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Album Stats
All Sides: 28%
Stories Of A Stranger: 17%
In Between Now and Then: 17%
Souls Aflame: 17%
Risen: 11%
The Wanderer: 11%

Show Rarity: 35.07%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Nikon At Jones Beach Theater 08.02.2008 - Wantagh, NY With: Ozomatli
  1. Set 1:
    1. This Town
    2. Dareh Meyod (34th & 8th Intro)
    3. Get Away (Fast)
    4. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    5. Lay Down
    6. Anyway
    7. King of the Thing
    8. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    9. Dinner Last Night
    10. Someone in the Road
    11. Program Director
    12. Whose Chariot?
    13. Love and Memories
    14. War Song
    15. Night Shift
  2. Encore:
    1. I Feel Home &
    2. Whatever Happened *
    3. City on Down (Organ Intro)
& Marc and Richard.
* with Ozomatli.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion and vocals.

Chuck Sclafani

Downloads Whatever Happened 13.6 MB

Reviews SICK show. just look at that setlist, first time i heard 34 8th Dareh, King, Someone in the road was a HUGE surprise. Program Director I feel Home were sick. War Song gave me the chills, it was great the way Marc introduced it. one of the best concerts EVER. (I was at PNC the night before, they almost topped it) City on Down was the BEST closer! the crowd was kinda dull but i cant complain -O.A.R.fan4Life August 3, 2008
This show was incredible. great mix of old stuff and new stuff. whatever happened with ozomatli was epic. the most beautiful version of i feel home. poker FOURTH was a big surprise. i also got the chance to meet the guys before the show at a special bbq. theyre SUCH cool and nice guys. one of the best days and concerts ever. -FoolOnHill315 August 3, 2008
Amazing show!!! Whatever happened was amazing, a great mix of old songs and new. Something in the road was a huge surprise. The new songs sounded good live, -yankjet82000 August 3, 2008
My 4th show and just and awsome concert. Opening with This Town is great and poker number 4 was such a good suprise. I was soo happy to hear the drum solo in lay down, its unbeliveable. The best songs for me were get away and war song. And closing with city on down reminded me of MSG... you guys gotta come back. -jerry4president August 3, 2008
My fourth show at the beach, 8th overall, and this one may have been at the top of my list. Met MikelParis before the show and he said get ready for a real good one; he wasn't kidding. My friends and I have been waiting for King of the Thing live forever. Get Away was amazing for me as well. War Song was nuts with Ozomatli; they turned it into a 10 minute jam which was amazing.
Keep up the work boys; just keeps on getting better. -Fryguy8585 August 3, 2008
overall the show was amazing. the only bad things were opening with a new song and lay down. the version of lay down they did was terrible, the drum solo was cool but they killed the 2nd half of the song. other than that anyway, get away, and whatever happened were probably 3 of the best songs ive ever seen them play live.. ive been waiting for i feel home and king of the thing for a while now and adding on whose chariot, night shift, and dareh meyod always makes for a great show -redhotrevolution22 August 3, 2008
This show was pretty good but the crowd in my section knew no words. i got to meet the band before the show . That was the highlight of my night. i thaught PNC'S crowd from the night before was way better. nobody knew the words to anything of this concert. but overall great show. and some asshole behind me stole my poster that the whole band signed before the concert. -dinnerlastnight August 3, 2008
Songs 2-7 had almost restored my faith in this band but then it all fell apart. The O.A.R. of old is gone, there's no fun reggae feel anymore. They might as well be Maroon 5 now, just pop garbage.

You know the party is over when Love & Memories gets a larger response than Poker.

