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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 31%
The Wanderer: 31%
Souls Aflame: 25%
King: 6%
All Sides: 6%

Show Rarity: 36.3%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Mullins Center 04.14.2007 - Amherst, MA With: Telograph
  1. Set 1:
    1. Black Rock (Bongo Intro / Blood Outro)
    2. About an Hour Ago
    3. Hey Girl (Date Intro)
    4. What Is Mine
    5. Toy Store
    6. Untitled
    7. Heard the World
    8. City on Down
    9. Daylight the Dog
    10. Night Shift
    11. Lay Down
    12. Get Away (Fast)
    13. The Stranger
    14. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (So Lonely Outro)
  2. Encore:
    1. Irish Rose ~
    2. Love and Memories
~ Marc solo.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews Really good show, crowd kinda sucked as usual. I really like that new song What is Mine. -meparson April 15, 2007
Good show. Glad that no one fell on their head crowd surfing. I spent more time watching people get pulled over the barriers by security than watching the band. -primus74 April 15, 2007
Crowd wicked fucking sucked, really upset about that. Not once but twice Marc asked people to stop crowd surfing but they continued to do so. Also, was next to a very obnoxious group from a certain College, not UMASS...but wicked ass'....but the band was great, got some great pics and a few vids!! -BimJelizle05 April 15, 2007
Band was absolutelt amazing... and I loved the setlist that they played... but yeah the crowd surfers really sucked seeing as how i pulled at least 10 of them over -yanks2001543 April 15, 2007
i agree the crowd was very annoying, especially when they didnt listen to marc when he asked them to stop crowd surfing. but the environment was awesome and i got the chills when hey girl was played! -bianconeri April 15, 2007
Setlist was amzing. The two songs that i really wanted to hear (nightshift and get away) they played. So that was definatly the highlight. As said before the crowd sucked. I was like 15 people from the stage and after geting kicked in the head twice I moved to the back of GA. Most likely going to stay away from the college scene for a while. Hopefully some good things to come on the Summer Tour. Ohh and I was about 5 people away from catching another one of Jerry's drumsticks, but I feel like thatd be unreal. -nickj5250 April 15, 2007
It's all about the music. The crowd sucked? yeah, they were no MSG. 1/27/07= the loudest, most energized crowd I've ever heard. To all you crowdsurfer's: please go see Metallica or something. For the rest of the crowd, I thought they were loving the show. As for the band, they sounded awesome as usual. There's no other band I'd rather see these days. Well, can't wait for the Holy Cross show, May 1st. FYI: tickets for the Tweeter Center (August 10) go on sale May 5th! ps. 'Black Rock' was a rare/classic opener, and Michael Paris sounded great during 'About An Hour Ago.' -mattyo17 April 15, 2007
setlist was one of the best that i've seen except for closing with love and memories....still dont see how they dont play delicate few with the biggest crowd so far according to marc.....
now as for the crowd....this crowd surfing and fighting shit has GOT to stop.....especially when the band asks the crowd twice....these 15 and 16 year olds that come to the show wasted and try to fight people...stay home your not welcome especially not on the floor....i had some kids just standing around me the whole night...not knowing one seats if your like that.....also these asshole kids that push their way onto the floor during crazy game of poker and then leave after are just obnxious....especially when they try to get in front of where you've been standing the whole night....all in all a great show with a awful awful crowd -somovedon22 April 15, 2007
Show was pretty solid. There were way too many little high school kids there making fools of themselves. I feel like the band's energy is wasted on drunken underaged kids who don't respect the music. Overall I was pretty happy to see the energy that the band put forth. I was impressed by Jerry's solos. He kicks ass on the sax. Marc was his usual self, always looking out for the idiots that choose to crowd surf. His solo at the end was pretty sick. Setlist was incredibly solid all around. It was great to see the guys back in Mass. -Jikkis April 16, 2007
Obviously I agree with everyone about the crowd, but it was a solid show all around. For me, Get Away has got to be the highlight. Jerry was most definitley at his best on that one. I did think the encore was lacking a little even though the new solo song in the encore sounds really good.
What is that I saw about Tweeter Center in august?
details? -ToySTORE April 16, 2007
absolutely AMAZING! I wasn't on the floor so i don't know just how obnoxious everyone was, but it was pretty annoying that people couldn't respect Marc's request to stop crowd surfing. This is a chill, feel good band, not a scream-o rock concert. There were a ton of people around me just sitting and not even singing. DON'T COME if you're gonna sit and pout the whole night!

"Stranger" and "Lay Down"....INCREDIBLE x A MILLION! my two favorite songs, loved the way they put a little twist on them. Definitely going to the Tweeter Center concert, this one should be a sick turnout. -DevDev1189 April 16, 2007
the guys were amazing as usual however the crowd sucked. i've seen bad crowds, but cmon. when the band asks you to stop punching each other, STOP. other than that, great show. loved marc's solo. and of course my fav, lay down. -kaev416 April 17, 2007
Really solid show. Black Rock is a money opener. Untitled and Get Away crushed. Toy Store and Night Shift were played perfect. I dug The Stranger. WHAT IS MINE is a kick ass song and even better live. Crowd was high energy at the start and end but it is really getting silly on the floor, but I'm not going to let them "rain on my parade". One of my favorite shows. -tindawg31 April 17, 2007
I have seen O.A.R six times the first being in 2002. I am from Syracuse New York. It was only a 3 and 1/2 hour ride for us. This was by far the best show I have seen. The set list was awesome. People really had energy. However, I was in the middle of the shit on the floor. I took a knee in the back of my head and saw stars. It was just stupid for about the first part of the show. I am excited that people are fired up. I have been to many concerts and O.A.R is not a crowd surfing band. Especially if people are going to throw people in the air. I thought the setlist might have been altered to a more acoustic set because of the crowd. I was really worried they were going to walk off and I was out a lot of cash for the trip. So glad to hear Hey Girl, They did not play it at the last two shows we went to. By the way Umass is an awesome school! I loved the facilities. -ryan70 April 17, 2007
very good show, not as good as last year, but still great. Im glad I wasnt on the floor, looked very shitty down there. got seats in the U section, view was great. Band was great, but the crowd was out of it. -cgwashburn34 April 17, 2007
Great show. Did anyone record? -zamboner386 April 19, 2007
I was on the floor last year. It was insane and people were being really stupid. This year, I was up in the seating area above the crowd so I could see what I was in the middle of last year. I wasn't surprised when Marc had to remind people not to kill eachother. The band and show on the other hand were great! -MCL1981 April 19, 2007