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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 35%
Souls Aflame: 18%
In Between Now and Then: 12%
The Wanderer: 12%
Rain Or Shine: 6%
Any Time Now: 6%
Risen: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 30.68%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Tweeter Center At The Waterfront 11.26.2005 - Camden, NJ With: Little Brother
  1. Set 1:
    1. Lay Down
    2. Wonderful Day
    3. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) ->
    4. City on Down
    5. Someone in the Road
    6. Love and Memories $
    7. Destination (Fire on the Mountain Tag)
    8. One Shot
    9. So Moved On
    10. Tonight
    11. Black Rock (Blood Outro)
    12. Mr. Moon
    13. Whose Chariot?
    14. Daylight the Dog
    15. Hey Girl (Kaya Tag)
  2. Encore:
    1. Dakota
    2. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (Officer Tag) *
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
$ with the "Tamborine Ninja".
* with Little Brother on vocals.

Andrew Hadley
Live O.A.R.

Reviews amazing as usual.. just got home from the show.. would have liked a little more of the old stuff like delicate few, i feel home, or king of the thing, but not disappointed at all... poker was rediculous like usual.. first time i heard love and memories live and the energy was great ..hey girl, black rock, destination and city on down were great also.. overall, amazing night.. cant wait till MSG in january -spooze November 27, 2005
wow amazing show, my third O.A.R concert and by far the best one yet. lay down & wonderful day were great to start the show off with, then right into city on down with 58th bridge street song intro. amazing. love and memories sounds amazing live. but black rock was probably the highlight of my night. blood outro, are you kidding me, that song was the best. whose chariot and mr.moon were good surprises and hey girl to close the set was insane. poker to close was great as it always is. cant wait to see them again :]

alright im starting to get really annoyed from all these comments about the 14 year old fans that only come for love and memories and that O.A.R is trying just to get on MTV. for one, you should be proud of all the success O.A.R is achieving they deserve it. them going on TRL finally puts some good music on there. i admitt it was annoying knowing there were two girls sitting behind me that were sitting for most of the show, but what are you going to do about it? go to the shows to enjoy the music, dont critize O.A.R for the fame their starting to get. O.A.R's still going to be the same, no matter how much fame they gain. rock on O.A.R -wanderer104 November 27, 2005
By far the greatest show the boys coulda pulled off hands down. great show, great crowd..i had an amazing time. this was my second show, and as usual it was off the hook. a few rows in front of me there was this crazy rasta guy havin a fucken great time dancin to the beats..he was hilarious. the one thing i didnt like was that there was this chick that was pukin all night...what is that? Marc was havin a great time. he was really apreciative to us in the crowd. they played poker for about 30 minutes, it was intense!! He went into a Stoopid song, "Officer." "Tonight" was great, it was probly the only song i didnt know the words to. Cant wait till the Garden. they told me they were doin something big for NY b/c they didnt play hammerstein b/c of G. Love, but i never thought that they would get MSG. good for them!

Some songs i would've hoped they plaed were: Fool in the Rain, Release, Hold On True, Program Director, Heard The World, Missing Pieces, anything from "The Wanderer" or "In Between Now And Then"

I was dissapointed to see that the guys next to me were just bobing their heads all night, while i was singin my ass off. I knew every single song except for "Tonight," but the break was nice ha. There was a guy about 3 rows in front of me with a beer just bouncen around his row havin a great time...Kudos. I have to say, although O.A.R.'s music has changed drastically since "IBNAT" i'm not going to give up my faith in the boys. I think some songs, like The Stranger or L&M, need to be re-done to show the real roots of the band, like in 52-50 or Lay Down. I was happy to not hear the organs goin off at the concert, but dissapointed that i could barley hear Jerry's solo for Wonderful Day or just in general. I was happy that they played City On Down...that song is really special to me, and it was a pleasure hearing it live, and not having it be on a CD.

It's December 15 and I'm reading about some of the little MTV chicks. That sucks guys!! Fortunately for me, I wasnt around any of them. But for the people who are bashing HS students...stop. I would do anything to see these guys, and like I said, i knew every word to every song except for Tonight because I hadn't heard it before that night.

On a lighter note, I've been listening to the bootleg of it, and I'm starting to think that at times Marc was a bit wasted...maybe it's just me. I've been contemplating it for a bit, because when he talked he sounded drunk, but he played amazing, and his freestyles for everything were off the hook. Maybe it's just me...who knows!?

