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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 43%
Souls Aflame: 19%
The Wanderer: 19%
In Between Now and Then: 10%
Risen: 5%
Cover Songs: 5%

Show Rarity: 32.9%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Madison Square Garden 01.14.2006 - New York, NY With: Matisyahu
  1. Set 1:
    1. 52-50
    2. Right on Time
    3. Love and Memories *
    4. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) ->
    5. City on Down
    6. The Wanderer
    7. Black Rock (Long Day Intro / Blood Outro)
    8. Revisited
    9. Lay Down
    10. One Shot
    11. Hey Girl (Date Intro / Kaya Tag)
    12. Heard the World
    13. Dakota
    14. Wonderful Day
    15. Daylight the Dog $
    16. Delicate Few
    17. Missing Pieces
  2. Encore:
    1. I Feel Home &
    2. About Mr. Brown
    3. Program Director #
    4. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
& Marc and Richard.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with the "Tamborine Ninja".
$ with Colin Smith of mrnorth on vocals.
# with Matisyahu on vocals.

Mike Sarnovsky
Jason Reiser and Ed Paff
Ed Paff
Jason Reiser
Jason Reiser, Ed Paff, and Dylan Hand

Downloads Dakota 6.1 MB

Reviews This was a great concert!! Program Director with Matisyahu was one of the greatest things I ever heard from O.A.R with another artist! -adn924 January 15, 2006
Best concert i've seen yet....well worth the 6 hour drive from Ohio -Swog January 15, 2006
The band had such a great time and every fan in the Garden was into every song. -truth2034 January 15, 2006
unbelievable show.. the setlist was far beyond my expectations and a 4 song encore was rediculous.. great to hear songs like wanderer delicate few and missing pieces, and poker was insane as usual.. 21 song setlist was great and they better be around msg again soon -spooze January 15, 2006
This was my third OAR show and it was by far the best yet...The setlist was unreal and the energy from the crowd was unbelievable--hopefully they'll be back at MSG soon -DMBOAR24 January 15, 2006
They were "Right On Time". Unreal. Words cant describe it and the best part was THEY loved it! -tindawg31 January 15, 2006
amazing. congratulations, guys, you've made it.
~your fellow fallsmeadian and loyal fan -dancinfool790 January 15, 2006
Awesome!! My first Oar concert and it will be a hard one to top.. crowd was energetic.. Setlist was awesome and they even broke out classics like the wanderer missing pieces and revisited! hope they come back to NYC soon -patchbski January 15, 2006 OAR show outta my 3 so far, my highlights were 52-50, Wonderful day and City on Down (especially with the long pause). It was my first time seeing the Tamborine Ninja and he was awesome. Good to hear Missing Pieces. -farrelly35 January 15, 2006
this Show was pure amazing. the energy in the garden was unbelieveable. every person was into it. cant wait for them to go back, next time they`ll sell out two nights. -sk8rckr January 15, 2006
This concert was the best concert i have ever went to period! They played so many great songs and to see the boys just having a good time with the sold out crowd at MSG , was insane! It should be a tradition for O.A.R. to play MSG every year and I know everyone there last night wil be there agian next year. To be a part of the electric crowd at MSG last night was incrediable. The boys are big time now and it is so well deserved. AMAZING SHOW!!!! -raw45 January 15, 2006
amazing show... amazing crowd... city on down was fuckin awesome, as was the whole show... the energy was unreal... def b goin back to see them play there again... marc killed -CityOnDown420 January 15, 2006
SICK -nof30 January 15, 2006
So unbelievably fantastic. Nice to see Michael Paris join again, the guys great. My second OAR show, and at a much larger venue than my previous one but well exceeding my expectations. The boys still have it, despite the critics. Ridiculous classics busted out-Right On Time, The Wanderer, etc. So much energy throughout the Garden and when all the lights went on to show the crowd, the mass of people was INCREDIBLE.

