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Album Stats
Souls Aflame: 23%
The Wanderer: 23%
Unreleased: 15%
All Sides: 8%
Stories Of A Stranger: 8%
In Between Now and Then: 8%
Any Time Now: 8%
Cover Songs: 8%

Show Rarity: 29.91%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Jillian's 07.29.2004 - Louisville, KY With: Howie Day / Matt Nathanson
  1. Set 1:
    1. About Mr. Brown
    2. Windy City Man
    3. Untitled
    4. Black Rock (Long Day Intro)
    5. City on Down
    6. Right on Time
    7. Something Coming Over
    8. Nasim Joon ~ ->
    9. Hey Girl
    10. Destination
    11. Short a Try ~
    12. The Weight *
    13. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
~ Marc solo.
* with Matt Nathanson on vocals.
First time Something Coming Over was played.
First time Nasim Joon was played.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews I thought the show was really good. I really enjoyed both the openers also. Overall a really good show. -ali_cat July 30, 2004
the two new songs something coming over and nasim joon were awesome. fire on the mountain was also a nice addition to destination...excellent show! -Dusty1807 August 22, 2004
This was a great venue. The show was held outside on a warm dry night. Although I missed the opening bands, OAR was all that I expected. -michaelmanning December 21, 2004
it was a great show. i think i saw one of the kindest acts of compassion from marc. there was a girl in a wheelchair at the show and he spotted it and they started the intro to a song but he was determined to help her. he had the security gaurds lift her up onto the stage and the guy she was with. the crowd exploded into cheers and i felt so damn good. i was pissed that there was a fight going, and even more pissed that marc had to stop playing and tell too knock the shit off but good for him. certaintly wont be my last show but it was a spectacular one. -rjh0206 December 28, 2004