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Album Stats
Souls Aflame: 29%
In Between Now and Then: 24%
All Sides: 18%
The Wanderer: 18%
King: 6%
Risen: 6%

Show Rarity: 36.71%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Festival Pier At Penn's Landing 07.24.2010 - Philadelphia, PA With: Citizen Cope
  1. Set 1:
    1. The Wanderer
    2. Dareh Meyod
    3. This Town
    4. Revisited
    5. So Moved On
    6. About an Hour Ago
    7. Whose Chariot?
    8. Mr. Moon ->
    9. About Mr. Brown
    10. Hey Girl
    11. The Fallout
    12. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    13. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    14. Delicate Few
  2. Encore:
    1. Over and Over ~
    2. Untitled
    3. City on Down
~ Marc solo with MikelParis on keys.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Live O.A.R.
Mike Sarnovsky

Reviews Such an awesome show and setlist. The crowd on the other hand, was nothing but a lame 'Shattered' crowd. -johnneagle July 25, 2010
Show was great and a good venue. But the crowd didn't know any song basically. We drove up from maryland and still had a great time. I'm glad the people that came with me knew every word to every song. Great show, besides the crowd tho! -JRoye July 25, 2010
Agreed. Great show and set. The crowd however only knew their singles for the most part. They went crazy for hey girl. Still a really fun time. Glad I got to see so moved on live. -MaGMaN July 25, 2010
great show. came from maryland as well. saw the show last year and i think this one was more fun. so glad the fallout was played for personal reasons. i asked marc if he could play it, and so glad they did. mr. moon/ about mr brown was amazing. the transition was so smooth. delicate few was awesome, as was the rest of the set. the new intros were a nice change too -ndjacob July 25, 2010
Great show and set! The crowd wasn't as nearly as bad for me as it has been in philly in the past. Glad to hear Revisited again this year. random but my favorite tune. -cavs12 July 26, 2010
This was my 10th OAR show and I love seeing them at Festival Pier. Last year it downpoared, this year I think I lost 10lbs of water weight it was so freaking hot (which Marc did comment on about how Philly sticks through all kinds of weather). Hoped I would hear Coalminer, but I cant complain about the setlist. I love City as a closer, a few of the songs had new intro's that left me guessing which I love, and I can listen to So Moved On anytime.
I usually get annoyed about people complaining about the crowd because it is what it is these days, but I have to make an exception here. I dont care if people dont know every song, or only go nuts for Poker or Hey Girl, please just be respectful. I had to be on watch all night so my wife, who is a pretty short girl, and her friend didnt constantly get hit in the head with elbows by obnoxious teeny boppers who have no respect for someone's space. Also, if you see someone who doesnt look like they are in good shape, dont laugh at them or mock them. It was 103+ degrees out and some people didnt hydrate themselves properly. Help them out, dont laugh at them, it could be you. Ok, let me get off my soapbox and just say it was a great show, I hope OAR never stops playing at this venue, and to the guy in front of us who knew EVERY word to every song and who sang all of it and had a great time, THANK YOU. You made the rest of the crowd fade away... -JARRETB July 26, 2010
I have attended a bunch of Shows, with my first being at the House of Blues in Las Vegas in 2002. I have seen them at the Festival Pier, Tweeter Center, Electric Factory and House of Blues in AC. I totally loved this set list, even if it did annoy some of the younger crowd who is only aware of the newer stuff. But overall I thought the crowd was pretty into. I was standing center of the stage just where the matting ends and everyone seemed to be into. I did notice some bottles being thrown around the crowd, just immature behavior. -puddah July 26, 2010
Great show! This was probably my tenth OAR show, second at festival pier. Last year it poored, this year I poored. The heat was a bit much and ruined it up until beer 3 then it didn't impact for the rest of the night. I had a blast this year. I understand what people are saying about the crowd, but that's not going to change. It's ok if people are just getting into the band and don't know every song like some. You don't have to be a die hard fan to enjoy the concerts.

With that said, I thought the venue and setlist was awesome. I will be downloading the show to enjoy for a little while longer. Glad you boys could make it in town again! Look forward to next time! -darkwingdck July 27, 2010
Awesome show! Was in the second/third row depending on where I was pushed but ended up in the front. Completely agree about the crowd, dont need to know all the songs but be courteous at least. Loved the set, especially Revisited and The Wanderer with the new intro. We waited by the buses after and Marc & Jerry came over which was so nice of them after how brutal the heat had been. Marc was also on his way home and still took the time. Mikel Paris's show after was awesome as well, great night! -TheWanderer3 July 28, 2010
The show was unbelievable. Great setlist, great sound; wouldn't expect anything less from the band. The crowd was a little weak though. Only a handful of people knew the words to most of the songs. -dblatt04 August 8, 2010
This was my first O.A.R. concert and my first concert in general (I'm 15) and I must say it was incredible, as I knew O.A.R. would be and always is. Fortunately, I was in the 1st/2nd row so I didn't hear many 1 or 2 song fans. It was a great experience and I can't wait for them to come again. -untitled252 November 19, 2010