Such a terrific show, hope the bands back to the area soon! -poker35 January 15, 2006
What an amazing show. The crowd was incredible in size and enthusiasm. The band may not have played every song I would have liked to hear but it was still great, the bands energy was off the hook. Matisyahu was incredible too, first time I've seen him. Hope they come back to MSG next year. -shoedogg January 15, 2006
unbelievable...if you were there you know what im talking about...ive been following OAR for 5+ years now and its been amazing to see them go from a college party band to selling out MSG...congrats have arrived -edge018 January 15, 2006
This show was the most insane O.A.R. concert i have ever been to. Its amazing to realize that around this time last year they were playing at Villanova's fieldhouse with a small crowd, and last night they had almost every seat filled in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. This was my 6th O.A.R. concert, and definitely the best. Highlights from the setlist included Black Rock, Right on Time, The Wanderer, Wonderful Day, Delicate Few, missing pieces, Program Director w/ matisyahu, who was also amazing, Poker was awesome, About Mr. Brown was simply sick. (hint, the entire show was fucking sick as shit) As my friend Sir Micali of Anus said this show was 99% Amazing, what would have made it 100% would have been the No Woman, No Cry Outro to Poker. Brendan is a flaming homosexual who gave bjs to get to the front row. -JoeFlo January 15, 2006
fcuking sick braaaaaaaa -brosef January 15, 2006
this show was AMAZING! the entire set was unreal. words can't really describe how good this show was! this needs to happen again! and matisyahu is incredible....teaming up with him was AWESOME! -Slim Bull January 15, 2006
Best performance ever... hands down. You guys rock! The trip from MD was worth every penny. Can't wait to do it again next time you play at the Garden! -Raziel66 January 15, 2006
sick concert and setlist hope they come back soon, hopefully sometime before summer, and Matisyahu is my boy -nysports582 January 15, 2006
This was possibly one of the greatest nights of my life...The guys played their hearts out...and i think everyone appreciated it. The crowd was great and i cannot wait until they come back to MSG...Matisyahu was also sick...When he came back for Program Director, it was amazing....This was a night to remember...and the best show i've ever been too -jrfsports January 15, 2006
Absolutely amazing show, the one of the best Ive ever seen and quite possibly the best setlist i've ever heard -OfaRevolution61 January 15, 2006
as a loyal O.A.R. fan for over 4 years i have to say this was one of the best things i have ever been a part of! i would see them any other time they play at the Garden. in all, simply amazing!

and my friends and i LOVE the tambourine ninja!!! -msmchick January 15, 2006
Energy, Passion, Excitement, Emotion and some great fucking music made this show something I will never forget. I am still in awe of what I was so blessed to see last night. I dont know who was more excited the crowd or the band. matisyahu was retarded and this night MUST be documented via CD or DVD for certain. IM trucking up to rochester febuary 4th and cant wait biotch -cah44 January 15, 2006
Wow...just, wow. I cant even begin to describe how amazing the show was. It was well worth the 6 hour drive from New Hampshire, and would do it again tommarrow for what that show was. I have been a fan of O.A.R. for over 5 years, and i have to say it was a complete and total honor to witness and be apart of that. Not for the fans, not for my own personal night, but for the band. Those guys deserve every bit of credit for putting on one of the best shows MSG has seen, and proving everyone wrong that a band can emerge without the help of mass media. This is a huge step for them and for music. To be able to sit in the 13th row and see all 6 of them (including micheal paris) smiling and having the time of their lives was something that i would wish each and every O.A.R. fan to see, truly amazing and a blessing to see.

Program director with Matisyahu was the greatest song i have ever heard from you guys, the energy was incredible. Amazing night.

Boys, you made it, and for some reason, congratulations just doesnt seem to cut it.

PS: It was crazy to see Chris and Rich walk by me in the Hotel Lobby while i was checking in. I'd of said hi but i figured you get that enough, was still cool though. -ebisson January 15, 2006
Everyone pretty much said it all. I saw Robert Randolph there and talked to him for a while. He was cool but i was hoping he would play a song with them. There's always next year!!

