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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 25%
In Between Now and Then: 25%
The Wanderer: 17%
Cover Songs: 17%
Any Time Now: 8%
Risen: 8%

Show Rarity: 31.49%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Henry Maier Festival Park 07.09.2005 - Milwaukee, WI With: Summerfest Festival Lineup
  1. Set 1:
    1. 52-50 $
    2. Black Rock (Long Day Intro / Blood Outro) $
    3. Delicate Few $
    4. Dareh Meyod $
    5. Whose Chariot? $
    6. Destination (Fire on the Mountain Tag) $
    7. Release $
    8. Anyway $
    9. Lay Down #
    10. Wonderful Day #
  2. Encore:
    1. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker $ ->
    2. No Woman No Cry $
$ with Danny Chaimson of The Southland on keys.
# with Jerry Harrison of The Talking Heads on keys.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews Kinda disappointed in how similar the set was to the Bonnaroo CD that I just bought. Also, way too many people there for my liking, but I guess that is to be expected when you can see OAR and any number of other bands for $12. Great version of Poker/No Woman No Cry though. -bjwillauer July 11, 2005
I was there as well. Overall it was a good show but I have to give mad props to Pepper, the band that played before OAR. In my opinion they stole the show. If anyone has Pepper or Oar's performance please post it, Id love to hear it again. But yeh WAAAAAAAY TO CROWDED. -onesweetworld July 11, 2005
Personally, I loved being there with such a huge crowd. Its nice to see OAR gaining popularity. This was my 10th show and probably the worst I've seen. I personally didn't enjoy the setlist that much... there was never much a climax to the show. Still, OAR always puts on a great show and Summerfest is an amazing place to see them play. -Schmeeds July 11, 2005
Overall OK show. Crowd Sucked and i was pissed we missed pepper. I heard they rocked. I would have been totally disapointed inthe show if they didnt add No woman No cry. That was Kick ASS! I like harrison, his solo was amazing. -Saxylove69 July 11, 2005
I thought the show was good. I personally do not like "Release" but the "Whose Chariot?" was good and that was one of the greatest "Wonderful Day" that I have ever heard...just read the review by "dancing_nancies" and have to say I have never seen a O.A.R. fan that disliked so many of their songs or more negative towards them...don't want to hear Delicate Few(And I checked your shows and you haven't heard it every show)? Don't like Destination? And according to him everything was expected or nothing special...and on only "Poker" fans...I understand what you are saying but if you think about it most of O.A.R.'s fans have been drawn into them thanks to Poker...I was talking to Ed Paff (Webmaster of this site I think is his "official" position) and he said this in response to me saying O.A.R. should play a concert without "Poker" and I quote:

"They are constantly gaining new fans and most of them are getting familiar with the band through hearing Poker. Imagine how they would feel if they didn't get to hear this song live at the first show they went to? Would they go to a second show? I could definitely go without hearing it at a show, but if they didn't play it at the first show I went to who knows if I would be where I am now...


