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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 44%
Souls Aflame: 22%
In Between Now and Then: 17%
The Wanderer: 11%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 35.45%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Saratoga Performing Arts Center 08.08.2006 - Saratoga Springs, NY With: Jack's Mannequin
  1. Set 1:
    1. City on Down (Organ Intro)
    2. Heard the World
    3. Risen
    4. Wonderful Day
    5. Lay Down
    6. Dareh Meyod
    7. Black Rock (Blood Outro)
    8. One Shot
    9. Whose Chariot?
    10. Daylight the Dog
    11. So Moved On
    12. Hey Girl
    13. Love and Memories
    14. 52-50
    15. Night Shift ->
    16. Stir It Up
  2. Encore:
    1. Dakota
    2. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (Highest Mountain Outro)
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews Did anyone tape this show? I know the show just ended but really amped to know how this debut night for OAR at SPAC turned had to be a great night seeing them there. any takers? -dmbgreystreet05 August 9, 2006
O.A.R. played an absolutely amazing show tonight with approximately (I might have lost count) 15/17 of the songs included on my imaginary, self-created perfect setlist. I've read a lot of reviews about the crowd not being so great at the shows lately and I can say tonight I thought the crowd was awesome! The crowd was huge and totally into the show...what a perfect place for O.A.R. to play...I had such a good time and it was the best show that I've seen so far! -akirk9 August 9, 2006
I thought this show was absolutely awesome. The band had a lot of energy as soon as they hit the stage. Great set list tonight. So Moved On was a nice surprise and Night Shift into Stir it up, was great. Probably one of the best versions of Poker I heard in a while. Michael Paris rocked a little triangle solo. This would be a great concert to download!! I hope some one taped it. -derek4979 August 9, 2006
show was absolutly nuts.. i was sitting 4th row and every song was absolutly amazing.. city on down was a great way to open the night .. night shift into stir it up was a great addition onto an already amazing night..and the crowd was awesome during an already great version of poker. i really hoped someone taped the show cuase the night was great. -PaulieC3211 August 9, 2006
amazing show; the band had a lot of energy. so moved on, 52-50, night shift, and poker had to be my favorites. we were up in the balcony and the people in our section were all sitting down the whole time, so that was kind of lame; anyone else have that problem? otherwise, great show. -politylo09 August 9, 2006
I think everyone on the lower section of the arena was standing up, but a few rows of people in the balcony were down. Overall the crowd had great energy. Of the 6 shows I have been to this was probably the best crowd with the exception of MSG. So Moved on and 52-50 were the highlights for me. So Moved On sounded like a replica from 34&8. And people are right, L&M is really different live, Marc had another great solo. One part of the show that I really liked was how the security guards at SPAC were really dancing around and seemed to be enjoying the show as well.

Sa1va7ion, look at those videos and tell me when you thought the crowd or the band lacked energy. -RLF042 August 9, 2006
I'll have to disagree with the rest of the comments about this show. The crowd was comprised mostly of drunk/high 14-17 year olds that showed less interest in the band than in running around, playing on their cell phones, talking, and going to the bathroom in the middle of the pavilion (I'm serious). They all seemed like they came out primarily for Jack's Mannequin (who sounded awful). OAR, unfortunately, also didn't sound that great. I've seen two of their shows before, and I thought soundwise this one was rather flat (and I was dead center on the floor in the pavilion where the sound should have been great--and it's not SPAC, Willie Nelson and John Fogerty sounded crystal clear on Sunday). This was especially true when Marc was talking to the audience and he was completely unintelligible because of the sound quality. It was true for Richard On's guitar as well which also sounded way down in the mix. As far as the energy that people are talking about, I thought the band was rather unenergetic compared to the previous shows. All of this could be attributed to what appeared to be a number of technical problems. The setlist, however, was fantastic, and it was still a good show. I just don't think it was as fantastic as people are making it out to be considering how good I've seen the band be in the past. -Sa1va7ion August 9, 2006
This was my first O.A.R. concert and it was Amazing. The highlights for me were Whose Chariot?, 52-50, Hey Girl and Nightshift->Stir it up. I was impressed with the crowd, they had alot of energy and I was so happy that there was no crowd surfing. The SPAC is such an awesome venue to have a concert at too. I hope they come back next year. -buggs2983 August 9, 2006
I took alot of video last night..
Heres all the links. The video is awfully blurry but the audio is okay. Poker was too big to post.
Wonderful Day -
So Moved On -
One Shot -
Night Shift -
Love and Memories -
Lay Down -
Hey Girl -
Heard the World -
Dakota -
Black Rock -

