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Album Stats
Souls Aflame: 32%
Stories Of A Stranger: 21%
In Between Now and Then: 16%
The Wanderer: 16%
Risen: 11%
Cover Songs: 5%

Show Rarity: 30.38%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Merriweather Post Pavilion 07.30.2005 - Columbia, MD With: Pepper / The Southland
  1. Set 1:
    1. The Wanderer
    2. Wonderful Day
    3. King of the Thing
    4. Anyway
    5. So Moved On
    6. Mr. Moon
    7. About Mr. Brown
    8. Heard the World
    9. Old Man Time
    10. To Zion Goes I ->
    11. Breathe
    12. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    13. I Feel Home &
    14. City on Down (First Half Only) ->
    15. Delicate Few (Second Half Only)
  2. Encore:
    1. Nasim Joon ->
    2. Hey Girl (Kaya Tag / Bend Down Low Tag)
    3. Lay Down
    4. Black Rock
& Marc and Richard.
Entire show with Danny Chaimson of The Soutland on keys.
First time Breathe was played.

Mike Sarnovsky

Downloads Breathe 5.5 MB

Reviews terrible show, i was very dissapointed...


what are you expecting?

it was amazing, pepper was a great opener,southland was ok, and OAR put on a hell of a show in front of a giant sea of fans

watching the guy in front of me get kicked out for peeing on another guy was also entertaining -rytzlax28 July 30, 2005
Thought the show was good, sounded great and was fun as hell, loved the Pink Floyd cover, Breathe. And glad they went back to many of the old goodies. -Devman July 30, 2005
my first OAR show ever, so it always will kick ass. The Southland is really good (Influence of Geography is a good CD) and Pepper kinda didn't work for me...but OAR was god. -mlb5000 July 30, 2005
Great concert one of the best shows i've ever seen. I cant wait for tomorrow. -danbase July 30, 2005
greatest concert i've seen to date... loved nasim joon as an intro to hey girl and i loved the poker intro... playing poker early in the set list really got the crowd into it after to zion goes i... after that there was no doubt the crowd was partying hard the whole night, i think everyone knew the words to every song and it rocked... keep doin what your doin boys -OldManTime55 July 31, 2005
incredible show, best i've been to yet. The beginning of the set was killer and continued to be stellar all the way through. Playing To Zion Goes I and then going right into Breathe was amazing, and the four song encore couln't have been better. the guys seemed real enthusiastic, which was a change from what they seemed to be at the show at festival pier. this show was simply OAR at their best. -blazedscraps July 31, 2005
awesome show kicked ass as usual, dont know about pepper but southland was good -badavis July 31, 2005
By Far one of the best concerts i've ever been to. Crazy Game of Poker and ending on Black Rock were probably the highlights of the show for me. -pjh71788 July 31, 2005
It was a great show. This is the best set list they have had at a concert of theres that i've been to and the crowd was very energetic. -truth2034 July 31, 2005
This was an amazing show by O.A.R., This being my third O.A.R. concert in as many years, the setlist and the energy of this show topped the other two by miles. The massive crowd knew every word to each song, and the different intro's to Poker, and Hey Girl added an awesome twist. The Pink Floyd cover rocked too. Finishing with Black Rock for the hometown crowd was an awesome finale -uncfan20888 July 31, 2005
My 6th O.A.R. show, and my favorite. I have seen 60-70 live performances in my lifetime, and this ranks in the top 3. I had an amazing time, setlist was awesome and the energy was incredible. I made the trip from Boston (where I saw them this past Thursday - decent show), and it was so well worth it. The Pink Floyd cover was a very pleasant surpise, and I really just felt every song so much. Anyway was so electric. I really cant say enough about this performance! Have to thank the guys for making my weekend a great one! -MrBrown July 31, 2005
Wow, great seats, great band, great show. So Moved On was great, I am so glad they started playing that again. But, Poker then Home then City on Down into Delicate few, I couldn't dream of a better sequence. They really looked like they were having fun up on stage, which was the best part for me; I think the whole place was into the show that night. -barrykp August 1, 2005
i'm a HUGE buffett fan, and i thought he did the best concerts ever. I WAS WRONG. O.A.R. is an amazing live band. really gets the crowd going. i loved the atmosphere!! the southland is a great new band too, i can't stop listening to their CD. Pepper... they were kind of douchbags. sorry to everyone who likes them! just my personal opinion. they definatly didn't impress me that's for sure. can't wait for O.A.R.'s winter tour :-) -lap5003 August 1, 2005
Freaking Awesome... This is my third show, and it just gets better all the time! Long set, and great encores! Can't wait til tomorrow! -oarlovernva August 3, 2005
another great one. -wanderer November 24, 2005
My favorite OAR show ever and Ive been to 20 of them. I almost shit my pants when they went into breathe. That was just awesome and the only time they have ever played it. I feel blessed. -parrotisla January 30, 2007
This review is way overdue....This is my favorite O.A.R. that I've been to so far! Takes me all the way back to my senior year. Amazing setlist and the pavilion gave off a great energy! Hopefully August 2nd at Jones Beach can top it. -distantunion317 June 9, 2008