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Album Stats
The Wanderer: 29%
In Between Now and Then: 21%
Stories Of A Stranger: 14%
Risen: 14%
Souls Aflame: 14%
Cover Songs: 7%

Show Rarity: 35.52%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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University Of Minnesota - Northrop Auditorium 03.26.2005 - Minneapolis, MN With: Ari Hest / Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers
  1. Set 1:
    1. Ladanday
    2. 52-50
    3. About Mr. Brown
    4. Delicate Few
    5. Here's to You
    6. Whose Chariot?
    7. James
    8. Hey Girl (Hush Little Baby Outro)
    9. City on Down (Will You Wait for Me Outro / With or Without You Outro)
    10. Lay Down
    11. Black Rock (Long Day Intro / Blood Outro)
    12. Anyway
    13. The Weight *
  2. Encore:
    1. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
* with Ari Hest on vocals.
* with Stephen Kellogg on vocals.
* with Keith Karlson of Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers on bass.
* with Brian Factor of Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers on vocals.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews This was my 2nd show, and they were incredible. The crowd was so energetic, bringing even more life to the show. Good setlist; Anyway was a surprise to hear. New song Lay Down was a nice treat, as well. Stephan Kellogg and the Sixers were awesome! -tommyboy5 March 27, 2005
This is my 5th oar show and this was def one of the best yet. Awesome set list and the band cover was a good throw in. Crowd was just loving it. Good time had by all. -Fuddglass March 27, 2005
This was an absolutely insane show! My first o.a.r. show, and I'm gonna remember this one. The opening bands were pretty good. Not many bands have a bass player who can move like Steven Kellogg's, and I thought that, along with their piano man cover was pretty cool. Also, Ari Hest's cover of Tom Petty's last dance with mary jane was totally unexpected and really got the crowd goin'. When o.a.r. came on, the place went nuts! Marc really brought the crowd into it like he usually does. He seemed surprised at how much us minnesotans were showin' our love for the band. The crowd was so energetic and I was loving it! Awesome setlist, including amazing versions of black rock and here's to you. The new song they pulled out, lay down, was a nice surprise as well. Sweet sax solos by jerry. They just rocked the whole night long, ending with an awesome crazy game of poker encore. I took a good friend of mine, Mandy, to this show and we had an awesome time! Such an amazing show by an amazing band!! Thanks to o.a.r. for an incredible night...I love these guys!
-Andrew -oarfan34 March 27, 2005
This was the 3rd and final show of my OAR roadtrip... Good to be back in my home state... Once again Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers rocked the house... possibly some of the coolest guys EVER!! Ari Hest even showed some promise... the 2 nights previous, he lacking the in the rocking talent I have come to expect at an OAR show... Tonight he showed some great potential... OAR rocked from my seats in the 2nd row... I saw that our boys were having an awesome time on stage... When Marc stepped back and saw us all singing you could tell that he, along with all the guys looked overwhelmed at how much Minnesota loves OAR!!!! I liked this show best of the three... concert highlight... City on Down into With or Without You was incredible, I totally didn't see that coming... Thanks to OAR for giving me and my buddy's the best spring break EVER!!! -BigMike2k3 March 27, 2005
This was my 2nd OAR show, and it totally blew out the 1st. The crowd was so into then entire show, it was amazing. Marc watched us sing so many times tonight, in what seemed to be amazement at how many people know all the words to the songs. City on Down into With or Without You was awesome. The Black Rock intro and Blood outro were great as well. Just an overall UNBELIEVABLE night!! Thank you O.A.R. -calerustad March 27, 2005
Been a fan for 6 months now, this was my first show. WOW. That was a KICKASS concert. Kellogg and the Sixers rocked the house, especially with Piano Man. They put so much energy into their set, and it showed. Ari...not so much. OAR ripped out a ton of great songs, especially City on Down with the Blood outro, Ladanday with the long intro, and that new song, Lay Down. The fans were so into it, and Marc just seemed stunned at how many people knew all the words to the songs. A great concert, and I really, REALLY hope someone taped it, because that would be the ultimate. Oh, and I forgot About Mr. Brown, that was great too. Just a great night, thanks guys. -rc32189 March 27, 2005
