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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 31%
In Between Now and Then: 19%
Souls Aflame: 13%
The Wanderer: 13%
Any Time Now: 6%
Risen: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%
Unreleased: 6%

Show Rarity: 36.28%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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University Of Washington - HUB Ballroom 10.31.2005 - Seattle, WA With: As Fast As
  1. Set 1:
    1. 52-50
    2. Wonderful Day
    3. Lay Down
    4. Black Rock (Long Day Intro / What I Am Tag)
    5. Hey Girl (Date Intro)
    6. Daylight the Dog
    7. Whose Chariot?
    8. Destination (Fire on the Mountain Tag)
    9. Mr. Moon
    10. Anyway *
    11. So Much
    12. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) ->
    13. City on Down
    14. Love and Memories $
    15. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
  2. Encore:
    1. Delicate Few
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with the "Facemelter" on guitar.
$ with the "Tamborine Ninja".
First time So Much was played.

Dylan Hand

Downloads So Much 2.9 MB

Reviews Its been a while since I've seen an OAR show, but when I heard the show advertised on Sirius I knew I had to listen. I liked the new stuff and the changes on the old, and Maddington was awesome on Anyways. Can anyone give me more information on this Extreme Home Makeover bit they're doing?

Keep rocking. -nifal October 31, 2005
[note](yes, it did seem like the intro to delicate few was a completly different song....and at the concert, when he sung it, he started off to one side of the stage the entire time, like he was singing it to someone...I couldnt see anyone....but get that concert archived so I can listen to it again!!!!!!!)amazing show, the guys seemed to be having a great time playing, and it showed through the was a blast -Kjlad3 November 1, 2005
My 3rd show, and they just get better every time I see them. Great costumes too. -Vpk0718 November 1, 2005
NOTE (11.02.05): It would seem the intro song to delicate few is some new song perhaps titled SHE GONNA TAKE ME THERE? ANy takers?
I recorded this concert via SIRIUS so just give me time and i'll post the concert on the archive. The show will be in 256kbps mp3 format cause whenever most media is streamed on the net the quality is lower than wav anyways. -dmbgreystreet05 November 1, 2005
My third OAR show and second in three days, and the first time I've walked away disappointed.

Oh, don't get me wrong, it had nothing to do with the boys in the band, they ware amazing as usual. Instead, what left me cold and disappointed was the horrible venue, the University of Washington HUB Ballroom. To say that this space is one step up on your average high school gymnasium is to barely capture its essence. Not only is it devoid of any personality, or for that matter a stage (one had to be set up in the middle of the gym, err, ballroom), the HUB has the worse acoustics I have ever encountered for a concert in my life. I was literally standing 10 feet directly in front of Marc the entire night and couldn't make out a single word he said when talking to the crowd. (I could hear him OK when he backed off the mike to sing, but the speakers where way off to the side and the music just bounced around the open space, getting lost in the echoes.) If there was any disappointment about the show itself, it's that there were only four songs performed that differed from Saturday night in Portland. That being said, there are certain songs I want to hear every single time I see O.A.R., so you take what you can get. I also felt honored to be present for the debut of a new song...even if it is for some crappy TV show.

Honestly, whoever booked this venue for O.A.R. should be taken outside and publicly flogged. As for O.A.R., I give them such had to be absolutely demoralizing to have to play such a shit hole. They deserve better. So do the fans. And yet, they were pros all they way...having fun, laughing and engaging with the audience. They were also in the Halloween spirit, wearing uniforms modeled after the Average Joe's Gym team from the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

I'm sure this concert will be posted on as it was broadcast on Sirus radio. It'll probably be decent quality as it would have to have been broadcasted directly from the microphones, versus recorded from the back of the room.
-dwschwartz November 1, 2005
Up close and person at this specific venue. There weren't many people there, but OAR came out dressed as Average Joes gym on this Halloween show.

Amazing. -cjcassidy June 23, 2007