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Album Stats
All Sides: 32%
In Between Now and Then: 21%
Stories Of A Stranger: 16%
The Wanderer: 16%
Risen: 5%
Souls Aflame: 5%
Cover Songs: 5%

Show Rarity: 30.11%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Lifestyle Communities Pavilion 08.14.2008 - Columbus, OH With: Ozomatli
  1. Set 1:
    1. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    2. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    3. King of the Thing
    4. This Town
    5. Revisited
    6. Anyway
    7. About an Hour Ago
    8. Mr. Moon
    9. One Day
    10. Lay Down
    11. The Fallout
    12. Black Rock
    13. The Wanderer
    14. Fool in the Rain
    15. Whatever Happened (Give Up the Funk Tag) *
  2. Encore:
    1. Love and Memories
    2. Road Outside Columbus
    3. War Song
    4. 52-50
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with Ozomatli.

Live In A Flash
No Link
Mike Sarnovsky

Reviews Opened with Poker. What else needs to be said? -legates55 August 14, 2008
I'm waiting for the 15th here in Indy...if the setlist is near that it will be amazing -onmyway72 August 15, 2008
Loved to hear Poker as an opener... Also hearing Revisited, Mr. Moon, and Fool in the Rain was cool.

There was great energy in the venue as always... but the crowd surfing was awful. The worst it's been here since I've been seeing them. Great set nonetheless... just wish people would enjoy the music rather than ruin it for other people. -Jborders12 August 15, 2008
THE GREATEST SHOW EVER!!! Poker to open, War Song and 52-50 had the sickest energy ever, Whatever happened with all the jammin in it AMAZING, this show had an amazing crowd, THEY PLAYED REVISITED! This show beats MSG for me, this was just epic, from Opening band to everyone hanging out singing Hang on Sloopy this was the greatest show ever ... EVER!!!!! -AtownRounder87 August 15, 2008
good set - good energy, especially for those radio specialties. fool in the rain was a pleasant surprise and i very much enjoyed revisited and the long jam for whatever happened which has got to be my new favorite song to hear live
oh and lay down and war song sounded amazing, i love what they have done with lay down, they pulled out the deep rock drive version of it and jammed out war song very nicely. -oldmatime August 15, 2008
Awesome show.

Highlights for me were openning with Poker and being able to hear the songs from All Sides that I wanted. Whatever Happened was unreal.

Weakest part of the show was actually The Fallout which suprised me, but right after that with Black Rock through Whatever Happened was the best stretch of the show.

Set was great. Only 4 overlapping songs from last years Columbus show. Would have liked to take out Love and Memories and add something to the end like Mr. Brown or the cover that was originally on the set list.

All in all, great show! -rocco52 August 15, 2008
first of all, great they played poker FIRST, to get it out of the way. song gets played too much and ppl ONLY know that song. love hearing old stuff. mr moon was a def suprise. deeprock version of lay down was good.

and come on....crowd surfing? and shit being thrown at the band? how stupid and disrespect can you be? benj got nailed with a cup of beer during Cbus and just like stood there with a WTF look on his face. i couldn't believe it either. so sad.

overall, show was good. meet and greet was awesome. just like a chill time for about 10mins with em. glad i bought the usb wristband. -MowDawg August 15, 2008
I was at the show on Thursday. It was great. I saw the set list before the concert so I knew what was coming. I love poker, but I dont think I like it as an opener. It was the 1st time Ive heard it as an opener.
If you care to see some pictures look at mine I posted on Flickr. -Soccer9040 August 15, 2008
thank god poker was an opener because that meant it was over with...cant much better set list than cincinnati, minus the fact that they didnt play untitled, first time in 21 shows Ive seen them play the wanderer, fool in the rain was awesome. loved that they closed with 52-50..King of the Thing was also a pleasant suprise. The fighting and pushing and crowd surfing was annoying as always. I was hoping for To Zion Goes I, but Ill be at the Cleveland show tomorrow and hopefully they'll play it then, and maybe a sunday bloody sunday cover? -MrsMoon August 15, 2008
I wish they would of had a recording of this show on the flash drives that makes me mad great show but people dont need to crowd surf -Stafantherastamon August 15, 2008
One of the best concerst I've EVER been to. Played OSU fight song then Crazy Game of Poker as an opening! The new drop screen was an awesome effect to the concert experience. I loved how they interacted with OZO. Can't wait to see them again! -Sensimilla August 15, 2008
Great show...awesome opener with Crazy Game, and Fool in the Rain was amazing...missed a few great songs though, ie City on down, Dareh Meyod, hey girl, about mr. brown, etc, but i guess you gotta make room for the new stuff...

anyone know if the concert will be up soon? -twojacks August 16, 2008
How anything without City On Down or Hey Girl that doesn't involve Batman and/or the Joker can add up to be the best night of my life is beyond me. But it can, and it did. The show was amazing. -Shan/KenDoRin August 17, 2008
Definitely one of the best shows I've been to. Got the USB bracelet so I am able to listen to this over and over. Went to the Cleveland show also but this one was better by far. -Eclipse2003 August 18, 2008
Phenomenal show. My first time staying in the lawn as opposed to the pit, and I liked it a lot. 8th show, always worth it! I loved Poker as an opener, also loved getting the single out of the way early, too. -houkdiddy August 19, 2008