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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 35%
Souls Aflame: 24%
The Wanderer: 24%
In Between Now and Then: 6%
Risen: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 35.4%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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PNC Bank Arts Center 08.11.2006 - Holmdel, NJ With: Jack's Mannequin
  1. Set 1:
    1. 52-50
    2. Lay Down
    3. Night Shift
    4. Conquering Fools
    5. One Shot
    6. King of the Thing
    7. About an Hour Ago
    8. So Moved On
    9. Watching the Detectives
    10. Road Outside Columbus
    11. Dakota
    12. Heard the World
    13. Black Rock
    14. Hey Girl
  2. Encore:
    1. City on Down (Organ Intro)
    2. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (So Lonely Outro / Highest Mountain Outro)
    3. Love and Memories
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Mike Sarnovsky
Nathan Acker

Reviews This show was amazing. My 5 show, great setlist, got to here road outside columbus, what a treat. Wish they played longer. Still by far the best band ever -scottdmboar August 12, 2006
This show was really something. My top 3 of the year and I have gone to 17. KOTT, About An Hour Ago, Conquering Fools, So Moved On, Nightshift, Road Oustide Columbus, Black Rock, COD in Encore. 52-50 to open. It was just insane! -tindawg31 August 12, 2006
Tonight's show was incredible. Such a huge improvement over last night's show. The setlist was phenomenal, but I'm a bit annoyed they had to do the triangle solo two nights in a row. It wasn't that funny the previous night, and by the lack of enthusiasm from the crowd until they asked for applause, I'd say it wasn't that funny tonight either. I'm upset that Jack's Mannequin did not make an appearance yet again. It is their second to last show with O.A.R. and they couldn't muster up an encore appearance? Oh well. Those were my gripes. The crowd was pretty well maintained. Nothing crazy and everyone was in good spirits. Overall, definitely one of my favorite O.A.R. concerts to date. I'm eagerly awaiting a recording of this on -gpreston August 12, 2006
Absolutely outstanding show. Nearly flawless. Crowd wasnt really gettin into it until Night Shift which was a suprise to all, including this guy next to me who had been to 17 or somethin shows and never seen it and we were all going nuts. After that I could tell that the band was feelin it a lot more. Road Outside Colombus was freaking rediculous live. The new intro to COD was unbelievable beacause they had just done Hey Girl and left for the break so the crowd was amped through the whole thing and like you could see through the organ part Marc just takin it all in.

All in all - best show yet. -Scooterb77 August 12, 2006
AMAZING SHOW. Conquering Fools??? Night Shift??? So Moved On!??? About and Hour Ago? It was like all those songs I always wished I could hear them play FINALLY. Marc seemed a little anngry in the beginning of the show. He just seemed to be brooding about something, anyone else notice that? Otherwise great show.

Someone put Watching the Detectives on the setlist. I forget where it went. I think it was right in between so moved on and dakota. -CoolHandKostya August 12, 2006
First off, Watching The Detectives and Black Rock are both missing from this setlist. I'm positive WTD was after So Moved On and I believe Black Rock followed Heard The World.

2nd O.A.R. show for me, both at the same venue. This one trumped last year by far. I'd read every setlist of this summer's tour before the concert so I pretty much knew what was coming. When they started so moved on I was extatic and after noticing they'd been playing Watching The Detectives this summer I started listening to the Elvis Costello version. After getting into it I really hoped they played it. I think I was the only one on the lawn singing tho.