So "dancing_nancies" don't be so negative...I hope you are there to see O.A.R. open for DMB in Alpine this year since you seem to be a DMB fan... -cityondown5 July 11, 2005
It wasn't my favorite show but it certainly was fun. The crowd wasn't the best, and I think part of that was due to the bleachers. It was my first trip to Summerfest, and they really annoyed me. I hadn't heard Black Rock in a while so that was nice, Anyway really fun, and Whose Chariot? was awesome. No Woman No Cry was a nice way to end it. I caught a set list after the show and it said they were supposed to play some different songs including The Wanderer, and I kind of wish they could have, but I still had a great time. -kevincent04 July 11, 2005
I got there at 1:00 and waited around until the show started at 10:00, long wait but better opening bands then last year. Last year we had to sit through Boney Fingers, One Drum, and Particle. The Southland rocked and Pepper was a little to harsh for me but they lit the place up. OAR's setlist was a little iffy... hope it is better both nights at Alpine. Amazing Poker...>No Woman No Cry. My girl friend got pictures taken with Jerry who was wandering around all afternoon. It made her day. Overall good until leaving we got into a car accident... :( It really put a damper on the night. Cannot wait until OAR...DMB!!! July 23-24. My two favorite bands!!!! -collinsat12 July 11, 2005
I've seen them 'bout a dozen times now and this was the worst show I've been at. Never got really into the show at all. Every other Summerfest show they've played has been much better. It's still a fun atmosphere and the Fest is fun in and of itself. -Bullhorn14 July 11, 2005
this concert was crazy...once pepper pumped up the crowd it was insane. then o.a.r. came out putting on another excellent show best one i have seen yet and this is now my 6th concert, they get better everytime. yet i was very dissapointed in whose chariot? they finally played it which i was unbelievable but jerry didnt do his signature sax part other then that great concert -oar anyway 34 July 12, 2005
Overall, I was incredibly disappointed by the show. While the performance was good, the setlist was one of the worst I've seen. Not a very big fan of Pepper, but I thought The Southland was really good. As far as the setlist goes, I didn't really like 52-50 as an opener. Don't get me wrong, I love the song, just not as an opener. Black Rock was fun, noting special there. Delicate Few, I'm kinda getting tired of hearing that song every single show. I perfered the City On Down->Delicate Few compromise. Dareh Meyod, nothing special there. Destination, not a big fan of that song. Release was awesome, best part of the show in my opinion. Anyway was also a high point, it's been a while since I've seen that one. Lay Down was expected. I really think they should have played a different song off the new album, maybe one they havn't played yet. I mean come on! It's the start of the tour after you just recorded a cd, you have to play something new. Although it was cool to see Jerry Harrison playing. Also, the keys player from The Southland added a great touch to the entire show. Poker was to be expected. It just really sucks that since 90% of the gigantic crowd was there just to see poker because that was the only song they knew, that they HAVE to play poker at every show! Poker is 15 min, you can put 2 other better songs in it's place.
While the setlist wasn't that great, the performance was still good. The band had the energy, the crowd had the energy, it was pretty cool. Out of the 5 OAR shows I've seen, this was probably the worst. -dancing_nancies July 12, 2005
simply amazing -ump July 13, 2005
Well we got there at 12:30 we got like the 7th row and had to sit through a few bad bands at first but after the first two bands everything was good.Then Pepper came out and that was amazing that was my first time hearing them and i thought it was awsome.But like everyone eles said the crowed did kind of sux everyone was so pushy and just trying to jam in as close as they could get . But the setlist it wasnt the best but oar seemed to have a lot of energy and all or oar songs are pretty good in my view so it was that bad i guess but a little short in my view though. Would of liked to hear a few more songs . Cant wait for the DMB/OAR show at alpine thats going to rock. But i do agree with motorcycle driveby once the music starts thats all that matters everyones there just trying to have a good time and watch the show. -footballteen25 July 16, 2005
I thought it was a wonderful show. I may have had some of the same complaints about the large crowd, the disrespectful people and such, but in complete honesty, none of that really matters once the music starts. For a few brief moments I might be flirting with disappointment, but as soon as the music hits, it's all gone. I cry. The only thing that really matters is that you still get to see the show, you get to watch these incredibly talented people put their hearts into making music for us to hear, and you get to leave knowing a part of you will be wrapped up in time with that music forever. so screw the crowd, screw the jerks, screw all of the other whathaveyou's, any instance in which music is created and people pack in to hear it, is beautiful in ways that are difficult to describe. fabulous show! -motorcycle_driveby July 16, 2005
saw oar 5 or so times and this was the worst, hands down. their concert back in april was UNBELIEVABLE, and then the follow it up with this????? very disappointing -kmoney July 26, 2005
Have been to seven OAR shows and have loved them all, however this was the worst one at Summerfest in the last four years. They sounded great, but song selection didnt work well. Was great having the big crowd there to support. -The Pic August 2, 2005
Shit, maybe because it was my first O.A.R. show, but I thought the show was fucking awesome. Front row for everything. Personally I feel that southland is a band that I wouldn't go see for free, Pepper fucking rocked the house(despite there not being one), then O.A.R. came and the crowd went nuts. My brother told me they rode the air ski lift thingy before O.A.R. and it was packed beyond belief and to me that is awesome. The more the better. It was definetly better than the show at Alpine on the 24th. Didn't play any of my favorite songs but the time will come. Those of you who were disappointed, you make me sick to my stomach. I loved that show and I will love every O.A.R. show that I will go to in the future. If you can't appreciate every concert and every song you don't deserve to be there.
They don't have to play Poker every show. Obviously they play what they want to play. I've heard every person chant the song they want to hear, and then they don't play it. Who gives a fuck. They play poker because they love to play it. They fuckin wrote it, they should love it. You don't know how much I wish this show was taped. -Mr_Patterson August 5, 2005