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Album Stats
The Wanderer: 31%
Stories Of A Stranger: 25%
Souls Aflame: 19%
In Between Now and Then: 13%
All Sides: 6%
Unreleased: 6%

Show Rarity: 37.04%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Indiana University - Auditorium 04.20.2007 - Bloomington, IN With: Ludo
  1. Set 1:
    1. Love and Memories
    2. City on Down
    3. Risen
    4. Heard the World
    5. Conquering Fools
    6. Lay Down
    7. About an Hour Ago
    8. The Stranger
    9. Get Away
    10. Whatever Happened
    11. Anyway
    12. Black Rock (Bongo Intro / What I Am Tag)
    13. New Poker Intro ~ ->
    14. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (So Lonely Outro)
  2. Encore:
    1. Night Shift
    2. Hey Girl
~ Marc solo.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
First time New Poker Intro was played.

Recordings No recordings available. Check back later.

Reviews Ok so last night the guys did some pretty amazing things... The intro to Lay Down (that I haven't heard before) is really sic! It is like an acapella with very soft keys in the background. I lOVED IT!! Lay Down is def. turing into a great jam song. Jerry was def. on point last night. His solos were astonishing. Also the intro to "What Ever Happend" was really great too. They are def. getting VERY musical with there intros instead of just going into a song.

I'm glad to see the "What I Am" tag being played on a regular. It's def. a great tag. Marc was very very personable with the crowd. He was talking alot inbetween songs to people. All in all def. didn't let me down, it's always worth the drive. -stlang3l April 21, 2007
Still coming off the high from this show!! Awesome setlist, the crowd was really great, the right weekend just before Little 500...couldn't have been any better. The jam sessions were great on a few songs, Anyway and Poker. The encore was the best I've seen yet. The guys had a ton of energy and Marc smiled alot at the crowd. Best band in the world!!!! -OAR14 April 22, 2007
Maybe I'm a little bias, but there is something about shows at the IU Auditorium that brings out the best in performers. Over the past four years as a student, I've been to shows (not just O.A.R., just concerts in general) at Ball State and Purdue among other schools in the area and I can say with great pride my favorite shows have been at IU. This was just as true Friday night as it was last year. Great crowd interaction, great setlist, and great energy. Even though I'm graduating, I know that this band will always receive a warm reception here in Bloomington. -jwustrow April 22, 2007
I loved the show - it and the Millikin show are highly ranked for all the shows i have attended over the years - the Crowd seemed so much louder at this show than any other i have attended - it was just a great feeling and everyone was into every song. nice to see the guys in VT apparell
Love & Memories - no sure if i like it as an opener
City on Down - always good with the organ intro
Risen - great live vibe song
Heard the World - the usual
Conquering Fools - kicked off the show for me
Lay Down - cool new intro - snare jam by Jerry was sweet!
About an hour ago - AWESOME! i could witness this song every show and never get tired of it live
The stranger - a good break for the guys haha
Get away - my dream is to hear the exact version from anytime now - but amazing to hear, it was my highlight - it gave me chills
Whatever Happened - sounded good - im really gonna like this song
Anyway - awesome to hear - real powerful - used some short a try lines in the freestyle
Black Rock - likin the what i am tag in regular rotation
See you cry - great potential
Poker - the usual - so loney was nice
Night Shift - FANTASTIC surprise
Hey girl - typical

Toy Store was suppose to be played
Rhythem of Your shoes was suppose to be played in the place of See You Cry
and Mr. Moon was suppose to be played in place of Night Shift

in that case it would have been my all time best show - but shit happens

cant wait for summer -oldmatime April 23, 2007
jwustrow was right, the IU Auditorium does bring out the best in bands. Two of my top three o.a.r. shows were played here. Overall it was a great song. It was nice to hear some older stuff thrown in with the new. Conquering fools made my night. -bmagnus April 23, 2007
Great show... The Lay Down intro... "This is a song about making babies" sweet... There really throwing a hiphop influence in the stuff too. Loved it -Oarfan03 April 23, 2007
awesome show...not the best that i've been to, but pretty damn good. i got one of the drumsticks that jerry threw into the audience right after the little drum break on lay down. and the song right before Crazy Game of Poker is just a new intro, its not see you cry or maybe its just me. -jharpe April 26, 2007
On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this show a 4. Security was too tight and took away from the freedom that needs to be in the air at an OAR show. And I thought that more old stuff needed to be played, as well as more upbeat stuff. Anyway was great and so was night shift. -speters2 April 27, 2007
this show was the shit. the beginning of night shift was the best moment of the show -conquerinfoos August 2, 2007