Also want to note a few more things...
Since Michael Paris had been playing at every show recently I was a little worried he would over-shaddow the band a little, since they only recently added a keyboard with the new album and all. Happily, I couldn't not have been more wrong. He was fantastic and made he think how long it will be until he's an offical band member. The triangle solo was awesome.
Great show. If I had anything negative it might be that organ intro to COD. I wasn't feeling that. Other than that can't wait for 2007 -nukinfutz14 August 12, 2006
Great show! I was skeptical about this tour after seeing them in Maryland. But this show just kicked ass... King of the thing, hey girl, so moved on were the highlights for me! And the triangle solo -- i don't think its meant to be funny -- he really jammed out on the triangle and i liked it a lot! Anyway, great setlist, great performance, great seats. -SportsME23 August 12, 2006
My 3rd time seeing O.A.R. and 2nd time at PNC. This show was simply amazing. My friend Greg and I sat in like the 5th row from the end of reserved and were standing up, dancing for the entire set. Opening with 52-50 was an awesome treat and getting to hear Road Outside Columbus was such a cool experience as it's one of my top 4 O.A.R. songs. I was kinda hoping to hear Fool in the Rain or Untitled, but the band surely didn't dissappoint with their selection of songs. The band's energy was high all night and skyrocketed during the encore. This was Greg's and my first time hearing the organ intro to City on Down and we both thought they were going to cover the Beatle's "Let It Be" which would have been unbelievable.
This year's show at PNC definately topped last year's, very easily. I was a little apprehensive of Love and Memories for the closing, but when Jerry and Benj appeared on the right and left amp-stacks in front of the columns, I knew it was going to be good. The energy was so high throughout the entire performance. I especially like Marc's dedication of an acoustic performance of Dakota to New Jersey. That was very cool. Overall the show was a great balance of classic fan-favorites with a good selection off of Stories... I just kept wishing that the night would never end. I'm hoping a recording pops up in the next week or two cause it would be a terrible shame if this show wasn't recorded. I can't wait to see them again on all three nights at the Gorge; hopefully their energy and setlist are better than reviews indicated they were at Hershey. -bushmaster86 August 12, 2006
i dont know why they never record here..the energy was huge from the band and the sold out crowd. everyone around me was singing and dancing and having a great time. played everything i wanted them to play plus a few surprises (ROC and AAHA). great show one of the best -threeelevenoar August 12, 2006
amazing setlist, excellent show. couldnt ask for anything else. i hope someone recorded it. -OARNJ August 12, 2006
amazing show..second row made it a whole lot better..amazing setlist and unbelievable encore..night shift, king of the thing and so moved on were nice surprises in the set..overall great show -spooze August 13, 2006
amazinggggg i also atteneted the msg show on 1/14 and that was deffintly longer and better but come on at pnc we got to hear city on down road outside columbus conquering fools !!!! -oarrrr1 August 13, 2006
Great a lot of older OAR songs along with my favorite new ones although I'm kind of sick of Dakota. Highlights for me were the 52-50 opener, Night Shift, Conquering Fools, Black Rock, King of the Thing, and the Love and Memories closer. My first two shows (Sayreville and MSG) were great but this is my favorite so far...they get better and better every time I see them. -Everyday36 August 14, 2006
Great Show...this was my 4th show, it was an amazing show. Not as good as MSG but it had songs that we rarely get to hear at a concert so thats what made this one special. The highlights for me: 52-50, night shift, conquering fools, so moved on, and ROC...Just Simply amazing...I cant believe I have to wait all the way until the winter to see you guys again. I hope you play MSG again because that would be sick. -SoMovedOn2010 August 14, 2006
my 8th time seeing them and best so far..night shift was my highlight and every song michael paris has a solo in were amazing to watch

the triangle isnt supposed to be funny..its like amazing someone can play a triangle like seriously

andrew from jack's mannequin has had a "fatigued" voice for the past two they couldn't play with OAR..they would have if otherwise

got a setlist before the show and seeing it made me even more on down was suppposed to be before the encore and it was supposed to end in poker..but it was still excellent -SomethingComingOver August 17, 2006
Pretty descent concert I have some music videos from the concert you can check them out at -parrotisla September 7, 2006
i am jealous after looking at this setlist. wow. -slick923 November 14, 2006
It really was a wild show. Great night in my life -kevinjohnson128 July 20, 2007
My first OAR show.....AMAZING. -JerseyGirlTillIDie August 27, 2007
First OAR show I attended. I wasn't really familiar with every song but I still had a great time. Now, two years later I try to make every local show and they are by far the best band around today in a day were it is very difficult to listen to new music. -sometimesisunderated December 31, 2007