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Album Stats
Stories Of A Stranger: 31%
Souls Aflame: 19%
In Between Now and Then: 13%
Risen: 13%
The Wanderer: 13%
Any Time Now: 6%
Cover Songs: 6%

Show Rarity: 32.52%
Show rarity is the average rarity of all songs played at the show.
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U.S. Bank Theatre At U.S. Bank Arena 11.11.2005 - Cincinnati, OH With: Michael Tolcher
  1. Set 1:
    1. Love and Memories *
    2. Wonderful Day
    3. Road Outside Columbus
    4. King of the Thing
    5. Hey Girl (Date Intro)
    6. Ran Away to the Top of the World Today
    7. Heard the World
    8. Destination
    9. Hold on True
    10. City on Down
    11. Black Rock (Long Day Intro / What I Am Tag / Blood Outro)
    12. One Shot
    13. Free Fallin' $
  2. Encore:
    1. 52-50
    2. Anyway #
    3. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker (Officer Tag)
Entire show with MikelParis on keys, percussion, and vocals.
* with the "Tamborine Ninja".
$ with Michael Tolcher on guitar and vocals.
$ with Big Tiny on bass.
# with the "Facemelter" on guitar.
First time Free Fallin' was played.

Ed Paff
Mike Sarnovsky
Will Harrelson

Reviews This was definitely a fun show. I enjoyed the move by Mark telling the dude up front to "get the fuck out of here". He was definitely escorted out. The cat on the guitar during "Anyway" was just sick. The crowd really dug it. "52-50" was simply awesome as the first encore. The crowd was already going crazy to get the guys back on stage and then just exploded during the song. All in all, I thought the crowd was good. The pit was pretty mild from where I was sitting. Just a great chill show to enjoy some music. Bball get a fuckin life you douche -TFULL09 November 14, 2005
third show ive seen, by far the best, mark telling that guy to get the fuck out was awesome, i think the pit was mild cus the average age down there was probably 13 but the show was awesome. i dunno who the hell jimmy maddigan is but when he came out in anyway he kicked ass, free fallin was the best cover ive ever seen them do, hey jude was good but free fallin was beter -ut4ever8 November 14, 2005
Loved the show. For an arena the sound was pretty good. Sucked for me, since having a gimp leg disallowed me to stand. There lighting director should get a raise. The guys on the soundboard could have tweeked a little better, but since the sound check got started late i would imagine thats why it was like that. Can't wait til they come back home to columbus. Screw it when they coming to dayton? -chunk651 November 14, 2005
This is the second concert I have gone to this year. The first was when O.A.R. opened for Dave. Loved their set there, and I loved the entire set they did on this night as well. When Marc told the guy to get the fuck out i about lost it. I mean what idiot has the nerve to toss shit at the band everyone came to see?

I can't wait till the download of this show is actually ready to go. i keep checking on it hoping. -mastion November 14, 2005
JAY360, STRANGERINTHENATTI, KENNYR9, AUS0503, and JACKSON1120 are all fags. I will beat all of your asses at once. Stop acting like you are best friends with marc and like you know what happened. Serioulsy, bring your shit and all of your faggot friends. AND IT IS NOT COOL HOW MARC FORGOT THE WORDS TO HIS OWN FUCKING SONG. -bball3692 November 14, 2005
Overall a good show. Really good set, a good variety and mix. Freefallin' was unexpected but one of the better covers I've seen. That's the second time I've seen Marc kick someone out; last night and in louisville 2 years ago. -howaboutarevolution21 November 14, 2005
This is the second time ive seen o.a.r. in the last couple months. I thought the crowd was pretty good, and the band kicked ass as usual. i know im not supposed to post about other reviews, but bball3692 is a moron. -jayt360 November 14, 2005
What a concert! Marc and the band had the crowd going after the first song. I cant imagine how good it would have been if that ass wouldnt have thrown a bottle cap at marc. You could tell he was pissed. The afterparty was even better! They hung out with everyone at the Viper room, with Michael Tolcher and Ordinary Peoples. I was lucky enough to go. All in all my favorite show yet! -Brist24al November 14, 2005
this show was sweet, i got tickets way late and was forced to sit way high up in the stands but i didnt matter. The encore was amazing, i cant wait till they come back. -ovarevalution November 14, 2005
Pretty good show overall. Great Setlist. Free Fallin with Michael Tolcher was awesome. One of the best covers I have ever seen. Black Rock and Anyway were great too. There was also problems with fans throwing things on stage at the show at the Taft theatre. What is wrong with fans in the Nati'. You're a disgrace to our city. -hicksy9 November 14, 2005
the show was EXCELLENT! i've seen them several times, from small partites/bars to large venues like the arena, and this was by far one of the best.

