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Album Stats
The Wanderer: 38%
Souls Aflame: 31%
Stories Of A Stranger: 19%
In Between Now and Then: 6%
Risen: 6%

Show Rarity: 32.12%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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The Rave - Eagles Ballroom 03.24.2005 - Milwaukee, WI With: Ari Hest / Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers
  1. Set 1:
    1. About Mr. Brown
    2. About an Hour Ago
    3. 52-50
    4. Night Shift
    5. So Moved On
    6. Untitled
    7. Black Rock (Long Day Intro)
    8. Ladanday
    9. James
    10. Here's to You
    11. Get Away (Fast)
    12. Lay Down
    13. I Feel Home &
    14. Nasim Joon ->
    15. Hey Girl (Marley Intro / Hush Little Baby Outro)
  2. Encore:
    1. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
& Marc and Richard.

Chris Drews
Michael Fries

Reviews This was a great show. All the guys had amazing energy and the songs sounded amazing. Maybe it was just me not seeing them since last summer, but I thought the show was great. -JasonScherrer March 25, 2005
That concert was UNBELIEVABLE!!! after ari hest put me to sleep, O.A.R. came on and renergized me like only they can. If youre like me and love the old school O.A.R., then you have got to dl this concert! Best setlist I could have asked for! -kmoney March 25, 2005
i definitely agree with kmoney. setlist was just awesome and was cool to hear some old songs live. ari hest was boring but stephen kellogg and the sixers rocked out. always awesome to see O.A.R. live -spente March 25, 2005
This was my fifth O.A.R. show. And this was by far the best. The band played a great setlist (many of my favorites). They played for two hours, and just tore it up the whole time. -loudog443 March 25, 2005
Agree with just about all comments above. Was my sixth show and got to hear a lot of these songs for the first time. Great setlist. Untitled and Ladanday were pleasant surprises. Ari Hest bored the hell out of me, Stephen Kellogg was quite entertaining though. -bjwillauer March 25, 2005
The first two OAR shows i have been to were had either an awesome crowd or setlist, but never both. i just want to thank you guys for the awesome crowd, marc was killing it last night...especially when he caught the beat from the crowd's applause, that was amazing. untitled and So Moved On were played great. Probably won't be topped ever again, but im not holding my breathe -cwith5 March 25, 2005
i had an awesome time at this show. the energy in the room was amazing and i think the band and the audience had a great time. i agree with everyone so far, the setlist was great and O.A.R. is just amazing. -sweetmelissa03 March 25, 2005
This was a great show. I had a blast O.A.R. is an excellent band and their lyrics are amazing. They brought a lot of energy into the room and it was just an outstanding concert. -oar anyway 34 March 25, 2005
Out of the four shows I have attended, this was by far the best. This was possibly one of the best setlists ever imaginable. An inclusion of old favorites and new rarities made this show the wonder that it was. When they open with About Mr. Brown, you know right there that this show is gunna be something special. 52-50 was a very good addition. This was my first time seeing that song live, and I was not disappointed in the least. Night Shift was amazing. I don't know what else I can say about that song. So Moved On, one of my personal favorites, I am so glad they played that one, and it was not disappointing at all. Untitled blew my mind! Black Rock was Black Rock, although I do love the Blood outro. Then was James. The start of the best part of the show. This was my first time hearing James live, and I was taken aback by how much energy was put into that fairly light song. Ladanday, with the acoustic intro, was another highlight. The best part of the show, without a doubt, was Get Away. My by far favorite song done better than I could have ever dreamed of. I enjoyed Lay Down, I think that one has a lot of potential. I feel home was nice. Hey Girl was Hey Girl and Poker was Poker.
Also, that night was Benj's birthday, so me and some other front-rowers screamed Happy Birthday to him, getting a reaction after the 3rd try or so. Later on, crew brought out a cake and shots, and we all sang Happy Birthday to Benj, which was a lot of fun.
The opening acts were something to talk about. Well, not really acts, just act, and that was Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. One of the most enerjetic shows I've seen in my life. Ari Hest put me to sleep though, but it's all good. -dancing_nancies March 26, 2005
The first of 3 in my OAR roadtrip... Stephen Kellogg rocked the house... Ari Hest was lacking this show... OAR was as good as ever... I'm so glad it got taped... -BigMike2k3 March 27, 2005
amazing! great show for wisconsin! Great acoustics, got there real early, and was up on the railing.. great setlist, heard night shift, couple other ones i haven't heard in a while. Didn't hear city on down and some other ones i figured we'd hear but still a stellar show! -psx March 27, 2005
Sweet show greatest setlist ive ever heard the guys were great and it was cool to sing to benj steven kellogg and the 6ers tore shit up but ari hest was a sleeper -KingoftheThing65 March 28, 2005
I was so glad that they played nightshift! That was the first time i heard that song in concert. It was awesome. Stephen Kellogg and the sixers were SCRUMPSHELESENT! I LOVED there version of piano man and the song were they incorporated lines from other songs. Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! And not to mention the Neopoleon dance. VOTE FOR PEDRO! -Wildbillsgurl April 1, 2005
thrid times the charm. best show i've ever been to. the set list was amazing, the first band was way awesome. the vibes and energy at the show were incredable, 100 times better than last year! oh and i guess happy birthday benj! -angrymouse365 April 5, 2005
As much as I really don't like the Rave, I have to say this was a pretty amazing show. It's been awhile since I have seen them and they were even better than I remembered. I would've liked to hear some new songs, but I guess they're holding out on those for awhile. -foolintherain04 April 26, 2005
Amazing drunk as hell before it and rear ended some lady on I-94 with a van load of people on the way but oh well...couldn't ask for a better setlist, heres to you and get away were amazing. front row makes all the difference at the rave. can't wait till alpine with dave and summerfest -tpytlik85 May 5, 2005