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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 36%
The Wanderer: 21%
Risen: 14%
Souls Aflame: 14%
In Between Now and Then: 7%
Cover Songs: 7%

Show Rarity: 34.49%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Koka Booth Amphitheatre At Regency Park 08.02.2006 - Cary, NC With: Jack's Mannequin
  1. Set 1:
    1. City on Down (Organ Intro)
    2. King of the Thing
    3. Heard the World
    4. About an Hour Ago
    5. Hold on True
    6. One Shot
    7. Conquering Fools
    8. James
    9. Lay Down
    10. Dakota
    11. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (Highest Mountain Tag)
    12. Hey Girl
  2. Encore:
    1. Fool in the Rain
    2. Love and Memories
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Young City

Reviews Great show, good time. Conquering Fools was insane and I love the new intro into city on down. Crowd was awful though. -igordon4 August 3, 2006
show was amazing. conquering fools and hold on true were great. but yeah, i'm with jgordon4, the crowd was horrible. all in all-amazing night although i had to leave before the encore, still heard fool in the rain though. -jrob51 August 3, 2006
Highly disappointed with this one. O.A.R was great as they usually are, but the crowd was awful. Too many highschool kids trying to get me to buy them beer. The crowd surfing needs to stop. King of The Thing, James, Lay Down, Hey Girl, and Fool in the Rain were solid. Love and Memories is growing on me now since Marc has a new freestyle every time. Overall great performance, but horrible crowd. -Jikkis August 3, 2006
incredible musical experience...ridiculous amount of little kids on the front rail, half-hearted fans really piss me off. marc's freestyle on poker was completely sick, fool in the rain, about an hour ago, city on down...everything was awesome. great mix of old and new school o.a.r. -redman3113 August 3, 2006
Really great venue to see a show. Was not the best OAR show that I've seen. Did a great job with James and Hey Girl rocked and Fool in the rain was nice too. I agree that the crowd was just bad. To many kids crowd surfing. Just come to the show and hear a great band play.
-derek4979 August 3, 2006
It was a good show, good setlist for the people that have been following them for a while. Crowd was awful, we moved out of the main pack and stood to the left of the soundboard, perfect view, and had a great time.

This is my first recording, and im glad you all enjoy it. I plan to get all the shows i go to from now on out, considering i have the stuff, and its not that hard -golf7 August 3, 2006
Great show musically, horrible crowd i'm pretty sure the kid standing next to me up front was about twelve years old.. did not play old man time. Fool in The Rain, City On Down's new intro were the highlights for me and Conquering fools was a great surprise -ObAmR August 3, 2006
I did not go to this show, but ANYONE who can complain about any of it is ridiculous. YOu got to hear conquering fools!!!! ... i dont think anyone realizes how amazing this is. As of July 30th they had not practiced or played it for a year or more. I did not go to this show but i just had to let everyone know who went and didnt realize this, that you are some pretty lucky fans

We were up in the front and the show was great, the energy just wasnt there from the crowd at all. Great set list, and "Mountain Rise" Jam on Poker was amazing. I loved the music, one of my favorite sets, just didnt like the mob of sweaty "fans" who didnt know the words, and couldn't even sing with mark when he asked them too. -jkumar923 August 3, 2006
Great Show!!

However, I do agree the crowd could have def. exited stage right. Drunk crazy UNDERAGE people everywhere, stupid crowd surfers, people THROWING stuff @ the band on-stage, major concert foul... Have some RESPECT for the band you love & paid to see!

NONETHELESS, I did think the show was a little short, but still AWESOME!!! I had a great time listening to the super mix of old and new! Missed black rock, home, and night shift... Can't wait to see you all again!

Keep grooving until then! Much love! :)

Btw- THANK YOU for golf7 for the recording, excellent sound!!! ;) -oarlovernva August 4, 2006