"to the people who said this would never happen...F*** them!"
- Marc Roberge -deisner January 15, 2006
The most fuckin insane setlist you guys have ever played... When you brought MATISYAHU out for Program Director was UNREAL... Opening wit 52-50 was ridiculous because it got everyone into the show right off the start... Matisyahu was a great opening band... I was almost about go crazy if u didnt play That Was Crazy Game OF Poker but ending with it couldn't have been better... Me and all my friends that were there all thing that you should make this concert into a cd/dvd combo like u did with 34th and 8th.... Cant wait til u come back in april, so im just gonna leave wit...YOU GUYS ARE THE ILLEST FUCKIN BAND EVER!!!!!

"to the people who said this would never happen...Fu ck that!"
- Marc Roberge -subs2422 January 15, 2006
Fuckin incredible show. Really cant put it into words. Thats all i have to say. INCREDIBLE -BBallKingM11 January 15, 2006
yea thats fucken right brosef it was fuckin sick i was ont he floor liek 5th row i def made eye ocntact with mark that show was amazing except daylight the dog that song idk it sjsut not them the wanderer was a scik surprze too

stay away from the radio u dont need it -frankoar January 15, 2006
AMAZING. Fourth O.A.R. concert i've been to, this was absolutely the best. They just kept wanting to play for us and their energy was ridiculous. City on Down was unreal, as was Program Director. And what would a concert be without a Crazy Game of Poker finale. Seriously the best i've ever seen. -JetSmurf87 January 15, 2006
WOW took the the trip to NYC from MN and im so glad i did had a blast the whole weekend. first time in NYC and will go back again, what a great city, and what a great time. This band has come so far since i first saw them in a little club i'm glad to be apart of this. -thebigWU January 15, 2006
This show was absolutely insane. This is my second O.A.R. concert and it blew the other one away. Great mix of new and old stuff. Right On Time was amazing and the four song encore was ridiculous. Props to Matisyahu, the guy really made Program Director incredible. Proud to be a part of that, that was a big moment for the band. Can't wait to see them again. -toziongoesi88 January 15, 2006
show sucked, morons... look at yourselves, getting all emotionally involved in a band making songs up for entertainment and money... and you guys act like they're more than people. Get over it

Here's an idea, try and be a little original in posting... Try not starting out with "amazing show" or "show was insane" or "Unbelievable concert, bestest most awesomest things ever" losers -You guys are gay January 15, 2006
^^^ wow ur really sweet... i hope that made u feel good about urself.

well anyways... as the lucky friend of the lucky winner of the wireless front row seat giveaway... id hafta say that this OAR concert made my fucking life. without a doubt, it was the best night ever. and when we were inches away from the sax solo during missing pieces, i had my first glimpse of heaven. it was amazing looking behind me and seeing 25,000 crazy OAR fans goin nuts. it was also amazing looking at where my original seats were, and laughing at how jealous everyone was (especially joe fluehr... blub blub blub). needless to say... BEST NIGHT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE BY FAR!!!!! cant wait til next time!
~brendan -bjb33nyy January 15, 2006
i cannot describe the feeling i got from the group. they put on an awesome performance and have to come back and repeat! i could have never imagined the setlist and loved matisyahu performing with them! you would be crazy to not make an album out of this performance!!! -heardtheworld114 January 16, 2006
This show was by far the best show i ever went to. They just keep getting better and better.....and when matisyahu came on stage during thr "rap" of program was fucking insane! -scottdmboar January 16, 2006
biggest venue yet. hopefully they made a solid recording for CD and even better maybe they recorded it for DVD. way to be boys -jlorday06 January 16, 2006
what a show...although there are many missing pieces still coming back to on down was out of control, matisyahu with the band made my night..OAR have definitely hit the big time, and it is definitly well deserved, lets just hope it doesnt get too crazy! flew for my first time ever, from buffalo for this show, and would do it again in a heartbeat! AWESOME SHOW!! -cjconway January 16, 2006
My second concert, great energy and setlist. What an amazing feeling it must have been for them. Without a doubt an excellent show! -oneshot23 January 16, 2006
Most amazing concert I've ever seen. One of the best nights of my life. I have never had more fun at a concert. Program Director was my favorite of the night! I'm just very sad that it's all over and that the night had to come to an end. I wish it could go on for days. -WHMATT3 January 16, 2006
wow wow wow wow wow wow wow..... so much energy and so loud, matisyahu was a perfect opening act and when he came out for program director it was the greatest, the wanderer rocked, basically everything was amazing -OldManTime55 January 16, 2006
Because of circumstances I didn't make it to the show until 9:45. Luckily the band played a 2 1/2 hour set, only Springsteen's went longer at the many concerts I've attended. It was an amazing show; the band was genuinely overwhelmed to be at MSG and yes, the fans responded. The connection was very apparent. It is so nice to see a band on the rise appreciate these things instead of just strumming through songs. Encore was incredible, and since I didn't see Matisyahu earlier it was a great surprise. The jam with him on Program Director was easily one of the best performances I've witnessed. O.A.R. has proven themselves to be one of the premier live acts in rock today. -jammer77 January 16, 2006
by far their biggest venue but they totally rocked it and i hope they play there again...what up to section 103 -markis64 January 16, 2006
Very simple:

Best fucking show ever. -Thinkdiff January 16, 2006
If i could be as happy as the band looked that night in my life.. i will have lived a great life. they were so into it. This was my 6th show and by far the best the energy was amanzing eveyrone was singing along having a good time the place was packed. congrats to the band.. -dannyyellin January 16, 2006
I think someone should get fired for handing the band the wrong setlist for the show... don't let energy fool you... this was a chance to show the world what OAR was all about. this show along with alot of shows this year was like a cry for airtime on trl. It seems as if oar re-learns maybe 3 or 4 old songs for the tour and throws them into a repeating setlist of songs we've heard for years. You have to change it up guys.... I guess the talented jam band touring style just got too much to handle night after night.
"and we have one more song for you guys, any guesses? of course its poker......" this used to be a song where the entire band would have a chance to say goodbye, but after 661 times played, its more of marc trying to sound like a wise old man. If I wanted to here advice about my soul and love, I'll go listen to every other live OAR song that used to have amazing jams that are now toned down so we all can chill out and have story time and learn the secrets to life, love, and happiness. The music used to bring that by itself. remember the day the music died? They lied, it wasn't in a plane, it was in the Garden...

P.S. U2 is looking for one of there lost tapes of sh*t music. I think it was labled Love and Memories... -shortstove January 16, 2006
Not only was the crowd absolutly RIDICULOUS but the energy presented on stage by OAR wsa overwhelming. If i felt so strongly and psyched that OAR has finally made it to the garden, imagine how the band felt?? That concert was like renewing our wedding vows.. simply amazing.

Gate 61 section 47 was not that bad at all. Anyone out there have seats near us??

We took a 153 train home and a tree fell on the railroad tracks, resulting in us sitting in pleasantville until 5am then taking a school bus (with no heat) filled with drunk people all the way to the local trainstation. A 2 hour drive home in horrible snow and ice made for a 830AM arrival time.. quite honestly, id do it all again for that concert, even if i had to WALK from where the tree fell.

Kinda worried about going seeing them again (for a 7th time) because i know no show will ever live up to that.

thank you for the most amazing night of my life SMG!! -evatringali January 16, 2006
WOW! my first O.A.R. concert ever and this will be a hard one to beat. i went with a few guys and some girls we met on the train and we all just had an amazing time.program directo with matisyahu was insane as was the rest of the concert. big ups to matisyahu. and who ever said they couldnt rock the garden? fuck u. -mr.brown January 16, 2006
I came from Arkansas to see this show. My mind was blown when I read "SOLD OUT" on the marquee, but to actually see the size of the MSG and then filled with that many people. Congradulations boys! I hope this becomes a CD because every song sounded amazing and 21 songs! What a treat!! -happyphantom2121 January 16, 2006
Absolutely amazing. 1st row, closest to O.A.R. I've ever been even in venues with 100 people.