-Dave -deisner November 27, 2005
Amazing show, boys were on fire all night long. Best Black Rock and Hey Girl I have heard! -tindawg31 November 27, 2005
Second OAR show and unbelievable as usual, started off great but got a little slow in the middle would have liked to hear heard the world, heres to you, i feel home, delicate few, but they finished the show strong with hey girl and an awsome performance of crazy game of poker with Little Brother. Great Show, look foward to seeing them at MSG. -DMBOAR24 November 27, 2005
this show was sick. security guards up front were being d-bags tho. all in all one of the best ive been to. I would have liked program director to be played, along with the no woman no cry tag to poker, but no complaints at all. -JoeFlo November 27, 2005
Oh wow this was my first concert. Awesome intro a little slow between tonight and so moved on i wish they would have played I feel home in there would have been great. Crazy game of poker was awesome with little brother and the Slighty Stoopid part. I had to buy the cd -corkyj510 November 27, 2005
Of the three OAR concerts I've been to, this was either #1 or #2 (Wallingford, CT - 7/29/05).

Really, the only thing against this concert was the crowd turnout. Let's face it, 65% of the crowd would've never been there had it not been for MTV and "Love and Memories". How dare you sit down when they play Whose Chariot? Fourth grade girls, please leave our band alone.

Although the exclusivity was kind of nice. I enjoyed hearing the intro to Hey Girl and being the only one in my immediate section to know what was coming.

Love and Memories actually somewhat grew on me at the concert, it's now about 65% bearable.

They brought the place down with City On Down, I loved it. Obviously, everyone was into Hey Girl, City on Down, and Black Rock. Good times, good times.

Would've been nice to hear Delicate Few and/or I Feel Home. And I'm still waiting to hear Toy Store live.

Closer was just like Hammerstein a few years back. Toying with the crowd about some new song, playing a few chords, and Breaking into "20 thrown down in my fist of rage..." Beautiful.

Another amazing OAR concert with the girlfriend, all in all.

Overall, 8.5/10. -Glyko November 27, 2005
I completely agree about the crowd response for some of the songs. I also agree about Little Brother. The only thing good that came out of listening to them is that now we know, if OAR has them open again, we can stay out in the parking lot tailgaiting for an hour longer. They didn't deserve the crowd they had. OAR competely deserved the crowd they had, regardless if those ignoramuses were only there for Love and Memories. -udmapguy November 28, 2005
Amazing as usual, this was my 8th OAR show and of course an amazing time. like others i would have liked to hear some more old stuff, especially 'i feel home' that wouldve been great. but still it was a great show. wasted a good half hour of my life listening to little brother, and im really hating all the kids who probably listened to love and memories about 1000 times and no other damn song, dont they have homework to do and curfews? had to get it out, sorry, that aside, OAR kicked ass as usual amazing show and energy. see ya at MSG -icezero09 November 28, 2005
my 5th O.A.R. show, a pretty amazing show, (not unlike the rest) i wish we had "I Feel Home" or "king of the thing" or something, it bothered me to see all the little MTV girls (like the 2 infront of me with their mother who was attached to her palm pilot the whole night) but what are ya gonna do? and then there's little brother... who were so painful to watch i had to go out to the lobby... and then ya had to go and bring them back out at the end... still a great show, lots of energy and "tonight" was amazing, so glad i got to hear it. keep on rockin' and dont ever tour with little brother again! -MrBrown21 November 28, 2005
best black rock i've ever heard, marc's freestyle was insane -EKoplow November 28, 2005
whose chariot = amazing.
set list = amazing.
so many kids who most likly dont even know what OAR stands for = not so amazing.

it was very frustrating to see majoritty of the people around me not knowing any of the older songs. it was even more frustrating to see so many kids with really good seats sitting down and not singing along.

id say this concert set list was tied with the wallingford concert (7/29/05) energy on the stage was high, although the crowd energy was kinda low. who was the guy in the green and black who came out and played tamborine? i woulda liked to see some more old songs, but maybe at MSG (1/14/06???) delicate few would've been nice to hear. but hearing love and memories live helped me grow to like it a little more, although im not a big fan of the sound of their newest CD.

after the band had said they were going to be playing their newest number one hit as their encore.. i was extremly dissapointed and the first thing that came into my head was that they have been mtv-anized and gone mainstream (my worst fear ever) .. but when the chords of poker started to play the place went crazy and everyone knew they hadnt lost it yet.

i bought the two live CDS, def. worth the money. overall, an amazing night to remember. as always, still in love with the band and their shows. they never seem to dissapoint.

