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Album Stats
All Sides: 24%
Souls Aflame: 24%
Stories Of A Stranger: 12%
In Between Now and Then: 12%
The Wanderer: 12%
Any Time Now: 6%
Risen: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 40.25%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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Mullins Center 11.18.2008 - Amherst, MA With: Virginia Coalition
  1. Set 1:
    1. The Wanderer
    2. Destination (Fire on the Mountain Tag)
    3. Hey Girl (Date Intro)
    4. Delicate Few
    5. This Town
    6. Right on Time
    7. On My Way
    8. Anyway
    9. War Song
    10. So Moved On
    11. Lay Down
    12. Love and Memories
    13. Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
    14. With a Little Help from My Friends *
    15. City on Down
  2. Encore:
    1. Black Rock (Bongo Intro)
    2. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with Andrew Poliakoff of Virginia Coalition on vocals.

Live O.A.R.

Reviews Great show. Destination is totally different now than from ATN. Not much crowd surfing or shoving which is always a plus. Enjoyed myself much more than last time at Umass. Good well done boys. -nickj5250 November 18, 2008
what a great start to the set! the wanderer, destination,hye girl,delicate few, this town, and right on time......couldn't have made it better myself. the boys had great energy which was fed by a smaller but feisty crowd. was hoping for something acoustic in the encore, but this was still a great set! -emurns4 November 18, 2008
This was a great concert, I have been to 9 O.A.R concerts so far and this one was definitely up there. I thought that the song choices were great; I wasn’t disappointed with any song choice. The drum break in Lay Down was simply amazing. The crowd was alright with an occasional asshole that would plow you over to get closer. I don’t know if I’m just noticing this now but it does not look like the band is having much fun up on stage. But overall Great show. -mikeymurph77 November 19, 2008
4th show, definitely expected a bigger crowd but whatever. decent show, but the guys didnt really seem that into it. decent setlist, the beginning was the best part. -smsul0 November 19, 2008
show was ausome..small crowd and expected alot more but they played with a lot more heart then i was expecting. they were thriving off the crowd which made it even better. not to mention the setlist... unbelievable plus they played a 17 songs setlist which was the best part of the show. they havnt gotten "too" big enough not to get involved with small venues.. thats what I love and continue to admire -Pinch6934 November 19, 2008
Decent set, very nice opening run with Wanderer, Destination, Girl and Delicate ... crowd was pretty weak, too much crowd surfing and kids trying to push their way to the front, I'm not a big fan of people trying to push their way forward, but as several people found out, I dont move and am not exactly easy to move out of the way -firedwarftj November 19, 2008
kind of small crowd...i think the band was pretty into considering they are used to much larger. As good as the show was I wish umass had promoted that a little better. oar should have bigger crowds than that -rockman027 November 19, 2008
Great setlist, small crowd, the band was on point that night. Good clean solos, nice vocals from marc and great freestyles. Helped volunteer for reverbrock so I got to see the show for free, people were nice but alot of people like to rush through crowds to get through the front. my 5th show and its easily top 2. -Taijis November 19, 2008
My third show and def. one of the best ones. I like how they had an even balance of they're old school songs and new songs. I liked the smaller crowd too. The sound was awesome. Just an overall awesome show...can't wait til' they come back around to new england... -Skyhawk85 November 19, 2008
A solid and most excellent show. Played a tight set. The set was bulit to have the band thrive off of crowd, and vice versa. 9th show seen and they still have a great stage performance. -mincus64 November 21, 2008
What a great show, small venue though, i was expecting Amherst, the party school of MA, to be a nearly sold out crowd, a little surprised there. The crowd was into it the whole time and it was a great time. I would have to say this play list was a little bit better than the last show they did in MA at the Comcast Center (8/8/08) but a great show with a solid set list and they played really well. I also spoke with the drummer, chris culos, as Virginia Coalition was playing, he was out back where they were doing promotions, and no one recognized him, it was kind of sad no one else approached him, but i talked to him for about 10 mins and it was really chill. All in all great show and it was worth the trip, God Bless! -scanio4212 November 21, 2008
Excellent show and I must say I was pleased with the smaller crowd. Amherst is in the middle of nowhere and they do not serve beer at Mullins so I think those two elements kept a lot of the riff-raff out. Having seen them at UNH last year I am used to the college turnout. I think the band is rocking it up there and appears to be having a blast- which is also evident in their sound. I love the way Marc Roberge showcases each musician throughout the show.

I now have two of the USB drives of the shows I have seen on this tour- and I have to say- those are AWESOME. I don’t know if any other artists are doing that but what a great way to get your music out there- especially for a band who kicks ass live. :)
-BiggityB November 23, 2008
I must say, pretty good show, played a good balance of old and new. Small crowds are never a bad thing as long as the band doesnt care and it didnt seem like they did. Does anyone have a copy of this show? i was rushed out and couldnt get a wristband. if anyone has the show and is willing to share. -Sethdras November 30, 2008
Lay down when they alll were playing the drums was I'll -*someoneintheroad* December 12, 2008