One of the best shows I've seen out of any band. -BltByKrmn January 16, 2006
Welp i was fuckin hammered...the show was so sick...Oar killed.....the kid that got splashed by beer by beaters is a fat was a mad good time NYC is mad sick...maybe come back in April -420_OAR_420 January 16, 2006
this was my fourth show best show by far matisyahu was sick, they should have played no woman no cry, but the best oar concert ive ever been to. the program director was amazing but i think you guys should stay off the radio its better that way. -jgsurf January 16, 2006
great show, could not have asked for a better opening band matisyahu was amazing... 6th time seeing oar and they never cease to amaze me. about mr brown sounded amazing and the wanderer, revisited, and right on time were not at all expected but nonetheless great to hear. love the kaya tag on hey girl and the marc and richard i feel home is always a sweet addition to a setlist. daylight the dog isnt my favorite song, but it was cool seeing collin smith come out; that guy has great vocals. lovin the 59th street bridge song -> cod, def. the highlight of my night. matisyahu was a great addition to program director, i now have a new appreciation for the song and props to kyle for callin it. all in all great show, reat energy, although i was kind of hoping for some big cover or special guest appearance for such a venue as msg (like when matt nathanson came out durin cod for a with or without you outro at nokia theatre, that was sick.) but it was still a great show and i definately reccomend all to dl. -lazytj20 January 16, 2006
SICK AWESOME SHOW....BADASS TO SEE OAR (this same band that played at my college 2 years back) AWESOME AWESOME!!! i had a blast!!! awesome setlist too!!! -dmbgreystreet05 January 16, 2006
This concert was the best concert i have ever been to. The atmosphere was just insane and matisyahu was crazyy. You guys were so amazing and i truly hope that you guys make a double disk and a dvd of this concert just because of all the people and how you guys played your hearts out. Thank you guys for giving me and my friends such an ill showw. Overall i had the time of my life... -fishoarboy1369 January 16, 2006
This show was soooo amazing, i fricken love oar, this was my 7th show and they keep getting better and better, never a let down. thanks oar, and joe fleuhr, venafra, conway and the rest of the people that ventured from philly with me, it was a great time. thanks fellas! -millsccr January 16, 2006
That was a "crazy game of poker". WOW. I can not even describe what it was like to witness O.A.R playing at MSG. I heard my first O.A.R song about three years ago and ever since then i have been a hard core fan. This was my third time seeing these guys live and it was AMAZING. The energy in the garden was incredible and compares to none other that i have ever experienced. The expressions on Marcs face were PRICELESS. I had great floor seats but i dont think there was one bad seat in the house. Looking around MSG and seeing all these people singing O.A.R's music was incredible. And as others have already quoted marc "to the people who said this would never happen...F*** them!" Also....great review from the ny times....congrats.... GUYS....keep up the great work...your music is incredible and you guys are truly amazing...cant wait yo see you again...and keep that "crazy game of poker" goin!


January 16, 2006
Rock Review | O.A.R.
A Scrappy Jam Band, but Hold the Jam
It's hard to imagine a more mainstream rock band than O.A.R., the hugely popular group that came to New York on Saturday night. O.A.R.'s music is a genial blend of straightforward rock and light reggae (or, mathematically: Matchbox Twenty plus Maroon 5 plus UB40). The members exude professionalism, running the band like a small corporation. And Saturday's concert was proof that this approach has worked: O.A.R. sold out Madison Square Garden.

But in the topsy-turvy world of major-label rock 'n' roll, O.A.R. looks less like a mainstream act and more like a bunch of scrappy outsiders. The band rose to prominence by following the example of the Grateful Dead, Phish and the Dave Matthews Band, cultivating a rabid audience by playing concerts nonstop and by encouraging fans to share recordings. Rock radio stations have been slow to embrace the group. And while O.A.R.'s recent album, "Stories of a Stranger" (Lava/Atlantic), is its most high-profile release so far, the band is still largely unknown beyond its supersize cult of fans.

Of course, Atlantic is trying to change that, trying to integrate this below-the-radar group into the rock 'n' roll mainstream. Should the executives fail, it will be an embarrassment - for Atlantic, not for O.A.R. If major labels can't figure out a way to sell lots of CD's by a band that fills Madison Square Garden, then what on earth can they do?

