have to say -somovedon22 August 5, 2006
somovedon22, i couldnt have said it better myself -salky August 6, 2006