However, I must say Get Away was a wonderful surprise. -BltByKrmn August 3, 2008
Great show, my 4th show at Jones and it was one of the best. I have to agree that the old O.A.R. feel is gone but bands change, and I like what they're doing now. Great to hear Get Away and King of the Thing, my 9th show and finally I got to hear these songs live. Can't wait for a fall tour, great show guys. Highlights: Get Away, Anyway, King of the Thing, War Song, Night Shift, Whatever Happened. -slick923 August 3, 2008
show started of solid then it kinda died out...the ramble jam thing in anyway was far to long. highlights were king of the thing, war song. Poker early in the set is where i feel it belongs nowadays. Im only 19 and i felt like a god damn parent at the show. Drunk 14 yr olds passed out everywhere. -SoMovedOn13 August 3, 2008
STELLAR NIGHT! Highlights were This Down, Dareh Meyod, Poker, Lay Down, Anyway, Shattered, Love and Memories, War Song, Someone In The Road, and Whatever Happened. Whatever Happened with the Ozomatli band is just out of this world stellar!!!
During War Song when people chanted "USA USA USA" was just so patriotic....brought me awesome!!!

In other thanks to the fat mess security dude who made me keep my mic stand at head height instead of its 15 foot potential. However....thanks to everyone who sat around me down in front orchestra right that remained reasonably quiet during the show. My recording despite head height level came out stellar! I'll post it when its ready. -dmbgreystreet05 August 3, 2008
Let me start by saying that I was at Merriweather Post's Meet and Greet down in MD, and i had a conversation with Marc about Get Away and he told me he'd try throwing it in the next show i was attending hence Jones Beach. Maybe there's more Get Aways on the horizon.

The combination of KOTT and SOTR blew my mind. I feel like Jerry (sporting his new guitar) decided to Go Sick with every opportunity especially Whose Chariot? and War Song, I’ve never seen Jerry Phrase so well. He was also good on Anyway. Whatever Happened was Nasty. Ozomatli's rhythm section just went sick! I was watching Richard and he looked so lost because Matli's guitar player just took over.

I would say 4/5 rating for the show overall. There was nothing special about Poker (I don’t even think there was a freestyle) and how predictable is City on Down to close? At least mix it up or something add 59th bridge street song intro, with or without you tag or play Delicate Few Second half, the organ intro takes too long especially when you know its coming.
-Possum August 3, 2008
This was my 8th concert in the 5 years that I've known the band. It was probably one of the best I've seen!! Whatever Happened was sick at Jersey but at Jones it was INSANE! Poker 4th was a big surprise and City on Down for a closer was awesome! The version of Anyway was one of the best I've heard! I love hearing the old stuff but not a lot of people around me knew it.

The only complaint I have is that the crowd seems to be getting younger and less people knew the music this year. Previous years everyone was singing and dancing like crazy. This year I had people staring at my while I sang at the top of my lungs.

Btw, it's really sad when the band promotes being "green" and recycling and the whole parking lot is left with tons of cans and bottles all over it. People are really disgusting. -meggie87 August 3, 2008
This was a great show and a great end of four nights of concerts (3 oar 1 bruce). This was my first time at jones beach, and im still not really too sure how i feel about the venue, but it was a great time. I will have to go again before i pass judgement.

Anyway! The songs last night killed. Get Away, Anyway, KOTT, Chariot, war song, night shift, and the entire encore. All favorites.

As soon as i saw the acoustics come out i called for I feel home, and was not disapointed. It was also my first i feel home. The whole show kicked ass, and i cant wait till the next tour! Great way to end my 4 night stand. Thanks to the guys in the band. -kevinjohnson128 August 3, 2008
what a sick fucking night, BLOWS THAT DUMP PNC AWAY...i had 4th row seats and 2 seats in the front row were open, moved to the front after the 1st song..unreal set. hung out with paris before..