Saturday's show was more proof that O.A.R. is doing something right. The members spent two and a half hours entertaining a high-spirited (should that hyphen be a comma?) crowd of collegiate and pre-collegiate revelers. High-fives, saxophone solos, short-sleeved shirts worn over long-sleeved ones: in this world, none of that stuff ever goes out of style. Although bands like Phish had a reputation for attracting freaky latter-day hippies, the members of O.A.R. realized early on that lots of the people at those jam-band concerts were neither freaky nor hippies.

So here's the clever part: O.A.R. is a jam band that doesn't really jam. The songs are relatively short, with digressions kept to a minimum. And although the name stands for Of a Revolution and the lyrics sometimes hint at peace-and-love idealism, there's nothing countercultural about this music. One of the band's best-loved songs is called "That Was a Crazy Game of Poker," and while some fans might hear it as an ode to perseverance ("I'll never fold"), others surely hear it as an ode to crazy poker games.

That song came at the end of Saturday night's concert, which was obviously a milestone for the band, as Marc Roberge, the lead singer, kept reminding the audience. "A lot of people said that a band like this couldn't put people in this room and have everyone feeling good," he said, though it wasn't clear what he meant by "a band like this." (O.A.R. is often compared to the much jammier Dave Matthews Band, which played the Garden about a month ago.) Still, you could tell that Mr. Roberge felt proud to be leading a packed arena in the chant from "Poker": "I say Of/You say A/I say Revolution/And you say Jah."

Alert readers may have noticed something about that chant: it's dreadful. Why drag Jah into this? Indeed, O.A.R. is at its worst when the band's music is at its reggae-est. Saturday's set also included "Program Director," perhaps the worst song from "Stories of a Stranger," though there's plenty of competition. Mr. Roberge sang, "This one time I flip, call the radio/Man play the record that I been loving so." (Later in the song, he made way for a guest verse from the wildly overpraised Hasidic reggae singer Matisyahu.) Perhaps your favorite band is afraid to make a thinly disguised complaint about unsupportive radio D.J.'s while simultaneously adopting a faux-Caribbean accent. This one isn't.

The music sounds better when the musicians stay on the mainland. The first single from "Stories of a Stranger" was "Love and Memories," written by Mr. Roberge and the professional hitmaker Glen Ballard. The song has a big guitar riff so addictive that you barely notice when Mr. Roberge sings the line "Love me faster than the Devil." (Apparently Satan isn't into foreplay.) And Saturday's concert also included a singalong version of "Heard the World," a huge and infectious song during which the saxophonist, Jerry DePizzo, used an accessory more rock saxophonists should have: a guitar. -OARFifty2Fifty January 16, 2006
2woprds can only discribe this show fucking nasty -chetrow1405 January 16, 2006
This show was hands down amazing. THE BEST. NO COMPARISON! Michael Paris on keys, Matisyahu on program director! ....amazing. -Dakota19 January 16, 2006
Thank god to all those who knew OAR two three years ago, when their simple music and kickass lyrics rocked a place of devoted fans. The New CD blows, way to change guys, the music is good but marc where the lyrics? awesome show at MSG way to make it to the big-time, but you guys are going the way of Blink182... -redsands121 January 17, 2006
congrats guys on all of this success. every one of you deserves it. sold out at msg? fucking incredible. your the definition of a true-hard-working band. cant wait to see you guys again. -wanderer104 January 17, 2006
This show was UNBELIEVABLE!! Once again you guys amazed me. I saw you guys last July and last October and this show topped them both. Starting off with 52-50 really got everyone pumped. It was also nice to hear Right on time. City On Down was amazing, and The Wanderer and Revisited were nice surprises. I loved the encore..4 songs!! When you guys jammed with Matisyahu in Program Director the place was going nuts. Thanks for a GREAT performance. -slick923 January 17, 2006
It was the best show I have seen, and I have seen a lot of their shows. The place was full, it was a great time.