Well what can I add that no one else has? Let's see this was my first O.A.R. show and it was much more than I expected. I really enjoyed how Marc made us feel like we are always listening to them jam. My favorite part of the night was Black Rock, which is my favorite song, that song relates to me and my buddies when we were growing up. Once again I loved the show and I hope to be seeing the band more in the future. -flee_02 March 27, 2005
It was a solid show the highlights for me were 52-50, City on down with or without you outro and The Weight. It's hard to bet the chicago show from the night before but it was nice sitting front row center without being pushed around and always love seeing them in minnie and i love seeing how much OAR has grown here since the first time i saw them at the quest in early 2002. -thebigWU March 28, 2005
6000 screaming fans + O.A.R. = one amazing night!! This was my first show and I can't wait to go to another. I was so happy to hear Hey Girl. The Weight was a great way to close with poker as an encore. I just wish they could have played longer. I can't wait for their new album to come out. -rsanderson03 March 28, 2005
It was also my first show and i loved it. Since i live in South Dakota, OAR never really gets within a good driving distance from home. But i figured a 4 hour drive isnt bad to see my favorite band EVER!!!!I would love to see them again. -OGgolfer45 March 28, 2005
This was my 3rd OAR show and it was great. The crowd was definitely rockin and the setlist wasn't bad. I liked the cover and bringing out the sixers, that was a nice mixup. There were still a couple of songs I really wanted to here, but didn't, but that's okay it was still an unbelievable experience. -TheBody03 March 29, 2005
This was my 7th O.A.R. show, and it is the best one I have seen yet. -tripper76 March 29, 2005
This was a phat show. I had a blast with all my friends. Second time seeing them @ Northrop Auditorium. Got lucky and got to meet them both shows. -bandy March 29, 2005
my first OAR show as well, and it was a stellar time! kellogg was tight, ari hest wasnt too bad, but oar rocked for sure. if anyone has a recording for sale or trade or free or whatever, PLEASE let me know -jjaybird80 March 31, 2005
5th show, defitly alot better than last years at northrop, still waiting for them cram some rarer songs into the setlist in mn, saw laydow for the second time and you can really see the improvment, on a sidenote this was my first oar concert where i was relativly sober and i highly recomend it it was defitly alot more memorable :) edit: i tried to tape the show but i had balcony tickets with 15 of my buds and got to stand right on the edge so i didnt want to stand by the sbd, anywho i tried to get a buddy to hit record but he manged to mess that up so no tape sorry :( -lihpip April 4, 2005
This show was amazing. I just wish someone had a recording of it. -TBanger4 April 28, 2005
Awsome show, great version of black rock, city on down and Crazy Game as encore. -kraigo September 8, 2005
i thought that the show was stellar i mean the weight was my personal highlight are you kidding me jerry on the guitar thats crazy
-nd_case September 16, 2005
This was my favorite show so far, the lights, the openers and the fans all were awesome. It rocked Northrop with the balcony swaying again. The weight was a great song to add in and Lay Down was sweet too. -MNfan November 3, 2005
This was my first O.A.R. show. Without a doubt, however, it was and always will be the best rock show that I will ever see. A group of ten of us took a party bus to the show and then sat in the upper level- 25th row. Opening acts were ok, but hard to see from so far up. Just before O.A.R. came on a security guard came by and we all ended up in the orchestra pit. By far the highlight for me was Marc strumming the guitar once and singing "amazing" and then leaving the song to the crowd for the next 105 seconds. I only wish someone would get back to minnesota and tape another show. -delicatefewinnd November 15, 2005
First Stephen Kellogg and the sixers are the best opening band ever. Ari Hest sucked. This was absolutely my best OAR show. The crowd was amazing, in such a great mood. it was great to know that everybody was there for the music, not cause they were a trend. it's amazing looking back on what has happened in a year, they havn't changed a bit, it's the drunken idiots who go to the shows. they are actually a better band now (instrumentally, vocally, and in everyway) i just wish it was always like this show was crowdwise. -reomamakin May 2, 2006
My first OAR and it rocked the shit. Northrop is the perfect place for them to play. Glad to hear Delicate Few and Mr.Brown. COD was awesome and you cant beat crazy game, they gotta come back here. -minnesota44 August 13, 2006
awesome, awesome, show....does ANYONE KNOW OF A RECORDING!?!?!? -swenbater October 19, 2006