This town-amazing opener
Dareh meyod.-34th and 8th intro...great
Get away-sickkkkk
Poker- not middle freestyle but great none the less, love it early
Lay down.-great, i love the new 2nd half of the song
Anyway-jerrryyy whalllleesss this as usual
King of the thing- 10 shows finally heard it...fucking amazing
Shattered=better live
Dinner last night-aweesommee
Whose chariot--crowd was very into it..greatt
Love and memories-love and memories
Someone in the road--awesommee, great surprise
Program director-sounded great
War song-best song of the night, after what is the studio outro, they jammed for another 5 minutes..favorite
Night shift- very awesome, marc freeestyle with the front row


I feel home--awesome as usual
Whatever happened with ozomatli--saw it at pnc, knew it was coming..but blew the night befores version away..EACH OF THE 12 PEOPLE ON STAGE PRETTY MUCH HAS THEIR OWN SOLO. Song Last foreverrr
City on down--what an ending

they fucking love jones beach, ive seen them in a lot of different places and they seem to have the most fun playing at the beach -nhlpunk101 August 3, 2008
I went to MSG last January (the concert that got recorded) and this setlist almost topped it. This was absolutely incredible. First, the venue was awesome and security really didn't care about a lot of stuff. My friend and I moved down from the mezzanine to the lower section before O.A.R. even went on and no one said anything. I was so psyched to hear This Town as an opener. Everyone was into it and knew the song. Get Away was awesome, Poker got everyone psyched as usual, and the setlist only got better with time. Dinner Last Night was an awesome chill song, and it was great to hear Whose Chariot for the first time. I read on a review from another night that War Song was sick live, and I didn't believe that until I heard it. Marc was so into it and the way he introduced it gave me a whole new appreciation for the song. Night Shift was an awesome closer. As for the encore, I couldn't have asked for a better one. I Feel Home was awesome as usual, and the band threw it down on Whatever Happened with Ozomatli (can we get that trumpet player to stay in O.A.R.??) City on Down was the cherry on top of an incredible setlist and an incredible night. -mle990 August 3, 2008
Absolutely amazing show. Setlist was awesome. King of the thing was sick and This Town to open was unexpected. Favorites of the night had to be War Song, Whose Chariot, and I feel Home in the encore. Ending on City on Down brought back the MSG atmosphere. You guys gotta make your ways back to NYC. One of the best ive been to!! -newyorkcityondown August 3, 2008
Setlist was dirty. Show was great. Crowd was another story. Been to 41 shows very rarely can I say they impact anything on me. The crowd was so young, which is okay, but to have drunk 15 year olds passing out is a little alarming. Guys bumping in, having to tell a kid don't stand near me etc. It made the paper how bad the parking lot was after. PNC had no tailgaiting and I am cool with that. Band was rock solid, ROCK solid. Jerry on point, love it. -tindawg31 August 3, 2008
My 8th. We were able to get down to 3rd row dead center before the show and nobody came for the entire show, so we stayed. I wish we got to hear more old stuff. It was a high energy show, but I miss the way the sets were even before Stories of a Stranger. The new stuff cannot be compared to the old. I'd been to PNC the last 3 years, and decided to change it up a bit and come to JB because of the awful situation at PNC with tailgaiting. Still, it was a great time, and can't wait to see them open for DMB at the Gorge! -spooze August 4, 2008
I was disappointed in their show at the beach this year. I have seen them in several different venues in NY since 2002. The best show by far was of course the one at the 9:30 club in D.C. years ago. There was hardly anyone at the show that knew the words to the old songs. There were kids next to me who swore "I Feel Home" was "Delicate Few." I know they have put on spectacular shows in the past. I guess nothing can compare to when they were an up and coming band playing local clubs in the early 2000's. -dmc1727 August 4, 2008
Just like all the other OAR concerts me and my friends have been too, they always bring us together for a great night that we will always remember for the rest of our lives. War Song was absolutely amazing and it was awesome how Marc introduced it as well. Please for the love of God have another winter tour and come to MSG again, that was the greatest night of my life. -oarfan35 August 4, 2008
This show was so disappointing that it actually forced my to become a user just to express my opinion on the show.
Both me and my girlfriend have been to multiple shows over many, many years and both agreed this was one of the worst we have seen. It seemed that they were really flat and lacked any of the real emotion that they have brought in the past that made their shows so good. There were few transitions and it seemed to me that they were 'going through the motions' on many of their songs.
On another note, as a teacher i was forced to have to stop a 13 year old drunk girl from repeatedly slapping one of her friends in the face and had to pick up another young girl who had passed out in the row in front of me...awful... -teachnyc August 4, 2008
I just want to say thanks to all of the idiots who don't know how to party. As a Long Island native, I've been to over 100 shows at Jones Beach, but seeing all of the trash and empties floating in the water made ME wanna puke. Being young and getting hammered, I get it. Have any of you read the paper? Or are you still hung over? Looks like they're not gonna let the band come back to Jones next year. Hey, it's ok, I like driving to New Jersey just to see my favorite band. I mean it's not like Jones beach is one of the best most famous places to see a show any way. O.A.R is one of the most chill fun time bands in recent memory who gets in fights at an O.A.R show? Esp girls? Trash! thanks from all of us who partied and didnt leave a mess or get in a girl fight or get busted. Way to give the band a good name. Now every body knows who O.A.R is. By the way... The show was siiiiiiiiiiick! It was Hey Girl short of perfection! -paulib2 August 5, 2008
awesomeshow mane. Perfect ending to a a perfect weekend. Seen the guys at the borgata on thursday.then drove up to pnc and met the band on friday, then came home to see them at the beach. Had a crazy experience that day also. Turns out my friends and i got sold fake tickets from stub hub and werent notified untill 2 p.m. day of the concert. After fighting with the mo mos at stub hub we got them to give us front row tickets dead center. Only they didnt tell us we had to pick them up in manhattan. So we drove to the city at about 6:30 got the tickets and made it to the beach just before o.a.r. came out. The seats were sick dead center. During chariot jerry litterally came right in front of us for his solo. It was amazing. The setlist was sick and this was my 4th jones beach show and i will say it was the best. Cant wait to see the guys at the china club in times square. -BLaCK RoCkEd31 August 14, 2008
Lets forget about the negative attention the recent O.A.R. (Of a Revolution) show at Jones Beach has received and focus on the music. Fans of the band know for a fact that O.A.R. does not support any of the none-sense that was seen in the parking lot. Just listen to their lyrics ( Conquering Fools for example). I do believe that the instigators of the fights and other debauchery in the parking lot did not even attend the show but just went to the parking lot to drink and cause a ruckus. That said...