Worth the plane ride from Wisconsin -Neeners0326 January 17, 2006
This show was the best one i've been to. Oar rocked this place. The crowd was so awesome and it was just a great time. From top to bottom the setlist was insane. Best show i've ever been to and probably will ever attend. Amazing -oarsbiggestfan January 17, 2006
Incredible show, soo stoked they finally played Mr Brown and The Wanderer at a show i was at. I had sweet seats too right on the side of the stage. after the lead singer from Mr North came off he sat down in the seat right next to me. the energy was flowin hardcore -sevskee22 January 17, 2006
The Show was nuts... All the drinkin and cool people not to mention how good they played. I just wish i could remember more of it -Dlegs86 January 17, 2006
well, i figure it's about time for me to chime in.
as fighty and liam can attest, i had a fucking grin ear-to-ear for that entire show. i kept looking around for familiar faces to share my emotions - that was the culmination of 8 long, hard years of work for this band, and the beginning of an even stronger leg of their career.

even my lady, who has VERY high musical standards and wasn't a fan of oar coming into the evening, said "they put on an amazing show." for someone that's been to and seen more concerts than most of us combined, that is definitely saying something.

the night was really perfect - while the setlist may not have been the most rare or even technically complex, the band made up for it in spot on performances and energy levels i haven't seen since old shows at the newport. but, this wasn't an amateur performance like their shows were back then (which were driven off raw eagerness to please the crowd) - JP is one of the finest sound guys in the business and made an echoey arena listenable. malibu continues to impress with his light displays, and all the instruments were in tune ready to rock. and the fans... the fans didn't sit for one minute and sang words to songs i would have never guessed the masses knew.

and it was clear the band fed off of that. i'll reiterate, they fucking crushed MSG. -Jay January 17, 2006
It Was AWESOME and i think 23,000 others thought the same thing. will be at the show in lowell in FEB see ya'll there -Heckler January 18, 2006
simply an amazing show. as most of you have already stated, to see these guys from the smaller venues to selling out the garden and rockin it, it was a phenominal show -gunslinger3 January 18, 2006
best show o.a.r. ever played

ed great recording -rourkeman4 January 18, 2006
Nasty taping job Ed. Sounds amazing! I can't thank you and the other tapers enough. I love this shit. Can't wait till Feb. for the Charlotte show! See ya there. -igordon4 January 21, 2006
crazy ginz everywhere at this one...15 year old girls = game. -phIllyfLy55 January 21, 2006
I cant really understand the people that leave hurtful unnecessary reviews. If you didnt like the show say that but dont curse and dont be a jerk. The show was quality. For the people that thought they were trying to "sell out to trl" uh idiot, they are, wouldnt you. Theres cash to be made and playing your heart out at msg for thousands of people that loved all of your most popular hits is a pretty good way to do it, the show was non stop and the reason for that was the fast paced songs that made them who they are...had they come out and played bill, toy store, or she gone people may have actually gotten up to go to the bathroom, with the ADD ridilin filled kids at this show to begin with, the rotunda was already packed with people. So stop trying to over analyze the show and accept it for what it was worth, it wasnt for "us" the fans that go back to was for the trl teenie boppers, if you want the dream show, Ill see you in DC this fall when they play to their base fans...

