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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 21%
In Between Now and Then: 21%
Souls Aflame: 21%
The Wanderer: 14%
Any Time Now: 7%
Risen: 7%
Cover Songs: 7%

Show Rarity: 40.07%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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High Point University - Richard A. Vert Stadium 04.12.2008 - High Point, NC With: Sparky's Flaw
  1. Set 1:
    1. Wonderful Day
    2. Love and Memories
    3. Dareh Meyod (34th & 8th Intro)
    4. Destination
    5. Risen
    6. About an Hour Ago
    7. Lay Down
    8. Untitled
    9. Anyway
    10. Delicate Few
    11. I Feel Home (Redemption Song Tag) &
    12. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker ->
    13. No Woman No Cry
  2. Encore:
    1. Hey Girl
& Marc and Richard.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews The show was pretty good...the guys were extremely energetic and you could really tell they were having a good time. Set list was pretty good, but it sucks that they cut it short due to the assholes in the crowd. I was kicked 2 or 3 times by crowd surfers and watched a 200lb kid crush a 115 pound girl right next to me....that and everyone throwing water bottles is probably what made them stop early.

The people around me seemed to know most of the lyrics so it was good to see some real fans at the show. Marc had some sick freestyles that I really enjoyed. It was cool to see him interact with the crowd so much, he even endorsed a girl for class was great. All in all pretty good show, not one of my top shows, but anytime I can see the guys live is a good time. -AnnapolisOARfan April 13, 2008
The show had great energy, and the band fed off of it. They all looked like they were having a great time. The crowd was way out of control...too many drunk teenage girls. If only they had played the original setlist with get away and whose chariot..Great show overall -c2cash04 April 13, 2008
Pretty good setlist...Destination was a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed some oldies but goodies like Delicate Few, Anyway, and About An Hour Ago. New songs they played were ok too. Band was definately getting into it and the crowd seemed to respond pretty well considering the crowd was rather small.

Unfortunately a small group in the crowd also shadowed the concert...throwing water bottles in the air and close to the stage is unacceptable and the crowd surfing got to be out of hand. Just goes to show one small group can ruin it for everyone as the band cut the show early b/c of an unruly crowd.

Overall I think some people need to examine their manners in public and realize being drunk is not an excuse to act like a fool. Otherwise it was a good time and the band was awesome as always.

TuesdaysComing: I am partial to the "old" songs and consider anything from SOAS and thereafter "new". If you are a true fan, you know what I'm talking about.
-cameron79377 April 14, 2008
didn't go to the show but what "new songs" are you talking about cameron? No new songs are on the played set list or on the original either...

Get away would have been sick...too bad they didn't play it

Cameron: Wasn't trying to argue...but, well put grimmace... -TuesdaysComing April 14, 2008
Sorry Cameron but tuesday has been to 3 times as many shows as you so to call him out like that is bull. Also, SOAS has been out for 2.5 years now so although it is their most recent recording, the songs have been played for three years and aren't "new". -Grimmace19 April 16, 2008
they didn't cut the show short. if you see the set list marc has it has 14 songs. they just played untitled, anyway, and i feel home instead of black rock, destination, and whose chariot. you could say they cut it 1 song short though if you count poker and no woman no cry as the same song. i thought it was a really great show. only played two songs of stories of a stranger so that was nice. before they played no woman no cry marc said it was the last time they'll probably play it, i thought that was cool. -thenewrev47 September 16, 2008
Very cool...I was kind of tripping out on some stuff though so...yeah. But I actually loved the show. The band was way into it, and I loved that awesome insert of No Woman No Cry, which they also did at their Raleigh concert a while before this one. Yes, they did cut the concert short because, my friend, c2cash04, of whom I went to the show with, got the actual printed setlist. So, yeah, they were going to play Whose Chariot but didn't. However, great show, and I loved every minute except for High Point likes to party a little too hard. We were getting pushed up against the barrier at the front. That wasn't too fun. And I didn't like the crowdsurfers, THIS ISN'T THE FREAKING WARPED TOUR....haha. -ChrisChurch November 5, 2008