-drumming60 August 9, 2006
great show. Sa1va7ion is full of shit. stir it up was a sweet surprise. -JJB1525 August 9, 2006
Huge crowd... Thought the concert could have been better seeing that their summer tour is coming to an end...Jacks was awesomeeeee and looked like they were having a blast...Big difference from the last concert I attened at High Falls 2 weeks ago...Was 8th row and will have pictures for anyone interested online later today...-O-A-R- -Knowityoulover August 9, 2006
This was my 16th show and probably the best show to date! As a Marylander and long time OAR fan I don't think I could have written a better set list. (If they would have played About Mr. Brown and I Feel Home instead of Heard the world and Daylight the dog I would have busted a nut!) After hearing a mediocre set list at Merriweather Post a few weeks ago I was wondering what happended to the boys, but after SPAC the boys are clearly back on track! I was in row T and managed to work my way up to the 6-7th row. The crowd was full of energy, singing all of the songs they new and clearly enjoying the songs that they have not heard! I think Sa1va7ion needs to relax a bit because Saratoga is a new area for O.A.R. and as such you are bound to have a bunch of drunk teens. They however were few and far between!

Can't wait for Camden tomorrow night! -hartwickds August 9, 2006
Great show, the energy never died. 52-50 was my highlight of the night, the band was definetly feeling that one. -DMBprez August 9, 2006
My first time at SPAC and it was all it was cracked up to be. Great sound quality, and O.A.R. put on another incredible performance, So Moved On was nice to hear. Best 52-50 I've heard. Stir it Up was nice too. Hope they come back next year! -freestyleyanks August 9, 2006
Good show. I completely agree with "Sa1va7ion". SPAC was 100% better than the Rochester show, but still nothing compared to their show at the Wolf Trap a couple years ago.

Jack's Mannequin is bad, please don't take them on tour again. -rickvanr August 9, 2006
finally!!! a show without those stupid covers....they have enough of their own good songs -SoMovedOn13 August 9, 2006
Show was really amazing. It was a beautiful night, and a great venue, and the guys really could enjoy it. I loved 52-50, that was a highlight for me, also night shift -> stir it up, i loved it. great show. -viva la revolution August 10, 2006
Sick show. I was in the fifth row and the energy was awesome. The crowd was really into it. Organ intro to city on down was awesome and nightshift into stir it up was a great surprise. Marc looked like he enjoyed the crowd at SPAC and he didn't have to give any speeches telling idiots to stop crowd surfing. -ladanday103 August 10, 2006

this is me saying nothing because I am speechless about how ridic this concert was......sick setlist, sick crowd. I was in the pit. My 4th show probably in my top 2. -Snood August 11, 2006
This show was one of my favorite concerts ever!! I've been to Dave Matthews Band at SPAC, I've seen O.A.R. at High Falls, I saw Counting Crows and Goo Goo Dolls the night before this one, and this was by far one of the best shows ever. So much energy, and Sa1va7... is a loser and shouldn't be allowed to go to anymore O.A.R concerts. -Huntley015 August 15, 2006
fun show, not my favorite.... and the band seemed less energetic than in the past shows i've been to this summer. but night shift was a HUGE SUPRISE AND WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i love that song! -Niccy11 August 15, 2006
I was up top center with 4 of my closest friends..good show!! -popeye130 September 9, 2006
I can not wait for august 19 for them to come back. Already got my tickets. 7th row =]
im so excited. Closing of their summer. It's going to be great. And i just hope they play I feel Home. Favorite song. Wooo too excited :) -OfaRevolution13 October 22, 2006