cant wait for round 5 (1/14/06)
-evatringali November 28, 2005
black rock was the best live song i have ever heard performed. good stuff. msg '06. -rourkeman4 November 28, 2005
I just hate the complaints that people have about not playing the more rare/old songs that OAR has. This tour is promoting the new cd, which is pretty amazing, so they have to cut their losses and promote this cd. The concert was awesome, black rock blew me away, as did the version of dakota, which is an awesome song. Overall, your going to have the 14 year old mtv lovers there, but deal with it, enjoy the music..god bless -bigkev8621 November 28, 2005
i have to say this show was good but not great this is my 8th o.a.r show. I have been following these guys since there breaking grounds at Ohio State University. It frustrates me that little kids who are not even in college are going just because they heard crazy game or hey girl or love memories. Could of been more beer for the older people there that are in college or something i like the smaller venues its getting way to expensive loved it back in the day when they used to play at smaller venues. anyway if i start seeing these guys going on high school tour i will be pisssed at least i have some college places to see these guys at. never again at a big venue. -mikewideneruniversity November 29, 2005
THIS SHOW SUCKED -bball3692 November 29, 2005
This was my 8th O.A.R. show and 4th this year... and I have to say I'm not happy with where they are going. They need to lay off the radio and MTV and send all those little boy band bitches somewhere else where they're welcome, because they are not welcome in a concert with true fans. They know the words to Love and Memories and sit down during Black Rock or Tonight? New's flash, Love and Memories is among the worst songs on Stories of a Stranger. It's outta control and I think it has a lot to do with the band trying so hard to become main stream and go on MTV. Don't get me wrong, amazing show because O.A.R. always brings the energy but I just wish they were still playing the Electric Factory and Tower with the REAL FANS. Real fans, you know what I'm talking about. -dmbguy1113 November 29, 2005
Show was alright not one of the best ive seen, i saw them a couple days before at the kirby center and thats show was about 100 times better about 98% of the people there were oar fans makes such a difference, the people at this show sucked wernt into the show at all, over all any oar show is worth it but i def think oar should keep to the small venues that sell out so non oar fans cant get tickets the day of the show, good time debating going to msg not sure yet but still oar is getten it done oh and by the way that fan that thought black rock was amazing you have to download the (Long Day Intro / What I Am Tag / Blood Outro) ive heard that twice might be one of the best that oar does!! later -Nauticaj4 November 30, 2005
Anyone catch the tease of Hey Girl earlier on in the show? But that brings up the point everyone has addressed. No one around me did! The band had the most energy I've ever seen but the crowd was too busy worrying about their high school yearbooks.

Great to hear an extended City on Down, and a fantastic rendition of Black Rock. In all honesty though, the new album is great, the fans it has brought with it, however, are not. -TrailTranced November 30, 2005
This was my 3rd OAR concert this year and by far the worst crowd to date. What the hell were they thinking letting Little Brother open for them. When I walked into the venue I had to double check my ticket to make sure I was at the right concert. -willieduit December 1, 2005
This show was my fist o.a.r show and I thought it was incredible. They played a decent amount of songs mixing the old and the new. As most other people complain about is the teenage sluts who are there because of mtv. We had them all around us and all they were doing was grinding eachother and sitting down through 85 % of the show. They should put an age limit on the shows. (not to mention the girl who threw up in the seat behind me) But besides all that they rocked hard!
Best Song- Black Rock
They put poker to shame... -bipseus December 3, 2005
what a good concert. 6th row pit was pretty amazing, yet there was a lot of people down there that didnt even know the words, or stupid girls that grinded in the aisle with eachother. All of you put down on the teenagers at the concert, but me and some of my friends(17 and 18) are diehard fans way before this mtv bullshit. So there is some hope out there. The 15 year old girls are very annoying though -JWZ113 December 3, 2005
well this show was pretty sweet. great set! o.a.r. was amazing as always. cant wait till madison square garden. -bjb33nyy December 6, 2005
this show was awesome as expected. set was good and the crowd was crazy. high light was black rock and so moved on. Awesome show, i was front row so it was even more sweet. -venaf1209 December 6, 2005
best oar concert ive ever been too, they went nuts, the new songs were pretty incredible too. also best cover ive ever heard by oar feeling groovy wow. -millsccr December 8, 2005
This show was the best OAR show i have ever been to. It was amazing. The band members were really interacting with the crowd and the crowd was amazing. The setlist was great to. The only thing i didn't like was little brother. -Special156k April 5, 2006
BEST OAR CONCERT I HAVE BEEN too...i was in the pit and the energy was amazing -dmhock34 August 11, 2006
I attended the show and definitely recall how many people were not standing during older songs. It was also a problem when they mixed in Feeling Groovy, as most of the fans don't even know who Simon and Garfunkel are. I would disagree with many of the comments about using Little Brother as an opening act. I think it is cool to have different types of music as an opening and little brother was not a horrible opening act. And they actually brought a ton of energy to Crazy Game of Poker that night. -puddah July 26, 2010