Touring in support of their newest album All Sides, O.A.R. started their night off with single This Town. A perfect example of the possible pop-mainstream direction the band may be taking. Then when you thought the band would forget about their core fans that have been with the band for years, Benj Gershman's bassline of Dareh Meyod begins to crawl up your spine as saxophonist Jerry DePizzo starts his superb night by wailing solos throughout the song, especially in the outro.

One of the major reason that O.A.R. attracts such a devoted and eager fan base is he unpredictability of night to night setlists. A classic and tour rarity Get Away stunned the crowd and was hands down the most memorable moment of the show. Fan favorite Crazy Game of Poker followed unusually early in the set, giving each member of the band to solo. The jamming continued during Lay Down and Anyway, lead by keyboardist/ percussionist Mikael Paris whose new breakdown/outro of Lay Down and segues in Anyway gave the band much more musical flexibility.

Although not as special as the appearance of Get Away, King of the Thing and Someone in the Road allowed Marc Roberge to showcase his great songwriting ability while still catering to the older fans in the crowd.

Program Director harmonies, War Song, and Whose Chariot's jams were also memorable moments leading into Night Shift closing out the main set. The encore consisted of the standard acoustic song, I Feel Home, new song Whatever Happened, and closed City on Down. Ozomatli, the opening band joined O.A.R. on stage and created a song that seemed like it was taken from the tapes of a Dave Matthews Band show. Definitely the best jam of the night as the band displayed their maturity. Ozomatli's saxophonist and trumpet player joined DePizzo to make an unforgettable ending. City on Down, a fan favorite and classic was a perfect ending to another great show at Jones Beach by O.A.R.

Overall a great show by the band. Perfect mix of old and new. This being my fifth O.A.R. show I really enjoyed their sound and appreciate the energy they bring each night. Special thanks to the band for their wishes for my grandfather that was extremely nice and thoughtful of them!

Visit my blog -Friedberg August 15, 2008