there were some times that seemed like mark was having some "technical" issues, but for the most part he did an absolutely wonderful job. michael tolcher was a perfect opening act as well.

it was definately worth the drive to see. -jradwan November 14, 2005
Great sho, Great seats, Great night!...Couldent have asked for more....Mark forgeting teh words was nice....Cnat wait till the download is up and working! -iam4irish02 November 15, 2005
Great show, the people around me were young and seemed to just use the show as an exuse to get away from their parents and drink (this one young girl next to us threw up all over herself), but other than that, a great setlist, good energy for most songs, and a great cover. The cover was unexpected and the crowd got really loud. Loved the encore as well. Can't wait to see them again. -pone83 November 15, 2005
First off, this was a great show. I know this because i was in the very front row. I would like to thank mark for dedicating a song to our sick friend Morgan. It really means alot to her and to us. Marc did seem a little ticked off about getting hit in the face with a bottle cap, but i would be pissed too if some jackass came to my workplace and started throwing shit at me. I dont care what everyone is saying but, from where i was standing, the whole show was bumping and full of hot (of age) women. There were some minor technical difficulties during, but it just proves that the music is real, and thats why we all go to these shows anyway. Why are negative posts about the band allowed to be on this site? We are all fans, and when brash and immature little boys come on here and post negatively, it brings the whole page down. If you dont like the band then don't get on the site and PLEASE don't go to the shows, because you are making it bad for the rest of us. -StrangerintheNatti November 16, 2005
Well actually bball is defending me... i was the kid that threw the gum at Marc... yea you were right it was a bottle cap strangerinthenatti. NOT, you idiot. Quit trying to act like you knew what happened. you guys need to get off of Marc's nuts it was an accident... I apologize to Marc and the band but to none of you. Its not like i was aiming to hit him in the face.. i just wasnt thinking. but all of you should stop acting like you know the guy and exactly what happened and that you know the band. -ucbearc1 November 16, 2005
Pretty good show overall, set list wasn't the best I've heard from them, but impressed as usual, and whoever threw their gum at Marc probably shoulda been kicked out or should not have even been there at all, Free Fallin was sweet, so was all the new stuff, espcially One Shot, and ucbearc1, don't let your friend go to anymore shows if it was him who threw the gum, not cool at all, everyone's just tryin to have a good time -KennyR9 November 16, 2005
Best show so far and couldnt ask for more. I want to thank Marc and Richard for the great acoustic show at Willis and for dedicating Hold on True to our sick friend Morgan from Colorado. Great set list and Crazy solo from the O.A.R. guitar tech. Cant wait till they come back to the Ohio area. -aus0503 November 16, 2005
this is toward the bball 3692 and what you have to say in your review. this is really disrespectful to the band and more to Marc. the band puts in long hours to come and play for all of us fans, obvisually you arnt one. and for your friend who got kicked out that is not your problem and you shouldnt be sticking up for him. you shouldnt be allowed to another concert, the band works so hard to get where they are today and all you do is put them down. get real buddy and maby you should think about what is really going on right now. -jackson1220 November 16, 2005
This show was sweet!!!! When O.A.R. whipped out free fallin by tom petty the crowd went nutz it was just a badass concert overall -braddigan December 28, 2005
Awesome Show... Some Punk pissed off mark but still intense show -tedies February 15, 2006
This was my first time seeing O.A.R. and I absolutely loved the show! Everything about it. We were on the floor and enjoyed every second of it! -ifeelhome82 April 23, 2008