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Album Stats
Souls Aflame: 25%
The Wanderer: 25%
Unreleased: 17%
All Sides: 8%
In Between Now and Then: 8%
Any Time Now: 8%
Cover Songs: 8%

Show Rarity: 31.37%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Festival Pier At Penn's Landing 08.11.2004 - Philadelphia, PA With: Howie Day / Graham Colton Band
  1. Set 1:
    1. Windy City Man
    2. Risen
    3. Destination
    4. Conquering Fools
    5. I Feel Home &
    6. Something Coming Over
    7. City on Down
    8. Earthward
    9. Black Rock
    10. Hey Girl (Date Intro)
    11. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  2. Encore:
    1. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (So Lonely Outro)
& Marc and Richard.

Steve Beauparlant

Reviews A little disappointed with the song selection and encore. On a positive note, Hey Girl was damn good with the fireworks in the background and the I Feel Home dedication was real nice. -stwright August 12, 2004
1st timer...great show....lil teenys were a bit annoying.....Home and black rock were tops.....gonna see em again -rey1414 August 12, 2004
all i have to say is 'earthward'!!! The fireworks going off during 'hey girl' was great timing! Gettin' a little sick of 'sunday bloody sunday', but great show. 'Windy city man' and 'something coming over' are both really starting to grow on me. It's nice to see Jerry rockin' out on guitar twice in one show! the crowd was awful...worst of all time. -sweartoyoutrue August 12, 2004
Awesome time.... between handy stuff out for the street team and rocking out ... i say it went amazingly well.. Howie day was awesome.. And Graham Colton was really good.. The moment of silenece was nice. And i feel home after the moment of silence was touching. The fireworks during hey girl like the other guys said was awesome.. Something coming over is a great song.. i think i was the only one singing it in the crowd but oh well.. the crowd wasnt too bad towards the front... but isee what you mean about the crowd.. hey what do you expect from philly? Also the set was a little short.. and the encore came rather quickly.. and they didnt play much of an encore..But over all awesome show.. -rolenrock August 12, 2004
It started raining really bad just as we got there we all got soaked but then it calmed down, It seemed like forever until o.a.r came on and once again the crowd was out of control in a bad way a sea of people in my area were just pushing the crap out of each other and people were getting knocked down..Anyway the concert, was great only problem for me was only 12 songs were played, the crowd was really loud and the songs were played very well black rock, hey girl, sbs, and poker were soo good back to back. -glr87 August 12, 2004
what can i say, nuking futs, i got so excited i threw my red hat into the air! yes yes. oar is the best and i loved the silence, some people got really into it... yeah... too bad people didnt stay around for a second encore like last time... i wasnt too excited about gramm and colton but the festival pier, wind, screams and oar are the ingredients for a great kick ass time. -trickthetruth August 12, 2004
definitely unhappy with the encore and the fact that the show was way short. but 'earthward' and 'black rock' were insane and 'something coming over' kicked ass. howie day was freakin amazing as always. -heylove August 12, 2004
Great show besides all the drunk High Schoolers. People in my area were rather boring considering theyt only knew the BN&T cd. Something coming over, earthward, and Windy City Man were awesome. To bad no one in the crowd except for the select few that follow them knew the words. The crowd was shocked when they opened with a song 95% of the people did not know. Otherwise awesome show. Fireworks set the Hey girl off the wall and made that song perfect. I feel Home deication was very respectful and Awesome (USA). -Jeffair728 August 12, 2004
awesome show...not the best yet but i got to talk to jerry and marc before the show and asked them to play conquering fools, so that was pretty awesome. a little short, but its always a good time with O.A.R. -drewosi87 August 12, 2004
Pretty excited about this show. It was the first time I had seen them in a few months. Extremely disappointed with the crowd. I go to all philadelphia area shows and the crowd last night was just disrespectful. Lot of teenie boppers who just talked when they didnt know the words. The band however, put on a great show. Little short but they made up for it with a great set. Conquering fools made my night. Great new stuff. -Mid1617 August 12, 2004
the crowd was so bad. the show was way to short too. and it seems like the words got messed up in poker a little. good show. needed more songs tho. -toomuch13 August 12, 2004
Extremely disappointing show, it was too short. Other than being short the song selection was good. I think Marc said "Dallas Sucks" at one point which rules. -JimmyMac August 12, 2004
Pretty disappointed. Crowd sucked something awful. Very small setlist. Good parts were that the songs they did play were played very well, dedication on I Feel Home was awsome, liked seeing Jerry on guitar. Didn't like Howie, did like Colton. Could have been a better show. -somovedonpharm August 12, 2004
