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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 33%
All Sides: 22%
The Wanderer: 17%
In Between Now and Then: 11%
Rain Or Shine: 6%
Souls Aflame: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 29.86%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Saratoga Performing Arts Center 08.10.2008 - Saratoga Springs, NY With: Ozomatli
  1. Set 1:
    1. Revisited
    2. Wonderful Day
    3. Get Away (Fast)
    4. One Shot
    5. This Town
    6. Untitled
    7. Heard the World
    8. The Stranger
    9. Lay Down
    10. Whose Chariot?
    11. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    12. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    13. The Fallout
    14. About Mr. Brown
  2. Encore:
    1. Rhythm of Your Shoes ~
    2. Love and Memories
    3. Fool in the Rain
    4. Whatever Happened (Give Up the Funk Tag) *
~ Marc solo.
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with Ozomatli.

Chuck Sclafani

Reviews Main set was average; for SPAC I thought they'd play more or rock harder but overall it was a cool night; things really picked up in the encore. To me, the encore was the highlight of the evening. Everything else seemed pretty standard. FYI....i recorded the show HOWEVER the first 1.5 minutes of Revisited is cut due to a technical glitch on my recorder. I will post the show once it is complete. -dmbgreystreet05 August 11, 2008
Awesome show, great energy! Strange setlist but it worked, didn't seem to repeat any songs from last year other than L&M and Crazy Game of Poker. The encore was amazing, 4 songs ending with what I think is going to be the new cult following song. Whatever Happened will be to OAR what Two Step is to DMB.

Awesome show! -thistown101 August 11, 2008
Good show, SPAC is a great venue for the music, not for tailgating. We ended up having to go to a motel to drink beforehand, but it worked out fine. Highlights of the show was definitely that last two songs. Love fool in the rain and whatever happened with Ozomatli was crazy! See you in Rochester! -mike_jervis August 11, 2008
6 was untitled, not so moved on. drove from ct to see show, it was worth every minute. incredible venue, great show. -xatumn2ashesx August 11, 2008
Great concert even with the rain. There were definitely some songs I wished they had played but then again there were songs I didn't expect and actually enjoyed live. Last year's show had more rockin stuff but that was from the older songs and it was the last show of their tour when they announced their new album All Sides. This year was still sweet mixing in the new stuff with the old since it was an album tour. Marc definitely got the indoor crowd wild, but being on the lawn with my friends I could see that the crowd getting rained on was pretty boring. Not too many on the lawn seemed really into it. I'm not really sure why though, because the rain only added to the excitement, especially at the encore with Fool in the Rain. The main setlist definitely could have been a few songs longer. They finished with plenty of time left before the 11 o'clock noise curfew. It would have helped if they went on a bit earlier. Still lots of fun and can't wait till next year. -oarfan_92 August 11, 2008
Solid performance yet again at SPAC. The boy seem to really enjoy it out there. They went on at 9 ended around 10:30ish, which seemed early to end, but maybe that was due to the weather. Overall happy to hear the songs mixed up like this, and Fool in the Rain was a great suprise! -Sleepr56 August 11, 2008
Kind of short, they could have gone on earlier and played a few more tunes. Being third row helped a lot. Fool in the rain made the show in my opinion. The crowd seemed a bit small and not as into it as they were at jones beach. Whatever happened with ozomatli was pretty sick
great was to end the summer for myself it was a lot of fun -coyn113 August 11, 2008
well worth the 4 hour drive...7th row seats dead center and Fool in the rain made the night for me. The crowd was pretty into it and in my opinion this was better then the jones beach show. Highlights had to be MR. Brown and of course Fool in the Rain. Just overall a great show. Definitely making the drive up again next year! -jerry4president August 11, 2008
nasty show...rhythm of your shoes is better full band i think. fool in the rain i've waited four years to here that live...amazing -viva la revolution August 11, 2008
one of the best places and shows ive ever seen! -O.A.R.fan4Life August 11, 2008
This was my 62nd, and 8th this tour. The show started strong, came to a screaching hault when they went into Heard the World/ The Stranger... picked back up again and were on fire with Lay Down/ Whose Cahriot... Poker... slowed a bit again with Shattered/ The Fallout. O.A.R. has so many great songs that it really bothers me when they play cover songs like Fool in the Rain. I think it would have a bit more sense to play Whatever Happended as the first oncore because Ozomatli completely overshadowed O.A.R. It just did not seem like the appropriate tune to end on.

One last wish... PLEASE Retire Heard the World..... UGH. What a way to kill a buzz! It seems like every show I go to I am subjected to that torture! I was really hoping to hear City on Down... it is arguably there best song and is completely underplayed these days...

In summary it was an okay to good show... nothing in comparison to the show they played last year at SPAC, which rates as one of the best I have ever seen! -hartwickds August 11, 2008
Came up from long island and well worth the drive. Sat dead center about 3 rows after the pit which made the show that much better. Highlight of the night was defintely Fool in the Rain. Finishing the set with Mr. Brown was amazing too. And Whose Chariot gets better and better everytime I hear it. Great venue to see a how, definitely making the drive up again next year. Sick show!!

Come back to MSG this winter!!!!! -newyorkcityondown August 11, 2008
My first OAR concert, despite the rain it was awesome! I thought This Town, The Stranger and Shattered were performed really well. I wished they couldve played a little more of their old stuff like City on Down or Right on Time, but still awesome. Can't wait to see them next year at spac! -niskyOAR13 August 12, 2008
OAR has played at spac three years now.. i have to say this ranks last, but at the same time there is no such thing as a "bad show" by them version of Whose Chariot? i've seen -G-row77 August 17, 2008
For the 3rd year in a row, I once again attended OAR at spac. As a huge fan, i was super excited to hear revisited come out as an opening. The rain began to hammer as soon as they started playing, but didn't stop me from staying out there. The crowd in the lawn knew hardly any of the words, but it was still a good time. Poker was played well as always, bummed to not see City on Down, one of my favorites. Overall, i'd say they played pretty good. -switchmute7 September 1, 2008
Another great show, Fool In The Rain was tight.. -Tnutz3 September 14, 2008