Ok the review of the show, I hit 19 of 21 on the setlist (and Im a big fan) I just knew what they were gonna play. hit three in the right spots including calling Matisyahu on Program Director (wasnt it obvious). Well Best friend Dan said I was as happy as a pig in shit, and I certainity was. Found a great Irish Pub the girl and I dropped 70 bucks in before the show, I think it was called Blarneys, its on 8th and 32 next to Charley O's, try it and get the wings, sauce was fantastic...
Rain sorta ruined the afternoon, but once we got to the garden, the people outside was unlike anything Ive seen before, "the matisyahu youth" outside with signs...
Show started with 52 50, Love and City on Down fairly early, love the new Feelin Groovy intro, they did that at Starland. Daylight with Mr North, dont get better..and pointing at Richard when he said "find my original crew" in "home" was so nice. Would have really liked a better intro to Poker (Marc said it, the fans really werent leaving, it was the security that was pushing us out so he could have) but to see that crowd bouncing every tiem they turned the lights on (brillant move by the sound and light guys) just gave me a second wind every time...they have energy and so do their fans...memories to last a lifetime and a stepped on limited edition poster in a frame to remember it forever. -Hyalump January 21, 2006
good concert but what the fuck michael paris dont play your gay keyboard during poker, city on down, black rock or any old song for that matter -WillBryfczynski January 21, 2006
This show was my first.....and what a show that it was to see as my first....i was so hammered.......and to the dude i threw a beer in his face hahahahahaha LOSER!...but it was so sick.....20000 screamin fans.....BOMB!!!! Shout out to my boyz i was there with.....WE WILL BE AGAIN AND I SWEAR.....cody timmy! and was a priceless trip........ -lay down and spread 'em January 21, 2006
Crazy... That many people.. It was unreal. -dickson119 February 2, 2006
great show but i still believe the 12/30/ show at the 9:30 club, that show blew my mind and still does to this day. The satisfaction on the bands face for the msg show was amazing. It felt great to have the band appreciate the fans as they did, but that 930 club show was just a little better. MSG had dakota and the great version of heard the world. I first heard the world in Brockport in feb of 2004, this was by far a great version, now one of my favs. -mcgoff76 February 3, 2006
AMAZING!!!! -emerysd February 19, 2006
Amazing. Cool to see how in awe these guys were...totally trying to soak up the moment...great, great show! -runnergirl February 20, 2006
Okay so I am a little slow in writing my review. I am absolutely in love with O.A.R. to a point where it is almost pathetic. I've been to a bunch of shows now, I know every original song and can sing Marc's improv according to date 9 times out of 10. Not gonna lie, this was not one of the best shows they have put on. For instance, Starland in '05, even PNC '05, Hammerstein '04. Don't get me wrong,the show was still incredible and I don't think they are capable of putting on a bad show. I, however would've liked to hear some more middle album stuff, maybe here's to you, king of the thing, to zion goes i, so moved on etc; maybe even dug deep in the vault and pulled out Get Away. I in no way feel that this was a bad show, but if this was your first and you liked it; just wait until you get a truly amazing show. I miss the intros on Crazy Game... let's get a new one going. -TheWanderer27 March 11, 2006
GREATEST SHOW I EVER SAW -Manonroad March 31, 2006
Theres not much more to say but... THE GREATEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER GONE TO!!! and im not just talking about greatest OAR concert ive gone to... EVERY SINGLE CONCERT IVE BEEN TO AND IVE BEEN TO OVER 35 SHOWS -Seabass July 24, 2006
AMAIZING, best show Ive ever seen... -dCaveney August 15, 2006
amazing show! -shibz15 August 25, 2006
greatest show they will ever play...better then the jan 27th 07 show at msg -nhlpunk101 January 30, 2007
The show was my first....I flew in from Buffalo, went with 4 of my best friends....It was all I expected it to be and more.....Can't wait to see them again.... -?WhoseChariot? March 13, 2007
was the best O.A.R. concert I went to until the one in Shandaken but Matisyahu on Program Director was classic -oleosmirf December 8, 2007
I am writing this setlist review literally 6 years after the fact. I have been listening/going to OAR shows for 11 years. Let me tell you this, I remember this show like it was yesterday. I've been to 12 shows and this was the best, hands down. The energy in the Garden that night was absolutely unbelievable. the Garden is an incredible venue for a show. The history in that place is insane. It doesn't have the best sound, it doesn't have the best views but it does have the best energy. I've been to a whole lot of shows to almost every genre of music starting when I was 11 and now I'm almost 26. This show is tops on my list. Absolutely unreal. I still talk about it and once in awhile still listen to the bootleg I have of it. With the extended stay shows coming up at the Bowery Ballroom I just felt like I wanted to re-live this show so I put the CD in my computer and started jamming out. 6 years later I can say it was absolutely INSANE. This is where OAR changed. They sold out the Garden with minimal fanfare and media. The did it. 07' was different they had more backing, advertising, and word of mouth from this show. Anyone who was there know what I am talking about. This show was epic. Looking forward to seeing you guys Friday night at the Ballroom. OAR was a huge part of my teenage years and while I get older and the crowd gets younger I am still proud to say I am a fan. My first show was in 2001, my last show who knows. But my favorite show, my favorite show was 2006 at MSG. What a long strange trip its been. Keep on truckin boys... -krc616 March 4, 2012