I was a little upset with their song selection & how short the show was compared to others I've been to. I did love "Conquering Fools", "Windy City Man", and "Sunday Bloody Sunday." Graham Colton band was really, really good. The other bad thing was everyone in the back pushing all of us in the front .. it was a great show but could have been a little longer. -MegP August 13, 2004
it was a rockin time i hope i get another chance, my first o.a.r. show. i hate philly for not being quite when marc asked for that moment of silence and the druck 16 year olds body surfing. graham colton band rocked, and howie was good, but i think he was on longer than o.a.r., which is never good. sounds like a broken record, way too short, encore was too short, too many yuppies -bloodysunday August 13, 2004
The fireworks during "Hey Girl" were not part of the O.A.R show!! They were from the Camden River Sharks baseball game, the stadium is right across the river. Although it did add a nice touch... The show was mediocre, not so much O.A.R playing but just the crowd sucked horribly. The worst was the assholes yelling when Marc asked for a moment of silence. A little dissapointed with the encore, I saw them in Connecticut at the Oakdale and the encore was absolutely amazing, but just playing "Poker," was eh... I kinda think the band just got sick of the crowd, I can't blame them. -ryan_matthew_nelling August 16, 2004
just wanted to add my two cents about the show. decent show, but it lacked a little energy i thought at times. also like everyone else said it was too short, but did include good songs. lastly i cant even begin to explain how dissappointed i was with the crowd. they absolutely sucked. my girlfriend and i went expecting to have a great time and, while we really enjoyed the show, the crowd almost ruined it for us. they were the worst crowd ive ever been around at any concert ive seen. -drewfus119 August 22, 2004
Although I am so fortunate to have had amazing seats at both the PNC show in Holmdel, NJ and the Penn's Landing show in Philly I must say that the crowd at both were absolutely horrible. I think I may have been at the two shows with the absolute worst crowds. At PNC me and my friend were surrounded by drunken metrosexual frat boys who, with just our luck, ended up puking 4 seats away from us. Not only that, they didn't have tickets for our row- security was awful. My philosophy? If getting drunk and belligerent takes presidence over the music, keep your bullshit on the lawn. I thought, MAYBE, seeing them in my home city would be better. I should have known better. Me & my friend got there quite early and managed to get an excellent position: front and center. Although it poured down on us as we waited for the show, I enjoyed the crowd around us, they were all big fans and generally psyched to see the show. I even made some new friends! haha! When Graham Colton came on I was VERY impressed, it was the first time I've ever seen them and I definitely enjoyed it. Howie was great, better than in Jersey when he went apeshit on the crowd (I love Howie! I always will!) ... and then O.A.R. came on. Up until then, the crowd was reletively tame. (too busy getting inebriated I guess) As soon as O.A.R. started playing is when the pushing and shoving and crowd surfing all started. It got so pathetic that Marc had to tell the kids to chill out. I felt especially bad for the people around me who, due to all the pushing and shoving, didn't get to fully enjoy the show that they were so eager and excited to see. But the lowest point, when I lost total respect for my city is when, during the moment of silence people were shouting out. Not only was it disrespectful to the band (who by the way is playing for YOU) but to the Country... I've never been so disgusted. But, on a positive note! Though short, the show was great and "Something's Coming Over Me" is an awesome new addition! And while I didn't have the greatest time DURING the show, AFTER was insane! I ended up hanging out and drinking a beer with Howie Day and his band, The Graham Colton Band and Jerry - it was incredible. -Jillian August 24, 2004
Well I thought it was a great show. good times drinking and having fun with my Fraternity brothers was cool as you can see its Not spelled as "Frat" lots of younger kids there not too many college kids at the show I seen you guys numerous of times some parts of the concert could of been better but on the other hand it was a good show O to that girl Jillian its not Frat its fraternity and this band O.A.R is college graduated people from Ohio State and by the way are in Fraternity your not just busting on the typical Fraternity guys your also talking about the band too you go to a concert to have fun not to have a finger stuck up ass.... -mikepennstate September 10, 2004
crowd wasnt good at all. i was very mad at whoever the jerks were that were loud during the moment of silence. setlist wasnt to good and it was very short. i think sunday bloody sunday, city on down and crazy game of poker saved what was left of the night. -Cappa November 16, 2004
i loved this show but thats just because i love oar. yea set list kinda blew but city on down and bloody sunday were insane. PHILLY NEEDS AN AMAZING CONCERT SOON. -colej1390 November 23, 2004
first oar concert, and it was awesome -millsccr December 8, 2005